Get With The Hepcats Daddio!

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…And so we begin our foray through 70’s male fashion. Don’t laugh…this was probably your dad!3

Male nightwear. This is pure sex on legs!4

The leotard…I have no words….except for the wallpaper flower shirt and large collar! Yaaas! πŸ™‚2

Poor sheep. This is the 70’s so I’m guessing animal welfare was not at the top of the agenda.6 5

More leotardiness!…Actually I spot a join…it’s a 2 piece….the knowledge of which improves nothing.78

The men holding the pants sure are selling it! I actually wasn’t going to buy …until I saw them.9

The hat! πŸ™‚10

The pose. The unitard. The helmet hair. The legend. πŸ˜€11

The chicken sold this for me…and you?12

Yesssir! You SHOULD be proud.13

Why oh why aren’t male ponchos a thing today? And apparently you can play football in them too!14

See now I’m glad he wore the hat. Would have looked silly otherwise.15 16

The ‘hey what’s that over there?’ poses! πŸ˜€17

The blond guys expression and action man doll pose is everything.18

The belted cardy needs to return.20

Awful taste has no age restriction. I like that. It cleanses the soul.21

A round of applause please ladies and gentlemen for the ‘tache. God bless that man.22

A fine set of pork chops.23

What to wear for your next game of badders.


The guys on the left and right should be arrested for looking kinda ‘normal.’ No thank you. We don’t want that here! You may leave NOW!



Can you see any of these making a come back? What were your faves?

Let me know below! πŸ˜€


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28 thoughts on “Get With The Hepcats Daddio!

  1. OMG! I’m afraid………very afraid….these images are vexatious to the Spirit! and I have to ask………WHY??? πŸ™‚

      1. I once was blind…but now I see! (A little religious ref for you! ) But yeah that’s what it feels like. Vertigo and gritty eye just doesn’t allow you to read or raise your eyelids for some reason, so you have to sit there petulantly with your eyes closed until it decides to clear, which can be hours or weeks.

        Anyway it’s great to be able to do my blog rounds and read again. Thanks for asking! πŸ™‚

      2. T’was indeed! And so am I glad ‘Thinny.’ Is that pc though now? Is it okay to call someone ‘thinny’ when they’re new members of ‘The Thin Club?’ …so many questions.

      3. I’m totally ok with that term πŸ™‚ Hey guess what!! I found a new song to share… I’ll post it in a little while πŸ˜‰ You didn’t want to work today right?! Hahaha

      4. I’m getting round this by being mega busy or when I read your reminders it’s way too early to play music (re neighbours)! Lol….I’ll get there but right now ….too early! Ha! πŸ˜€

  2. Is it me or is that Tom Selleck holding the chicken? I think my fave is the photo of the two guys in the one-piece bell-bottoms (a and c) — the purple with black ruffled shirt and the other guy looks like he stepped off the set of the original Star Trek (sans Vulcan ears). Thanks for the giggles as always.

  3. In the ’70s everything was possible and yet everybody thought it was normal to dress like that. Women were not far behind, they wore some crazy stuff. A lot of ’70s fashion have come back and in some geographical area of the world have never left.

  4. No! How can this be true? That hat in the first picture – because a belted jumper isn’t enough your totally need a hat with a brim so big you can’t see.

    In my dad’s defence, I think he has worn the same outfit his entire life. Dark slacks (with precision crease ironed in the front), polo or shirt, knitted jumper, dark shoes. You may call it dull, it certainly isn’t a bright purple unitard with ruffled shirt, but it’s timeless. Of course, Dad will wear this outfit, sans jumper, to the beach and all though summer but if you find what works I guess you stick with it.

    Ah the 70’s. Makes me proud to be generation Y.

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