15 thoughts on “Edit, Edit And Edit

  1. Second the Editing motion wholeheartedly, dear Edith.
    🙂 Do it all the time and still find typos, or a word that is just not right.
    Now, do check “Any book you that you want…”
    (PS, my concern, right now is distribution. That I haven’t figured out)

    1. Yes but that’s entirely forgiveable, the problem is when people don’t do it at all and expect others to do it for them…and to be fair it’s all forgiveable…just not advisable if you actually want to move forward with a project.
      In what way do you mean distribution Howard?

      1. Agreed, Daphné. Distribution. The book industry is collapsing. Distribution was done by bookstores. Dying. Now anybody can “publish” on Amazon or what have you. You’ll be lucky if you sell 100 e-books. Amazon doesn’t care, they sell 100 x millions of would-be authors. But there are no retailers left. Who will make a selection of books for you to buy in the E-world? Nobody. That’s what I mean about distribution. And without distribution you will not sell more than 100 copies. Am I making sense?

  2. Aw, Madam Ed, I was just going to send you the first draft of my book to……..you know…..take up all of your time to read it, fix grammatical errors, change sentences, delete where I’ve repeated myself, perhaps think of a GOOD name, tell me how I should begin…….you know….you’ve nothing better to do, than look at ME and MY material, and honestly, it’s a winner! You’ll see once you’ve basically completely re written the book. 🙂

    What a flippin’ cheek some people have! There are proof readers out there. Jeez, go find one and pay him or her to do your shit. And thanks for the advice, reading it hundreds of times, as editing is an ongoing process until it’s truly polished to the best of one’s ability. Still, I’d pay a proof reader……

    I’m letting you off the hook, only coz I luv ya! oh, and you work so freaken hard! 🙂

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