26 thoughts on “Blue Pill? Red Pill?

      1. Absolutely true. Cross my heart. I am slightly colour blind. Greens and browns. Darn. It doesn’t apply to blue and red, which I can discern perfectly. I’ll take the blue then, with no regrets.
        (Ride, Sally, ride!!)

      2. Lol. One ‘Humph!’ apparently says so much and produces results – after all I got my answer! I’m going to recommend it to Trump to counter his preferences for torture.

        Cut to Guantanemo:

        ‘Who are you working for you filthy dog!’
        ‘No one I’m just a lowly Syrian taxi driver kidnapped on my way to work.’
        ‘Okay! Okay! I did it! Whatever you got – I did it!’

      3. The bathtub “technique” was perfected by Nazi Gestapo. Many a French resistant was submitted to it. Whoever “adopts” it becomes a Nazi. It is a disgrace. 😦

  1. Blue.

    I’m way too honest to do something like that. I could not live with myself if I took something that isn’t mine. And if I really am the best one for the job, that tells me something about the management. Perhaps it is time to start working elsewhere.

  2. I would make an appointment as Sally to meet them and then tell them that I wasn’t Sally (I couldn’t live with that daily “self” lie!) but then I’d tell them that I was interested in a position and was there another position available.

  3. Blue Pill. I think that to live a life of dishonesty is probably the most stressful way one can live. If we just remain honest, then the Universe with all it’s power comes together, and assists us. Life is a lie for so many people. Then they forget what they lied about, and finally the truth comes out, and it’s a disgrace.

    Mostly, I believe in being true to our inner Spirit. We are here for only a short time, and if the OTHER Sally really is in trouble, then it’s morally wrong to try to take her position from her, and then an ensuing court battle, that’ll make you poorer after paying the attorneys, and……….WHY? Sometimes life just doesn’t play our game the way we would like. And after all, isn’t it all just a game? This game, I’d pass on, as there is no winner, and deceiving myself, is like self sabotage.

  4. Blue pill for me, because i often remember mistakes even from years ago and it still bothers me even till now, and i don’t want to add new mistake because i already have a lot.

  5. Pretty simple really. You’re probably not qualified for the job, training provided or not. They’d figure that out soon enough. Or, if you are qualified, the supervisor knows who the offer was intended for. Take the red pill and get fired and possibly charged with fraud? It would certainly make life interesting.

    1. Do you know how many people I have worked with who are clearly not qualified for the senior position they have been assigned?
      Are any of the people Trump is signing / has signed actually ‘qualified’ for the jobs they are taking on?

      No, I think that is the least of the problem.

      I might give it to you on the supervisor front, but what about large companies that often don’t have a hands on, one to one approach and assign jobs from afar based solely on paperwork, CV’s or a points system?

      1. I’m an optimist. That may be why I think Trump’s cabinet actually does have some qualified people.

        I have never heard of companies that weren’t hands-on when it came to promoting people. I guess I lead a sheltered life.

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