Woops! When Selfies Go Wrong!

lt logo 1

Just lol.2

‘Hair to one side? Check….Sultry smile to camera? Check. Oh I’m really bringing my A-game today…’3

I don’t even know…4

Just why? Even without the butt shot…just why?5

The guy in the other car is feeling us all I think.6

Oh bless. 9

More ‘my girlfriend took this while I was sleeping’ delusion.8Why is this guy walking around with a smiley face on his nether regions? Surely he should just go naked?

9Excuse me ma’am, sir…may I see your drivers license?



      1. True Madam Ed, but next, they’ll have camcorders on sticks to film themselves. You know, when just doing a normal thing like shopping, and WHAM! it’ll go to instagram in the hopes they’ll get 15 mins of fame. Oh how deeply sad humans can be. 🙂

      2. OMG! anything to be seen, somewhere, anywhere!! ‘Oh sweet, look at Grandpa John eating his McDonalds’! yuck!

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