Woops! When Selfies Go Wrong!

lt logo 1

Just lol.2

‘Hair to one side? Check….Sultry smile to camera? Check. Oh I’m really bringing my A-game today…’3

I don’t even know…4

Just why? Even without the butt shot…just why?5

The guy in the other car is feeling us all I think.6

Oh bless. 9

More ‘my girlfriend took this while I was sleeping’ delusion.8Why is this guy walking around with a smiley face on his nether regions? Surely he should just go naked?

9Excuse me ma’am, sir…may I see your drivers license?


29 thoughts on “Woops! When Selfies Go Wrong!

      1. True Madam Ed, but next, they’ll have camcorders on sticks to film themselves. You know, when just doing a normal thing like shopping, and WHAM! it’ll go to instagram in the hopes they’ll get 15 mins of fame. Oh how deeply sad humans can be. 🙂

      2. OMG! anything to be seen, somewhere, anywhere!! ‘Oh sweet, look at Grandpa John eating his McDonalds’! yuck!

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