HNY! – Predictions For 2017

1. Someone will comment on the weather, be it hot or cold and blame it on global warming.

2. Someone will plough the depths of wit and originality and accuse someone somewhere of being either a lefty liberal, a feminist, Hitler or a millennial snowflake.

3. A douchebag somewhere will harm an animal and receive zero repercussions for their actions.

4. A celebrity will die.

5. Trump will do something Trump-like. Twitter might just mention it.

6. Somebody will be terribly offended.

7. And a woman will shun those tiresome and wholly inconvenient strips of cloth they have been forced to wear for decades and finally show up at a red carpet event completely naked, citing feminism and freedom, having starved herself for 12 months beforehand.

That’s just what we see happening. We could be wrong! Flippant or serious, personal or world changing, what are YOUR predictions for 2017?

34 thoughts on “HNY! – Predictions For 2017

  1. hahahaha! OMG, dying laughing, and totally agreeing with every single one! OK, what do I predict alongside yours?

    Someone will sneak out of the woods, claiming that a departed celebrity is actually their Father, and demand money from said estate.

    A new so called ‘dangerous group of people’ will emerge to frighten the crap out of everyone, even though they are not dangerous, and can thank the media who will hype the situation to hysterical proportions.This of course will be great for security Companies!

    Everyone who made a ‘New Years Resolution’ will fail at it dismally.

    Lots of earthquakes will shake this world into understanding that you can’t f..k with Mother Nature. This means big money for construction Companies, oh, and funeral parlors.

    More crooks thieves and liars will emerge, as the struggle to earn an honest wage, is fading fast! (where are those trains that one could just hi jack without violence and claim all the gold?)

    Of course, I won’t mention the obvious miserable ones, because we all know about them, but have our heads firmly in the sand, with butts in the air, so I’ll end with what I know…

    I know nothing….:)

    Love you x x x

    1. Ha ha! Excellent stuff! Yup Prince has had a few of his ‘children’ emerge already.
      Defo the dangerous group – although I think the ‘Muslim terrorist’ one has legs and will run for some time yet.
      Earthquakes – well even old Blighty (UK) experienced the first few tremors recently so anything is possible!
      You’re right – sod this blogging lark! We should get into funerals – that’s one business that’s not going anywhere soon!

      1. Absolutely get into funerals!!! It’s the one definite in life. Everybody WILL die, and they ALL need coffins. Dang, that has to be one hell of a lucrative business and it’s not even cruel, it’s simply FACT! It’s like selling food. You can’t lose, everyone has to eat! Then they die and hey ho! we have your specialty coffin waiting!

        Do you know that some funeral places in S.A. re use their coffins over and over again, if the departed one gets cremated? The coffin doesn’t go into the furnace, it’s returned to the parlor, and hey presto! next………Unbelievable isn’t it?

      2. Lol. When you think of it it’s such a waste burning it. The dead person ain’t exactly going to complain!
        What about that place in Amerikee where they didn’t even bother burying or cremating them and police found a pile of sludge and bones behind the bushes created over the years?! 😯

      3. Good grief! That’s taking ‘getting rid of the dead’ to a whole new level! Unbelievable, when they could’ve started a lucrative business LOL

      4. P.S. So we should feed them and then cremate them, and then reuse the coffins! I know, I’m evil. (wink wink)

      1. If you’re referring to Mr Trump, Esq. He ain’t mine. a) I did not vote for him b) I’m a frog c) Our new frog president won’t come up until May. d) I hope it will be less of a disaster than the aforementioned.

  2. I’m pretty sure all of those will happen… Save for maybe the last one… But hey, I’ve been wrong before…hahaha…
    I don’t have any worldly predictions… Sorry. I’m not sure what the year will bring…. But I’m waiting with baited breath (Total sarcasm intended there…hahaha!
    Happy New Year Miss Ed!

    1. Happy New Year to you! I predict marathons be they half or full, more weight loss, some wooly creations, some evil and distracting music hook-ups! and some business-y stuff for you. You’re welcome. No charge. πŸ™‚

  3. Haha. Funny list. The one about a celebrity dying made me think of how many times I heard 2016 was the WORST year because of all those celebrities dying. I guess the World Wars, flu pandemic etc don’t count. Muh celebrities passed away.

  4. I predict that 75% of the Christmas dinner hambones that would have made great soup will go to waist. I predict that saving the boxes that your holiday electronics came in will not be able to be located when you have to ship the product back to the manufacturer. I predict that the days will steadily get longer (until the third week of June, when they will begin to get shorter) and I predict that all those pounds lost by gym rats in the first month of this year will be found in boxes of Valentine chocolates! πŸ™‚

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