Are You Scared Of Xmas??!!!


Here’s the thing. Deck the halls with boughs of holly and all that, but Jeez, that holly and all that decking is expensive! Not to mention the presents you’ve been strong-armed to buy via endless weeks of advertising.

Then there’s the cards for countless relatives that you have or haven’t actually spoken to in the last decade.

The food… did I mention the Xmas food yet?…The drink? Roughly a week of over indulgence has to be paid for by someone and if that someone is you…

Now’s the time to admit it…


Some of us are experiencing a great scarcity of greenbacks for any number of reasons right now, so as you watch the money trickling through your fingers as a result of Crazy Season does it bother you? Or are you one of those people who pretend it’s not happening until the credit card statement arrives in January?

What Say You??

  1. The Ed, have you never heard of saving for Xmas?
  2. The Ed, I’m a turn-a-blind-eye-until-January type. So sue me.
  3. The Ed, the cost is making me feel queasy. Times is hard guv’nor. *Sniff!*
  4. Merry Chrimble one and all! I don’t give a flying turkey. Life is for living. Joy to the world!

36 thoughts on “Are You Scared Of Xmas??!!!

  1. None of the above. Or maybe all of the above. Stop confusing me. My daughter has autism so she loves Christmas because it’s Christmas, and she hates the change to her routine. She’s literally scared stiff of Santa. So our Christmas gets less and less each year.
    And every year my husband gets upset because there is less Christmas. So I know I can’t win.
    I hate the way gift giving has turned to tat giving. I would rather have something small and heartfelt than something expensive and mass produced.

    1. Tat giving. Perfect description. I have banned it from my life. Anyone who buys me expensive or inexpensive tat gets slapped with a cold wet fish.

      Okay so daughter loves the routine of Christmas but not Santa? Which bits does she like? Pressies? And can she really remember annual routines? Daily, weekly I get, but annual? That’s pretty amazing.

      1. Well she doesn’t like the unpredictability of it. Too many presents is overwhelming. Too many people is overwhelming. Not wearing school uniform for Christmas party day is … difficult. She likes the food and chocolate though.

  2. Ha! luckily I don’t celebrate xmas, nor do I believe in it. So, this year, in a sort of Spiritual ritual of the gift of ‘giving and receiving’, which I want to teach my kids, as in……..Consciousness is what we are, where we come from and where we go, but the Universe, or Consciousness takes care of you, and giving freely purely from love, and not Ego, is a great way to express the ‘giving and receiving’ thing.

    So, what I did, was create a ‘Charity gift Challenge’ to my family. Each person gets ONE tiny gift from a charity shop, costing probably about a pound each. Because it’s not about the gifts, or how expensive they are, and spoiling brats who are already spoiled way beyond any kind of normality, to make up for shitty parenting is horrible enough, So rather learn to give humbly. Because what you give, comes right back at ya, if done for the right reasons. Love. So it’s really learning to Love and be loved, and love doesn’t have a price tag.

      1. Spot on Cuthbert! And thus the Lord sayeth ‘There shall be-eth yet another day-eth of worship-eth to boost thy bottom line.

        I shall nameth this day ‘Black Friday-eth’….No, on second thoughts, just ‘Black Friday’- it’s catchier.’

  3. #3!
    I loved Christmas when I was a kid.

    I *really* don’t love it anymore.

    I just can’t handle the logistics of Christmas. Aside from the burden of present buying it’s also a very busy time at work because of everyone trying to get *their* stuff done before they disappear on holiday.

    Schools tend to become super demanding during Christmas too: “dress your kids up like a character from the nativity scene on this day”, “make a christmas whatever with your kids and bring it in on that day”, “sell tickets for the christmas raffle”, “practice these christmas carols with your kids at home for the concert”, “leave work early and come to the christmas concert”, etc, etc.

    It drives me round the bend
    Bah humbug!

  4. Somewhere between 2 and 4 but not 3. I don’t celebrate Christmas, this is not my holiday season. I wish those who do celebrate for whatever reasons a good holiday season; and am glad that I no longer live in a country where I felt I had to barricade myself in my house in order to not be trampled by the xmas ‘spirit .’ Merry Christmas to all who wish it – none of that happy holidays nonsense. I don’t celebrate New Years Day as a holiday either, but people here Do go out December 31st for ‘Sylvester.’ Any excuse to party, right?

  5. Oh I adore Christmas. I love everything about it. That said, while I do over indulge on food (why should Christmas be different to any other time of year) I try to keep things in perspective when it comes to presents and everything else. I don’t make purchases on my credit card and I try to remember that it’s whether my loved ones like their gifts or not, not how much those gifts cost, that matters.

    I know. I’m annoying aren’t I?

    I love the picture by the way. My kind of Santa.

  6. It is only a crazy season if you let it become one. You have to let Christmas know who is in charge. Saving is a great idea. So is budgeting. Even more so Joy to the World, though that can be problematic, It’s one thing to celebrate the birth of a newborn, but it gets uncomfortable when you as what happened when the baby grew up.

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