Early Xmas Pressie For Psychos

Hey! Fancy A Keychain?

Vendors have been selling these colourful little trinkets below:


When I tell you that they contain live animals I don’t suppose I need tell you that they are sold in the animal Godforsaken hell known as China.


Little animals are suspended in a brightly coloured liquids that keep them alive for a few days after which they die when the oxygen runs out. And before they die they get to stay trapped in a plastic bubble, running in circles desperately trying to find an exit, only to be bought and thrown around by a bunch ofΒ  **** wits.

They often share these small deadly prisons with colourful beads and other decorations so that’s…um …nice.



What Say You?

Is there a gene missing from these people or is it me?

Have you bought yours yet?

47 thoughts on “Early Xmas Pressie For Psychos

    1. These are great questions Wendy because quite frankly, until you know, you DON’T know.

      I once carried a live chicken incorrectly because I had seen others carrying them that way and marching along the road a kind bloke stopped me, held my arm, took the chicken, uprighted the little gal and placed her back in my arms correctly.
      Then walked on.

      I was copying what I had seen as a child.
      Now I’m old enough to buckle against any stupid stuff I see without an older person having to show me. I expect that is the same for all of us.
      With China there is an extra fight on our hands because such barbaric cruelty puts food on their table…so even if they ‘know better’ that’s a tough fight.

      However, not sure what it says about the western world who supposedly ‘know better’ but turn a blind eye to 24/7 365 animal cruelty.

      1. Yes, it seems that the human race hasn’t got the right balance of sophistication it thinks it has. It is still so primitive in many respects and does not have the respect it should have for ALL living things.

  1. They must have a special HELL for these cruel people! The creatures are trapped in a plastic bubble with little oxygen. The animals have to emit natural wastes like urine and feces, so it smells bad, too!

  2. Live animals? Seriously my dear Frances? How long before they put children? Red-faced furious emoticon. Yours ever, Duncan.
    (Taking a breather from settling up the contents of 62 book boxes in their respective new shelves in the new house. 33 more to go!) (95 book boxes? I know. I will get therapy). Wish you a lovely end of week.

  3. Holy SHIT! They’ll do anything in China. Including eat live baby mice with their drinks. This is vomit sick!! Where the hell are the people in that Godforsaken Country that protect animals? How much more ‘down in the shit hole’ can people get? and as for the public who purchase these horrific keychains (my ..se) what does it say about them?

    China is a cesspool for ..ckwits, no care, no interest in anything other than what they can get. A more SICK place and practice, I don’t know of. Next they’ll be selling baby parts in keychains. You know, the ones they abort!! Sick bastards.

    1. It’s heartening that even in China there ARE people who go against the grain and don’t behave like this.

      But you know, as I’ve said before, you really need to come out of your shell and say what you feel! πŸ˜€

  4. This is just hideous. No animal deserves to be treated like this and there is a vast difference between mistreating an animal because you don’t know better or because it’s a case of you or the animal or any of the other excuses I can (and have in the past) make, and mistreating it for decoration. Just disgusting.

  5. I signed a petition this week to try and stop these sales. They are so cruel! I don’t think a petition will make a difference, but I had to raise my voice against such thoughtless cruelty.

  6. Damn..

    How in human. . Atrocious. . I wish these people were given the same treatment.. kept in a bubble for a few days and see how they feel..

    This is so wrong.. God….

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