What Can you Do Today That You Could Not Do 1 Year Ago?


It’s always good to keep a tally on progress otherwise how do you know when you are really being productive or just being busy? Plus, it’s always good to pat your own back now and then. Recently (amongst my many skills! 😯 ) I learned how to do a mean cheese sauce using only the microwave!

Yep! Yep! I know!…But they already gave out the Nobel Prize this year…but thank you anyway.

I also recently learned how to initialize and prepare a hard disc for cloning. Gold star for The Ed! (Don’t worry if the second one is gobble-de-gook to you. I’m still taking my gold star!)

What Say You?

Don’t leave me hanging. What have you learned to do lately? Or if you can’t think of anything…whatcha gonna do about it!

45 thoughts on “What Can you Do Today That You Could Not Do 1 Year Ago?

      1. Shelves are far from finished. About half way. Why Malay? A blogger friend is from Penang in Malaysia. I started asking her for words in Malay. Became a game. like a new word a day. It is a nice language. Also doubles as Indonesian. And I have a thing for languages. Selamat malam, kawan saya. (Good evening, friend mine)

  1. A day late and a pound shy: I’ve learned to type (complacently) with one finger, like now; and which driving skills are transferrable to a wheel chair van with a joystick instead of steering wheel and pedals. Neither are things I set out to learn, but useful in my current configuration.

  2. Oh my gosh….a lot!!!! A year ago my son relapsed from his leukemia and so we were pretty much stuck at home or the hospital. Today, I have more freedom to be out and about. I can travel too, though limited.

    But what I can really do now that I can’t do a year ago? Sleep better at nights.

  3. I can give medical injections to my goats like a pro now and stick my hand up inside of them to help when they deliver babies (well, I learned that 2 years ago but I’m still pretty proud of myself).

  4. I learnt to knit socks. Makes me sound all fuddy duddy but it is so relaxing.
    Learned to be with people rather than making them projects.
    Learned not to try to be what I am not. Okay I sometimes forget that one.
    Learned to sort of train a puppy.
    Learned to wait.
    Learned to laugh even in the midst of trouble.
    Learned to work with Google forms.
    Learned to set up a basic set of management accounts.
    Learnt to count the rainbows and embrace my inner unicorn.

    1. Lol. Like it! πŸ˜€
      I totally get the socks knitting thing. My auntie bought me a knitting set when I were a nipper and it was indeed very relaxing.
      The 2nd one. Interesting. I’m seeing a little of that in me! When people would visit they’d be put to work lol! Earn your tea and biscuits dammit!
      The puppy training is great when it finally works and it lasts a lifetime. You’ll be a proud ‘parent’ as your little pup behaves itself or performs little tricks in front of others.

      I am notorious for laughing when I shouldn’t – and why not?

  5. I learned how to row a boat longer than 5 minutes without getting winded. I’m not sure when I will be able to put this new skill to use, but it’s nice to know I can do it if I had to.

  6. I’ve learned to knit socks. I haven’t finished them yet, but I’m working on them… along with all the Christmas gifts I’m making this year. …
    In the new year I want to learn how to start my own business πŸ™‚

  7. I learnt how to make a really good, authentic tasting, Chinese stir-fry. I’m sure there are other things but this one stands out to me right now. It might not seem like much but there’s nothing better than a good stir-fry.

  8. Well well well.. maybe we shud ask them to recommend you for next year’s prize.. so what if this year’s has gone..

    I have no idea what is that I have learnt.. but I have an answer to whatcha gonna do about it!

    Well I am going to ask you to teach me how to do the microwave cheese sauce and hiw to initialise the disc.. that will be TWO things I will learn.. what more can I ask for.. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  9. I can take up the hem of a full skirt without causing unsightly gathers. As of this week πŸ™‚
    I like the idea of keeping track of new skills – it’s easy to forget that you know more than you used to!

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