He’s A punk, He’s A Dog, He’s A Pig, He’s A Con…and then De Niro stopped being polite….

What Have I Just Watched?! 😯

Is this the most honest character summation ever?

Regardless of your politrics, have you ever heard anyone famous EVER be so straight up?

Do you agree? Do you disgaree?

Would you like all politicians to be so straight ‘tawking?’

Who would win in a fight, De Niro or Trump??!!! 😯 😀

67 thoughts on “He’s A punk, He’s A Dog, He’s A Pig, He’s A Con…and then De Niro stopped being polite….

  1. This was on my FB NewsFeed a couple of times and I applaud the guy for being so viscerally honest. As a New Yorker, I applaud this type of sharing. He’s saying it the way it is… Respect 🙂

      1. That’s because on a level especially with the political climateLOL in the US-everyone is working to keep the peaceLOL And let’s not forget being “politically correct!”. But in New York-people at least some are willing to be forthright. But you have to be careful, seriously—when choosing who you’re sharing with-you never know… 🙂

  2. Well then, tell us how you really feel, Mr. De Niro! I feel like he was holding back a little, don’t you? Hmm… haha.. In all seriousness though, very well said.

  3. And finally, dear Edith, thank you for sharing this de Niro video with us. I like people who call a cat a cat… (A french expression. Nothing even closely related to cat grabbing) I can’t believe this jerk (Trump) has come this far… 😦

    1. Scary ain’t it. It’s like the joke that won’t go away. It was funny at first and then being open minded you wait and say, ‘Okay. Why not? What does he have to offer? Could be different in a good way’… and then it just gets worse and worse.

      1. It does. Let us all remember Hitler was democratically elected as Chancellor of Germany. It is THE never ending story. Humans have no memory. And are ready to repeat the same petty mistakes over and over again. The only problem is the “exponentiality” of war. 38 million victims in WWI? 60-80 million in WWII? How many will there be in WWIII? A billion?

  4. Oh, and as an aside, in France we have the choice between Hollande? Who doesn’t know if he will talk to Putin on the 19th? Sarkozy or Juppé? And marine Le Pen? I mean it would be like choosing between Jeremy Corbyn and Prince Harry.
    (All to hell in a handbasket, dear Prudence)

    1. Not great eh? Do you think these people are shown for what they are because of 24 hour rolling news and do you think that because people in the past did not have such access to their leaders foibles they were considered great?

      1. A good question, Agatha. In theory, people get the politicians they deserve. As politicians do emerge from within. Another way to put it is that politicos are a mirror of ourselves. ‘why they raise to the top. By mimicking electors. And most of the western world has become… “soft” maybe? Not always ethical? In for a quick buck? Leaders of the past came form their own time: Churchill, de Gaulle, Roosevelt, just to name a few, had their “foibles” (an old french word) but they also had a vision. Good or bad, besides the point. And determination. Without Churchill, Europe would be speaking German. Period. (And now Germany is back to being #1 economic power). In short, I don’t think it is so much media coverage as the fact that we human beings produce our own demons. 😦

      2. Hmmmm. Okay, so what does that say about the Germans in the 1930’s though? Hitler was a powerful orator, extremely passionate and very convincing and he did actually bring them out of an economic slump, so did they ‘deserve’ him? Were they a mirror of him do you know/think?

      3. It does say what it says about the Germans. (And all of mankind) how one of the most educated, cultured people on earth, major contributors to music, literature and philosophy “surrendered” to the politics of evil. So I don’t know if they “deserved” him, but they most certainly put him in power. Now, to extend my… perspective, I’ve lived in Africa (massacres, massacres…) and cambodia. The Khmer Rouge murdered close to 2 million of their people. 😦 No-one is safe from this type of risk. So let us all be wary. Good night Edith. Always a pleasure.

      4. And a box of cartridges, right? Shotguns are most effective at close range but only have two shells… Bon week-end quand même. Do put a blanket on your knees. Nights are getting chilly.

  5. My votes go de Niro. 🙂 I cannot imagine a world without Trump at the head of the US, Kim Jong-Un in North Korea, Putin (already) in Russia, and Marine Le Pen in France.
    WWIII within a matter of weeks.
    (The UK is safe. It only has Theresa May… )

      1. I know. It was a figure of speech. Never actually heard her, but some body language makes me wonder… Now all politicians tend to act grotesque when they get on stage.

  6. De Niro can win just by giving him the dirty look. Trump won’t have a chance. His hair will fall off from fear just listening to De Niro 😏

  7. Robert D was fantastic in The Deer Hunter but I think he’s a tad over-rated (waiting for the punch here). I guess wanting to knock out a politician is nothing new. I agree with philstanfield above that the problem is much deeper than which presidential candidate is more evil or corrupt (I think Clinton has a very full plate too but as an insider and woman she gets more respect than she deserves–under her leadership the Middle East is more a mess than ever).

    I don’t think socialism is the answer because people in power corrupt all systems (Venezuela comes to mind). Celebrity endorsements and diatribes strike me as propaganda. Playing the woman card is also a cheap way to get votes. I can’t tell you how many times women I know tell me they’ll vote for Hillary just because she’s a woman–that’s embarrassing (what about issues???).

    I’m not a Trump supporter but I get tired of the free pass Clinton gets every time a new and damning scandal breaks. Where are all the true liberals on this one? Susan Sarandon at least appears to have actual convictions (though I don’t always agree with her).

    1. Yep it’s all embarrassing. All round. From the voters lack of real understanding of the reality of politicians who say what is needed to get in, then toe the line, to the politicians themselves.
      I remember the same thing with Sarah Palin. ‘We love her! She is a mother.’ And her policies? ‘Um…er…She has such nice hair.’

      Trumps outsider-ness is certainly appealing, but so far so little else.

      1. And then there’s this lovely tidbit just leaked coming from a Hillary operative: “And as I’ve mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry,” he writes. “The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking – and not just poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging.”

      2. 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 – Of course I’m not shocked at all, I’m only surprised that they let it get out…but perhaps no, not even shocked about that.
        The absolute condescension of the ruling elite for the voters has always been there assisted ably by the voters themselves. Love your tidbits.
        What has been the reaction to that…if any?

      3. Very little reaction as far as I know. It’s hard to take the news media seriously. They do an awful job of reporting–more like propaganda in most cases these days. Anyone with a muckraking personality gets banished and smeared. Sad really.

      4. While Wikileaks exposes incredible corruption and evil, while the US govt beats the war drum and PC runs amok our media turns it’s attention on which candidate has a more disgusting record on sexual harassment (and rape). I’m the kind of person who really enjoys hearing all sides in any argument so seeing the crazy way the media is covering for Hillary Clinton the war monger troubles me. Trump is no one to look up to, for sure, but everyone in America has known for years that he’s a cad (no allegations of rape yet unlike Bill Clinton).

        I guess the US population gets what it deserves in a way. I think most of us have been naive–the level of sick corruption is so Machiavellian and most Americans think that sort of stuff can’t happen here! (or don’t care at all)

      5. It’s actually so bad that it’s like an INTENTIONAL cover up of real issues, because surely this train wreck is serving another purpose? One sort of sits there with the mouth hanging open thinking is this really happening and can’t anyone stop this international embarrassment?!
        Good to have you as my American ear to the ground lol!

      6. What’s “funny” is the almost total media blackout when it comes to the damning things being released by Wikileaks. The mainstream media seems to have sold it’s collective soul to be invited to elitist dinner parties while plotting war with Russia. Even our Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is now saying Donald is far less dangerous than Hillary when it comes to starting a world war. I’m not sure why people aren’t more afraid of her. (I get why people are afraid of Trump–but at least he’s saying he wants to have peace with Russia which I think is a good goal since we both have nukes). This embarrassment could turn into something far worse very quickly.

      7. I get that she is the media’s darling and Trump’s strength was his outsider appeal which is now so buried under his crass behaviour that barring a huge Clinton faux pas I think it’s irreparable. I have heard a lot about Clinton – without following up on it – too busy! I will at some point because it sounds pretty terrible.

        You know half the battle is presentation. Too many people are simply not interested in the nitty gritty of politics as per your original Clinton camp quote, so you have to serve them the easy stuff. Well spoken, well dressed, Christian values, not too many skeletons (at least not too many revealed ones)…and Clinton appears to be winning on that surface level. Also I ‘m guessing that it doesn’t matter who gets in, they will tow the line as required by the position and as required by those who run America.

  8. Trump is an easy target but surely he is a symptom of a deeper problem. Voters, not just in America but globally, are disenchanted and disenfranchised. People had such high, high, hopes for Obama. Too high, perhaps. No one could live up to the expectations people had of him around the world. And he fell miserably short. So perhaps people are jaded.

    de Niro failed to offer any solutions though. Like Trump he seems to have mastered the rhetoric so he would probably make an excellent politician. What we need is people who can provide the solutions.

    1. But of course Obama was never going to live up to those humongous expectations and even if he were to be the greatest leader ever known, clearly his hands were tied from day one. Shackled by the GOP constantly and various other forces.
      I don’t think the US or the UK have had great choices to pick from tbh.

      1. Nor Australia, only we’re only bit players in the great global drama so it doesn’t matter really. It’s a sad state of affairs when you can honestly say, not matter who you vote for, that it doesn’t really matter.

      2. That has been my conclusion for some time.
        The UK, (some sectors of it) is constantly harping on about your points system re immigration. Is it a good system? Do you like it? Does it work?

      3. The immigration system here is fairly strict although there’s always those who would like it to be stricter. To be honest, I think it’s probably a fair system in which Australia’s need for skilled labour is balanced with people’s wish to live here with their family because of our lifestyle.

        I think our treatment of those refugees who come to Australia outside of sanctioned routes is inhumane and disgusting.

        My parents immigrated from the UK to Australia with my older brother and sister and had myself and my younger brother a few years later. I was about 8 when they became citizens and I don’t think they regret it. They came because Dad had a work opportunity here.

      4. It’s not actually illegal to enter a country and claim assylum, however you get there. It is a crime to out-stay your visa or enter a country and never leave without making a claim for assylum status.

        Here, when someone comes as a refugee or assylum seeker, we process them. Basically they’re imprisoned in a country other than Australia (usually a developing country with which Australia has an agreement) while the authorities substansiate their claims that they are true refugees. If they are, they get to stay, if not they’re sent home.

        The problem is that it doesn’t just take months but often years for claims to be processed, leaving people who have never been tried for a crime locked up. And obviously that isn’t just adults, but children.

        I suppose the reasoning behind measures such as these is to dissuade people from coming to Australia through people smuggling etc. Many people have died trying to get here by boat, so I guess there’s something to be said for that argument. But it just seems to be such a cruel way to treat other human beings.

      5. Okay, the imprisoning bit’s a bit off! But I guess that is in response to people taking the mickey over the years and as you say trying to make the whole process unwelcoming.
        As always it’s the few that spoil it for everyone else.
        Makes you feel blessed at your own sheer ‘luck’ at being born in the right place and / or having the golden ticket ability to move (fairly) freely to anywhere else as a result eh?

  9. Damn! Tell us how you really feel Robert. Lol.

    I’m big on free speech so he’s definitely entitled to his opinion. Don’t much agree with him saying he would like to punch him, but steady on mate.

  10. To criticise Trump is easy (just as in Australia, to criticise Pauline Hanson is easy). To identify the forces he represents (the times bring forth the leader), to dig beyond the suffering lower middle-class and working class and recognise how he reflects the crisis of US (and global) capitalism and to understand that the only way these problems can be resolved is through socialism is another.

    In 1894 Engels wrote that the very rise of China (he thought of it in terms of capitalism) will force both the US and Europe to become socialist in order to compete economically.

      1. My position is materialist – consciousness is the product of matter in motion (objective reality). This has a number of implications, one of them being that ‘the times’ (matter in motion) ‘call forth’ the leaders. The current ‘leadership’ in capitalist nations reflect the state of global capitalism, just as Corbyn and Sanders are pointers to a socialist future. When I was in the UK in 1980 I read in the paper that the key players (the historically important figures, including those who are the harbingers of a socialist future) were yet to emerge. ‘The times’ did not require them. This still holds true in capitalist nations.

      2. Going with your metaphor, egalitarianism inclines one to board the bus. That, with knowing what (not who) is driving it (fundamentally, the level of development of the productive forces) guarantees a seat.

  11. Brilliantly put.. by my man.. Mr. Robert de Niro. . The world’s best actor..

    Summed up Mr. Trump pretty well. .did he not…

    Hell I want to punch that Trump. Character for speaking about other people like that. He does not know a difference between a sikh and muslim.. How can hr be president..
    What a disgrace…

    1. It would seem that is merely another thing to add to the list of things he doesn’t know but ought to as a potential future president B!
      Going by Sarah Palin, lack of general or specific knowledge isn’t something that seems to bother the Republicans.

      1. Yeah true.. but a person who has so much hidden in his closet.. even George Bush looks to be a better choice compared to Trump.

        I wonder what will usa be of he becomes president.. already the country is reaping what it sowed..

        I have this funny feeling.. He just might win…God help us…

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