Blue Pill? Red Pill?

the cunning conundrum 3bprp-sluice-gates

 You can only choose one. What Say You And Why??!!



43 thoughts on “Blue Pill? Red Pill?

  1. Well…let’s see. 90K? Woo!!! Red 💊!!! No, just kidding. Sit the neighbors down and let them know you need a place to stay, rent free and food for 6 months. Take the blue pill and flood claim and move on to a bigger better house on a hill. Keep the land for a rainy day. 😃 The city is hopeless, they designed the failing structure.

    1. Ha ha! I wonder how many neighbours would accept? I suppose if you have the bargaining chip of opening the gates….

      Actually to be honest in unspoiled little villages I COULD see the neighbours accepting because they are often close, know everybody and trust each other.

  2. You sure you’re not a lawyer, Constance?
    I’ll take the fifth…
    I mean the blue. And put sand bags around the house.
    I just couldn’t go the other route. No way.
    And I would probably round up all the neighbours, town council, engineers to work out a solution to prevent the flooding. And get everybody working day and night. We have 5 days ahead, right?(A green pill then?)

    1. Aha! The first solution finder of the comments…although as soon as you mentioned the town council I could tell you were going to get flooded. I’m basing that on the competence perceived of councils generally.
      Shift the family china upstairs Albert.

      1. First? Interesting. Though I agree with you about the town council. Wouldn’t do it here. But get the neighbours together? Definitely. China is packed pending our soon to come, dear Prudence.

    1. I know right? Same here. But here’s the thing. There was a guy who actually did this and I don’t think it bothered him one bit as he was caught out by boasting about it down the pub. Zero conscience bothering at all. Takes all sorts eh?

  3. there was a person around the corner from us, he’s been renovating what had been his parent’s home for years and got flooded out, a city water accident. We’ve been watching and approving of his renovation for years, he really was making a beautiful thing of that house, and then the flood, he wasn’t insured and he’s starting over, the whole ground floor got wet. It’s a heartbreaker, I really hear your temptation. Even if you’re insured, it’s your labour of love that you lose, years of your life. Super painful. I’ve done a lot of work on my house and to sell it would kill me. let alone to lose it.

    1. Yeah, that’s all I’m saying lol. People’s homes are their castles especially if they blood sweat and tear’d every last brick, as opposed to have it handed to them by welfare or rich parents or whatever. It IS of course only a thing, an object, but it does represent so much more than that. Protection, family history etc. So I’m just being honest, although I probably couldn’t live happily with myself if I were responsible for so much heartache… depends what mood you catch me in lol!

      And wow! Poor bloke!

  4. I wish that it would rain like that here… It’s a no-brainer to me (who recently completely re-did the house) I leave the gates alone. Maybe my house will be spared, maybe not, but I don’t endanger the entire community to save a few measly dollars

  5. Hahahaha I love these. OK, blue pill, not even a thought about it. First of all I’m insured, so my £90K will be covered. Secondly, a home is filled with material things that don’t mean that much to me. Once we get stuck with our possessions, they possess us, so I don’t care, as long as I have my treasured photos tucked under my arm and my laptop, I’m good to hightail it to higher ground.

    Lastly, what comes around goes around, so I’m too scared to tempt Karma and flood the other poor people, I’d rather give up my home to the waters that surround (OK now I’m writing a sonnet). Sorry, seriously, it is highly uncool to stuff others lives’ up in trying to save your own.

  6. Well thats what insurances are for..

    I would go for the blue pill.. Won’t be able to sleep …

    But then on other hand if was in a bad mood who knows. …😎😎😎

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