These strips of material were seen at a recent film premiere for (ironically enough), a film called The Young Pope. Is this the new norm? Have women got tired of exposing their breasts now? The tops of these dresses are positively demure as if to prove that might be the case.

I predict bum-hole cut-outs in the near future, followed swiftly by complete nudity – all bar the designer shoes of course – on the red carpet.


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The item above is called a ‘shibue’. It is designed so that women can wear side-crotch bearing designs. I love how there is even a need for this to have been invented.

I’m trying not to sway comments (with difficulty), but…


What say you?!

1. This is beautiful The Ed. You just don’t know fashion. I’d love to see my daughter in something similar for her wedding dress.

2. Nah, The Ed, you’re on point. The world is going to hell in a hand basket.

3. Never mind fashion! The socio-political ramifications (if any) need to be discussed dear Ed.

120 thoughts on “Crotch-Gate

  1. Having said that and read (most) of your reader’s comments on this issue… From a Marketing perspective this has just been a gimmick to attract coverage. And the real question – tied to my previous comment – is: have those women really, really freely chosen to wear those dresses? Maybe, maybe not. Thanks for the reflection.

    1. Yes and no. From experience there is a lot of promises and strong-arming that goes on behind the scenes. Note these women are young and often don’t know themselves enough to make strong, decisive decisions when being told what is good for their career by ‘respected’ people in the biz.

      That is a general overview – maybe these girls are different, but let’s remember they don’t make these dresses, they are loaned them by designers and then the persuasion begins.
      The thing is, even from a marketing standpoint, you have to have an overall campaign that contains a fast follow up because too many girls are willing to be next days headline, you have to come with more.
      I certainly don’t remember their names and I featured them. Their window of ‘Oh that’s the girl who…’ is running out. Next!

      1. Quite true. Les montreurs de marionettes. Hadn’t thought about it. But you are absolutely right. And the first charming young woman with a faulty tan line in your post will be put away in the rubbish bin to-morrow without hesitation.

  2. I was thinking of a 4th option (you know me) but never mind. I will go for option 3. I am glad that we live in countries where women are not veiled and can wear pretty much what they feel like. (Or what their agent tells them they will look slu… stunning in)
    Your truly, Allistair.

      1. 4th is really a variant of 3rd. It is about freedom. Freedom of women. I have photos of my grandmother before WWI complete with corset, long dress, sleeves, wide hat, and photos in 1918 when she cut her hair and her hem. It was an outrage then. (And then she got the right to vote only in 1946) You’re probably too young to remember the “see-through” rage in the 60’s. It faded out. In the meantime, women are now freer than ever in the western world. (Praise the Lord!) And Freedom is also the ability to make mistakes. Or to incur in bad taste… Mary Quant liberated skirts a second time after Coco Chanel. Freedom can lead to mistakes? Yes. I don’t care. I take freedom. Be good. (Or bad, if that is your freedom) Yours truly, Brian.

  3. This is a perfect example of how sick mankind/womenkind has become. Wax your ‘parts’ then show them off. How pathetic are these women looking for admiration? Didn’t their Mothers teach them, that LESS is more! As you said Madam Ed, the next ‘trend’ will be to walk around naked. The biggest joke, is that men don’t do this.

    Women like this are validated by bearing their ‘all’. They have shit for personalities and absolutely no brains, living on what they believe is ‘sexy’. OMG how pathetic. In my humble opinion they look porno. I guess these women have lost in main movie making, so it’s all B rate movies from now. What a bunch of egomaniac losers. What gets to me the most, is how this puts such denigration for women in the minds of men.

    Disgusting is my view, and I’m NO prude. Just have good taste.

    1. Yes I agree, it is that thing where the men are always decently dressed and the women are hideously dressed. The men use their brains, the women use their bodies. All rather boring.
      Plus I know what you mean about the denigration of women as a result of this kind of exposure, but let’s face it, even in countries where women are covered head to toe they are denigrated and thought of as less than the local goats.

      1. oh absolutely!! I think that women need to define themselves by themselves, till they get stupid, lose all brains, and desperately try for a man to love them. huh, love my ass, all they do is make men laugh at them, and leave US who actually value WHO we are, in the same pack as the cheap egotistical sad wannabee’s. oh well, what to do but sigh! x x x

      2. Neither have I ever been desperate. It’s quite pathetic and embarrassing for women who behave like ladies to see this trash. Oh dear, I sound like an old lady, but seriously, what next?

  4. Wow-I’d never seen these photos before so I wasn’t even aware that this was a new fashion statementLOL It’s not my thing but I do applaud the courage of these gals to be so confident to make a fashion statement in this format. I do applaud their courage. I’m surprised that Kim Kardashian hasn’t been photographed in one yetLOL And you’re right, there’ll always be the shoe bar to choose from. From Manhattan: Sora πŸ™‚

    1. Wow I love unexpected responses! Yes I suppose some degree of courage went into the whole thing, perhaps not so much if you are the sort who always wonders around naked and are lucky enough to not have issues with your body that are so prevalent.

      1. I agree with you. She’s probably the type of gal that has no body issues and that is a basic exhibitionist. But I still say that walking around with no clothes on in your house is one thing and sharing your nudity with the public is another. I think LOL–that it’s maybe they’re claim to fame, what separates them from others and so gets them the attention that they want. Yeah, but I still say that it takes courage. As a gal originally from Brooklyn, New York—just not my thing. I happen to think that “The mind is a terrible thing to waste.” and that presenting yourself to the world through nudity—-Well- Whatever floats your goat!

  5. Just…no. If the same attire were worn in public somewhere in the Midwest or South, there would be a risk of arrest for indecent exposure. I find this alleged fashion much like shock-radio deejays or any time Ann Coulter opens her mouth in front of a microphone: Self-promoting via free press. It’s a 15 minute fad in the fashion world and it will never become “the norm.”

  6. I must be straight from the old school but I do not need to have my cat out in public. I mean i was trying to be onboard when women had a little more but gave a slight illusion of the cat but this is showing everything down to the size…i digress. what in the holy world is going on? Dis too much and I don’t care who or what celebrity does it its team too much

    1. Lol. The euphemisms we have for women’s bits make me smile.
      Yeah I have no idea where we’re going with this. How far will it go! How much more can women reveal in the competition for front page attention?

    2. I wonder what ever happened to the “mystique” of the female body? I always thought that men liked a bit of hidden instead of just stuffing it out there in your face? But then, I believe these fashions are more for the women than the men. The female version of Howard Stern, putting it all out there to titillate and insult all at once. Meh. To each their own.

  7. Call me old, call me old-fashioned, but I think women should cover up their intimate parts and leave something to the imagination. A full-coverage dress is elegant and beautiful. This looks like tissue paper gone bad. Sorry. JMHO.

  8. But it’s not even attractive! Is it? It’s not like the labia is a particularly attractive part of the female anatomy. And the girl in picture one has horrendous tan lines, she might as well be wearing underwear.

    I don’t understand. On the one hand you have women (of all ages) doing ridiculous things to get the ‘thigh gap’ or the ‘collar pop’ or to get rid of the ‘hip dip’ and then you have women walking around in what are basically unfinished dresses, flashing their private parts.

    I’m getting so OLD.

    1. LOL. I do wonder if a lot of stuff is just down to the different rules of the day or just plain madness never mind what decade it’s in. Is it a continuance of the same patriarchy stuff over women or is it women doing it for and to themselves or is it just a woman showing her fangina? The deep questions of the day! πŸ™‚

  9. Well, I dunno WHAT women are doing making asses of themselves! But then I’m seventy two this month. I choose 2. Nah, The Ed, you’re on point. The world is going to hell in a hand basket.

  10. How dare you to generalise? “Have women got tired of exposing their breasts now?”You did sounded a bit sexist, you know that right? Those women do not represent the majority of women, obviously! And you by only reposting these photos of them you managed to reinforce their style!

    1. I think you are taking it rather literally. Not only was it said tongue in cheek I have to generalize as I’m talking about women who dress like this and I can’t name each of them singularly. Clearly I’m not talking about you or any other woman that doesn’t expose her breasts in public. So not sure I agree with you there, but I’ll think about it and see if you may have a point.
      Also this post would not really have worked if I just described it would it?

      1. Okay let me take this one step further with you – and I’m being devils advocate here because I’m with you I think. Something is pushing my disgust buttons, but ultimately I say live and let live –

        When you dress in the morning, should you have to take into account what others might feel about how you dress? Or should the observer deal with their own issues as we are here by discussing it, liking it, hating it, joking about it?

        Perhaps a summer boob tube might offend someone from a different culture, but it is okay in the west. Perhaps a burka might offend some people (as it clearly does in the west) so should you not wear it?

      2. Why should we care? We should care because this kind of exposure is putting women with modesty and common sense at risk. It sends a message to many young men with high levels of testosterone that can lead them to believe most women are on the make. The result is obviously going to be an increase in sex crime. Most young men are naturally designed to be aroused to this kind of exposure but, yet, are called criminals if they are.

      3. Well yes, to a degree I agree, but I don’t think we can really say that that is why women are seen as ‘on the make’ and are being put at risk because of the behaviour of other women.

        I rather think that they are put at risk because of the behaviour of men. Men should take responsibility for their own actions also.

        In the days when women were more modest they were still disrespected whenever a man chose to disrespect them. Nuns are still raped when a man chooses to rape them and women completely covered in certain cultures are still attacked, raped and sexually molested.

  11. topless women from the African villages are considered to be primitive. When wearing skirts made out of grass and leaves I am sure a lot would have been on display too. Again all that would be considered primitive. However, as long as your attire is made by a “designer” and yes with a brand name shoe and a matching clutch, you are of high society. If you question it, then you are primitive too. Somehow wearing a burka is demeaning to a woman, breast feeding in public causes men to be uncomfortable, but showing your boobs, bottom and from the above pictures your crotch, in the name of fashion is okay.

    1. Some great points. There was no refusal of entry to this event for being indecently (un)dressed as compared to the fuss when a mother is breast feeding. It would seem that as long as a woman’s body is used for the visual (and other) entertainment of men everything is just fine.

      1. The line begins ‘Meet me in the kasbah…’ Why someone would wear a radio and particularly in such a climate is beyond me.
        I appreciate your high-energy style, your pleasure in using shock and horror and your ability to occupy your readers’ shoes. You must have a very active inner life.

  12. If it is only women who are dressing like this then you have your answer. Apparently society still sexualizes women and their clothing. It’s not about fashion but about titillation. I won’t comment on the brain power of the women who would go along with this exploitation.

  13. “The tops of these dresses are positively demure” – compared to what, total nudity? Who knows, perhaps we’ll be seeing a new line of designer merkins coming out soon. Oh, no, wait – I forgot; body hair is about the only thing that isn’t acceptable on the red carpet!

    1. Basically CC. I wonder why there is such a desperate need for it these days though.
      Work purposes? Parents never gave it to them? Plain narcissism? It’s a genuine question. Maybe I’ll ask one of these ladies one day as I’m genuinely interested.

  14. The whole thing just confuses me. I never know if I’m meant to look or not look. And if I do look, in what manner am I allowed to? I can’t sexualise them even if it appears that they may be sexualising themselves. Oh god. Why do I have eyes? Or, indeed, a mind? Stop thinking about this, Tony. Go back to being a harmless cabbage.

    1. ROTFL. Right? I get how you’re feeling viewing it from the male POV in today’s mish mash of feminism bs.
      But if I were a male I would look. If it’s in the public domain I’m looking as hard as I please. I know my brothers would. They wouldn’t give a f.
      They’d say you get respect when you come with it.
      I like harmless cabbages. They’re cool.

      1. Ha! Yep. I have to agree. Men are going to look, and women are going to look as well – then morn the non-“perfection” of their own bodies. Of course, there was a time when large breasts, round tummies, and big, round butts were the height of fashion. Now, here’s a question for everyone. Would we be seeing the “beautiful” comments if the women in these photos were, say, Rachel Wilson, Mo’Nique, Queen Latifa, or any other ‘large’ actress? Just a thought…

        And I agree with your brothers. Respect should be earned, not simply given because of a name or a profession. If you don’t conduct yourself in a manner which encourages respect, you can’t be surprised when you aren’t given said respect. Of course, I don’t think ‘respect’ is what these women are going for. πŸ˜‰

        So – what would we think if it were men walking the red carpet with their dangly bits hanging out? Hum?? ROFL

      2. Ha! Lol. Indeed, if these women were a little more Rubenesque I’m not sure of the support they’d get from a lot men…or women. And yes I don’t even think respect is seen as a quality aspiration these days. Fame at any cost is.

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