The Story Of Duke


One day the folks at the Rudozem Street Dog Rescue got a call about a dog that had been tied up and abandoned.

His name was Duke.


The locals said that the family that left him there had told them to leave him to die.


They approached him carefully. He was covered in flies, batting them off with his paws constantly.


His legs were horribly distorted and he had a bad cough…but he turned out to be wonderfully friendly.


He was taken back to the shelter which was full, but no one had the heart to turn him away.


He was meek, watchful but loved the love he was given.


When he was taken to the vet they initially thought his deformed legs were a result of malnutrition…


It turns out that Duke’s legs had been purposely broken with brute force…


They also discovered he was a mere pup of not more than 10 months old…


…and that his cough was not infection but due to the heavy chain tied around his throat.


They decided to fit the little fella with splints to try and straighten his legs.


They started by setting his bones.


He had a cast put on.


The plan was to get the legs as straight as possible before the next stage – a series of operations.


Through it all Duke (who was named Duke at the shelter) was as good as gold.


It didn’t take the resilient boy too long to get used to his cast.


Duke would have to endure repeat vet visits for some time.

18 19

But he took it all in his stride.


How’s that for progress!


But surgery would still be needed to complete the process.


23 24


His legs were re-wrapped to continue the healing.


He got very used to having his picture taken!

27 28

And he made lots of supportive new friends at the shelter.

29 30

Y’all still here? Pfffft!… Sometimes fame can be a drag maaaan!

31 32

After the physical and mental rehabilitation there was good news of a potential new home!


After careful vetting it was confirmed…(plus look at that face ๐Ÿ™‚ )


Very soon Duke would be off to the UK!


The rescue home bid a bittersweet farewell to Duke.


After swapping Bulgaria for the UK Duke settled into a loving home and has lived there ever since snoozing like a king!


That was the story of Duke.


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The Rudozem Street Dog Rescue is run by a British family in Bulgaria.

They noticed the plight of dogs and cats and felt they had to do something.

Via ignorance and sheer cruelty, dogs and cats are often spat at, kicked, have stones

hurled at them and endure various other acts of violence.

If you would like to donate to the great work they do.

Read more about them HERE.



Donate HERE




On behalf of Love Animals Hate Animal Abuse, go say hi and let them know we sent you!
Every ‘say hi’ strengthens the bonds of all of us who care and the animal welfare network.

48 thoughts on “The Story Of Duke

  1. You deserve it, Duke! You must be spoiled to death!
    On the flipside, Why are humans so horrible sometimes? ๐Ÿ˜ฅ Purposely broke his legs? I mean, wtf?!

  2. This made me cry ๐Ÿ˜ฅ.

    We just adopted the most beautiful shih tzu. He’s three years old but because he was severely neglected, he was never housebroken. He came into our family with so much emotional baggage. He was afraid of everything. He would shake out of fear, was very shy and meek (he never barked). We patiently potty trained him, slowly built his confidence, and I am proud to say he’s now a sassy, confident, and stubborn little monster (who barks at me when I’m still in bed especially when it’s time for his walk!) LOL!! We love him so much and can’t imagine life without him.

    I’m so happy for Duke now. I don’t understand why people think they have the right to be cruel.

  3. Oh Madam E, what a beautiful, triumphant, sad/happy story. I didn’t know whether to smile or cry. People are SICK! I am an animal lover, and when I see that sort of cruelty, I just want to cry, but the way you wrote that, saved me from loads of tissues, so thank you, you are simply a darn genius and I love you. x x x

    p.s. and learning so much from you.

  4. It breaks my heart when I see people treating pets like that.
    So happy that he has a great home now.
    My mom says when she retires she would like to start a pet shelter. โค

  5. And to think I almost didn’t read this post. (The picture at the top was so awful, I felt I couldn’t continue). What a beautiful, encouraging story. It’s encouraging to think that for every evil person who would do such terrible things to an animal there are many more kind and loving people to compensate … well, it makes me feel a bit better about the world. Thank you!

    1. You’re welcome and me too! There are so many stories of the other type that to look people in the eye again you have to keep balancing it out with these totally cool people!
      The grace of this little fella puts us to shame.

  6. What a beautiful story. I can’t understand the cruelty of some people but it’s encouraging to note how many people truly care about the welfare of animals.

    1. Hello Maggie (I do hope it IS you and not Elizabeth typing!) you’re a little beauty too aren’t you? Anyway yes fabulous ending. ‘Woof!’ and take a ‘grooowlf!’ while you’re at it…you know, when you guys do a yawn and try to speak at the same time?! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Oh my heart… I’d have taken him home in a heart beat! I’ve seen and read way too much about cruelty to animals lately…. I need an acreage so I can take them all in…my hubby smiles and rolls his eyes…hahaha. But seriously… Bless the hearts of the people who rescued him and the family that gave him a home. Now please excuse me, I need to find a tissue…(sniff sniff)

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