19 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. My most crucial question when I was interviewing young and promising executives to work at my research firm was, 20 minutes into the interview: “Thinking about your personal and/or professional life, do you have a passion in life?” you wouldn’t believe the number of blank stares I got… πŸ™‚
    (But then once in a while, I would see bright eyes, and I would listen to a tale of passion, and hire…)

    1. If I didn’t have that passion I would curl up and die. I don’t know whether it’s something you are born with or it can be instilled in you – maybe both. But I know from experience that probably a lot of parents are failing to pass a desire for achievement (in any field) onto their children and that is being passed onto THEIR children, ably assisted by media and governments.
      I so recognize that blank stare you mention and I really dislike it.

      Having traveled quite a bit and compared the opportunities in the West that people spit on every day to ‘developing’ countries….bleugh!

      I WOULD believe the number of blank stares because I’ve been there on that side of the table. I would never hire someone who sends me to sleep.

      1. Another line of agreement. I have spent most life in “developing” countries. (Actually born and bred there) And when I go to France I hear everyone whining, when they have ten (zillion) times the opportunities anyone has in the rest of the world. “Folly and ignorance the common curse of mankind”…

  2. I’ve been working myself tagged lately, and everything feels off because of it. Thank you for sharing this.

      1. Good point! Sleepless nights and working too hard puts you in the position to burn out really quickly.

      1. No, not exactly sure what you mean. Not too tech savvy. What am I supposed to link to and how? Thanks for making me aware of this. I had no idea. πŸ™‚

      2. No probs. You know how your name and the blog address after it are meant to both link to your blog when you click on them? Well they don’t. They link to a ‘problem page.’

        This could be intentional because you have no blog currently or something has happened in setting it up because your blog address is not a ‘proper’ one from what I can see.
        Therefore no one can visit you and read your blog.

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