18 thoughts on “5 Tips For Amazingly Clickable Blog Titles!

  1. Interesting tips my dear. 🙂 Some are very marketing-proven (And I’ve been in that field foe many many years). The one I’m not so sure about is adjectives. I tend to stay away from them as much as I can in my writing. 🙂
    (Wonder how my blog would fare under your scrutiny?)
    Take good care of yourself. There are mad men roaming around everywhere. 😦
    Yours, in shock, Brian.

    1. You know what dear Rupert? I actually actually shy away from oft repeated tips and go with what I have seen work and what has worked for me with A/B tests and the like.

      Adjectives for me can lift something and give it a sense of urgency that even ever-suspicious I have got caught in and clicked through. Which might you click on below, (let’s assume it’s an area of interest and you WOULD click!)

      1. ‘New Bedroom Looks Good See Here.’
      2. ‘New Bedroom Looks AMAZING! See Here.’

      2 raises the chance of click-through to a level of ‘How dare you suggest this bedroom looks amazing – I’m going to click through just to tell you it isn’t!’ (Going by the zeitgeist mindset!)

      The other thing is, with the kabillion other blogs out there competing on a timeline for attention who ARE using splashy adjectives the bedroom looking ‘good’ won’t cut it for most hungry eyes.
      What say you Englebert?

      As for your blog, there are always exceptions to every rule. So there will always be someone who writes modestly and is killing it by finding their way of breaking through via other ways.
      These are general tips that are proven as you say, but the beauty of blogging is crazy things can happen at any time to blow up a blog!

      You too stay safe in Paris! The lunatics have taken over the asylum…and not just the ones wielding weapons!

      1. Dear Prudence, I tend to go by a phrase by Clemenceau about writing, that advised caution on adjectives. Rupert is out packing his suitcase, right now with the help of Mr. Humperdinck, Esq. I am your humble servant, Wilfred of I. who will reconsider the use of adjectives in the near future. A bientôt.
        PS. Your last phrase reminded me of an Edgar Allan P. short story, translated by Baudelaire in french: Dr Goudron and Professor Plume? Or something like that? I don’t know the title in Saxon, let me check… Got it: “The system of Dr Tarr and Prfessor Fether”. And yes, that would include a number of politicians, continental and otherwise. have a great sunday.

      2. Horace is now in Paris. Here’s the story: Clemenceau a french politician who against all odds evewntually won WWI was sometimes defeated in elections and fell back to his paper L’Aurore (better known for publishing Zola’s “j’accuse” in the famous Dreyfus affair. But i digress. It is said that Clemeceau when he would interview a young journalist would tell the candidate “young man (very few women in thise days) you are going to write in my paper. I want simple, complete sentences: subject, verb, complement. Please use scant adjectives as adjectives already contain opinions. And if you feel like using an adverb, call me!”
        Believe me that is a very good recomendation.
        (Alas, poor Horatio)
        Take care my dear Desdemona.

      3. I like the modern version. Thank you. I sometimes wonder whether Tweeter might have been designed for politicians. No brain capacity beyond 140 characters. (Are you saying there are many words with more than two syllables?) 😉

      4. I discovered that maybe, yes. I once had a conversation with a younger filly (using her mother tongue) and literally every other word I used I had to stop because she didn’t understand it. I was pretty taken aback and having to simplify everything I said back to 1 or 2 syllable words showed me that yes there are many words with 3 or more.
        Not the most ‘flowing-est’ of conversations I’ve had! She was very sweet though once you got talking to her and done badly by a failing system in my opinion.

      5. Another example is th classics books in french. Moliere for instance was printed in very thin books. The size doubled because of the notes explaining the vocabulary… 😡

    1. They can do which is why you should make your own work buck the trend and stand out.
      I don’t think it is a reason not to use it as a tool because people actively seeking specific information will not abandon a post because it has a number in the title.

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