The Best Selfies Ever!!!


I CANNOT be the only one who loves this. This is the only type of selfie I am prepared so far not to look on with withering contempt! πŸ™‚

Allan Dixon has a habit of coaxing animals into a posing for selfies with him all around the world. Unlike the abysmal morons who have killed swans and dolphins trying to take pictures with them, Mr Dixon will wait however long it takes to gain their trust, from minutes to ass-numbing hours, sitting there waiting for them to come up to him!

Do you have any faves?

Mine keep changing!funny-animal-selfies-allan-dixon-10 funny-animal-selfies-allan-dixon-11

‘Wait..can we do another one? I had my eyes closed.’funny-animal-selfies-allan-dixon-12


Is this the happiest animal on the planet?funny-animal-selfies-allan-dixon-16

‘Laters!’funny-animal-selfies-allan-dixon-18 funny-animal-selfies-allan-dixon-19


Is THIS the happiest animal on the planet?funny-animal-selfies-allan-dixon-23

‘Hey! This is MY thing!’funny-animal-selfies-allan-dixon-261

You snooze, you lose Pal.selfie-master-dr-dolittle-28

‘Stop that nonsense and give your ole Auntie a kiss!’selfie-master-dr-dolittle-29

‘Nessun Dorma! Nessun Dorma!’


The dog’s face though! πŸ˜€quokka

You rang sir?kangaroo

Okay, THIS must be the happiest animal on the planet, no?funny-animal-selfies-allan-dixon-10 barman

‘And…and I says to the barman, that’s no lady sir…that’s my wife! Ha ha ha he he!’quockatine

‘I know I’m cute.’

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101 thoughts on “The Best Selfies Ever!!!

      1. Me too, Mary-Beth. Enjoy your sunday. As much as one can in Europe after what happened in Nice. I confess I am in shock. But still going to Paris in a week. No fear.

      2. Agree totally. I was in marketing most of my professional life, and my first question is: what is the strategy? We don’t have one. Does the UK have a strategy? No. Does France? No…. I will let you know about Paris. I’m a bit under the weather after Nice… (But I am flying tomorrow. Lots of criss-crossed emotions inside yours truly) πŸ˜‰

      3. If it were intentional then we would be facing great cynics, instead of mere morons. I just had lunch with an ild friend in paris today who was telling me that there are “persons of interest” signaled for jihadist possible connections in french nuclear plants… How is that for morons?

      4. Unfortunately we can. I asked a very old friend (college!) at lunch yesterday in Paris THE question: “And what is going to happen to our beloved France?”. He went on mute… Like no-one sees any solution… 😦

      5. Oh yeah. Put the morons in jail. With no exercise rooms. Shit down any place of propaganda disguised as a place of worship. Simple stuff. But too simple for most politicians. 😑

      6. O! Good Lord Cuthbert! *Clutches pearls* I feel quite faint. I’ve never heard THAT word before! Our conversations are usually so quaint! Smelling salts! SMELLING SALTS! πŸ˜€

      7. Ever so sorry for the typo Adela. I meant shUt down. How shocking. My most sincere apologies. Wretched continental keyboards you know. Will get back to you. Going to Camden town later on. Yours truly and all that, Wilberforce.

      8. I’ve had some brandy and my man servant has sprained his wrist fanning my brow (how selfish of him!) Give me a few years and I’m sure I will recover Reginald. I’m on bed rest for 4 months….but…I’ll…be …brave.

      9. Dearest Olivia, this exchange is becoming more and more like a “cadavre exquis”. Do you have any idea how to copy this? We might have material for a story. πŸ€“

      10. Dear winnifred, i was afraid you might say that. My current devices are limited to an iphone and an ipad. Which does limit one’s possibilites. We’ll have to remember those to put it in a novel. Yours as usual, Wilfried.

      11. And my most heartfelt qpology Boadicee for answering so late. Travelling on the march of the Empire has impaird communciation somewhat. Kindest regards, lancelot.

  1. JUST when I needed to smile, ya warmed my heart! He’s great! Good looking, a lover of animals, clever, loves to travel…………um……….young………..ok, I’m signing off now, before I get into trouble! Thanks Madam Ed! x x x

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