Monday Motivation!

monday motivation
Imagine yourself as the author of a book called ‘MY OWN DESTINY.’

Would you have written last week as it occurred?

Would that have made great reading from a ‘great things I did!’ point of view, or dull reading? i.e ‘I did the washing.’

If you did the washing and that is what it is all about for you then God bless you.
Nothing wrong with that. Someone has to do it!

But…say you knew that people, including yourself, were going to read your book when you were 70, how would you change next week to make it…and the rest of your life a ruddy good read? Or do you already have enough chapters in it to make it a blockbuster to be proud of?



27 thoughts on “Monday Motivation!

  1. I’ve got enough for more than one book already. And if I’d managed to wash the dishes it wouldn’t be boring, it’d be a freaking miracle! It’s all in how you write it. πŸ™‚

  2. A challenging question. To begin with: “Whose own destiny”? Most fiction is drawn from real life. See GarcΓ­a Marquez’ Macondo/Aracataca. I’ve seen stuff in Colombia that turn GarcΓ­a Marquez into a talented “journalist” more than a fiction writer. Now, what do we know of our own destiny until it is accomplished? πŸ™‚ Or, at least, well under way. I would say I already have many, many chapters, written or about to, but the best part of those chapters is how they… “spin off” to another reality. A washing machine is a good case in point. It can be boring, or necessary or lead you to something else. My personal “take” on washing, you can find here (Do tell me if it’s all right to post a link to my blog, if not i won’t do it again):

  3. oooh my book is filled with absolute gems! Like the time the women decided to get together without the men, loads of vino, fire burning, and a good time to gossip! squeels of laughter could be heard everywhere! Who knew that Tom has a hole in his underwear and he won’t get rid of them because he is a real penny pincher, oh! and then there’s dear old Sandy. Well Janet bonked her husband Phil, and she doesn’t know ‘sshhh Emily!!!! she doesn’t know!!!’ poor thing. Why on EARTH Janet would bonk Phil is beyond anyone’s imagination, apparently, he doesn’t even brush his teeth. Oh the gossip is too wonderfully funny, but us girls need to catch up once a month you know.
    Jillian has decided that her and Victor are moving. We are all very sad to see them go. They have to leave our village, as Jillian’s Mother is dying, and she wants to spend the last year or so they have, together. There’s a sombre feeling amongst us all, till Terri, the little pixie like tiny one of our group comes bouncing in and announces that ‘we are going to have a party!’ Terri organises the whole thing, the men get to work on whatever it is they think they are good at, and us girls do our bit. It cheers Jilian up somewhat and lifts the sad atmosphere.

    As Jillian leaves we decide we’re going to Spain for a break. Life is too short, and this sudden failure in Jillian’s Mother’s health has reminded us of our mortality. So off we go. We land 10 sheets to the wind in a downtown bar, laughing hysterically, when suddenly we realise we are in a rather seedy part of town. So, we decide to leave. Well, that’s when the perverted drunk, wobbles his way towards us and tries to push us back down into our seats. ‘WHACK’ slams tiny Terri’s handbag across his head hurtling him to the ground! The moment at first catches us by surprise, then, we start screeching and falling all over the place with laughter. Who knew? Terri?? OMG! They say dynamite comes in small packages. No jokes…..:)

    1. Ha! Sounds great! I hope this crazy energy comes out in your sales text too nearer the time. Don’t think we’ve had a good book for the girls for a while – or at least I haven’t heard of one recently.

  4. Does what I stopped myself from doing count? Because I resisted the temptation to do some nasty stuff last week. Decided to be all mature and stuff. Not sure how long it will last….
    Although recently got rejected by an agent so I’m a proper writer now.

    1. That old mature stuff thing eh? I think it counts. You were the bigger person and it’s going to read great in the book!

      Welcome to the world of starving artistes – officially! *Clap! Clap!* Well done! We know how many times JK Rowling was rejected right? So it’s par for the course until you find the right person for YOU.
      And it’s another great chapter, it’s building your story to a ‘Rocky’ type victory!

  5. Sure, I did the washing in a cave where the bats sleep and a glowing green alien resides. Quite a thriller, I tell you; I had to make sure the green thing didn’t see me washing in the nude!

  6. Hehe.. I thought my comments didn’t post so I replied again….. woops!!! Hahaha…ignore that one!
    I wish for snoozefest somedays if I’m being honest….hahaha..

  7. The last week wasn’t much of a read, but I’d like to think my life’s a good book so far! I plan on making it a real page turner going forward though πŸ™‚

  8. I’ll be honest, last week would have made a dull read… However, I think my life has made for a good book thus far, but like the best books, I’m planning to make the rest of it a real page turner… I hope…hahaha…

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