Look At Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

lt logo So I’ve seen this lady for some time. Her name is Celeste Barber. She re-interpretes images for ‘everyday people’ from the highly manipulated pictures that whizz around the net featuring the same kind of folk usually in bathrooms taking self-loving selfies. Thought she was amusing but also thought ‘Hey, these are (mostly) young fillies enjoying their youth and beauty and creating their art…let them be.’ Then I came across her again and thought ‘actually in her humour she has a point!’

See what you think. I included some of the best ones including her own image comments. What are your favourites??!


‘When you thought you were amazing and everyone else has real jobs and doesn’t give a shit.’

2 3 4


‘I love support from all my fans when they are behind a fucking barricade.’

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‘My fur isn’t dead yet and there is not enough duct tape in the world.’



‘Get angry, get wet, get your best mate take a photo, call it art.’

10 11

‘The struggle is real.’


‘It’s uncanny.’


‘Just two average girls in a bathroom with lipstick, a phone and a heap of people who seem to give a shit.’

14 15 16


‘How funny is salad!’

18 19

‘Road trippin’. Enjoying the wind in my hair!’


‘My vagina is hilarious!’


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Celeste Barber


38 thoughts on “Look At Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  1. Hahaha… I love her!! I get a giggle everyone I see her posts! My favorite is yoga in the pool!!! I imagine I’d have the same results if I tried to fold myself in half on a surf board! Haha…

  2. hahahahahaha, omg, some of these have me in stitches they are just so sad! The women posing and trying to be like the one’s they’re copying, are all overweight, and look SO stupid! I’m not against over weight, (hell I can talk), but then again, you wouldn’t catch me dead posing like that.The chick on the rock takes the prize!! She’s hysterical, and yet thinks she’s drop dead sexy. Oh dear, how delusional ARE people? I thought it was just Bush who was psychotic? Now I’m beginning to see them pop out of the woodwork. hehehehe…..and there’s good psychotic, as in funny, and then there’s plain just ‘oh crap, shame’ psychotic, needing treatment! Most of these chicks need treatment methinks. x Thanks for the laugh, hilarious!

      1. huh? um……waddaya mean? am I being thick? I best go back and take a better look? or what? Heeeelp! I hate not knowing!! I assume her blog is about ripping people off. Am I wrong?

      2. Lol. Listen to you! Yes she’s joking. She’s not trying to be sexy. Although I think she often looks better than the people she is mimicking who are really trying to be.

        But I wasn’t kidding. It’s the cup half full, half empty situation and I find it interesting when someone (or me) views something totally opposite to the majority.

      3. oooh, so the replica’s or the people she is copying is actually HER? LOL, if this is true, I need to up my meds. I never see things the way the majority of people see them, which is why I get so many crossed eyebrows when I give my 5cents on something. It’s what makes us interesting my precious heart. Can I send you a poem to read, that is called ‘The Temple of Freedom’. It is 72 pages long each page only has 7 verses on it, as that’s a Spiritual number. I have a feeling you are going to love it. Now this is what I want to publish. So if anyone knows or is a publisher!!! heeelp! lulu.com grab the money when hundreds start to sell, so they are useless and a rip off. I know how to get it printed in hardcopy for not too much money, but now I need a good publisher. Please Madam Ed, please help me? I don’t know how to send you the poem. Email to the HSD?? Love the crazy one x x

      4. I’m going to be honest as ever with you D. Poems and me don’t mix. When I click on a new blog and it’s a poem I keep clicking. What I’m saying is I would not be the best person to send it to for a skilled judgement.

        If you wrote a book, (which is what I thought you were writing?) there would be no point in sending it either unfortunately because whilst I LOVE reading I haven’t had the time to read a book for more than a decade. I can only listen to audio books while I work or read 5 minute short stories online occasionally. I have to say this frequently to people who want to send me their books – and who I like to support in their endeavours, because I don’t do BS and you are entering a business where you are going to hear an awful lot of it.

        Don’t know anything about lulu.com I’m afraid but it sounds very similar to most of these independent ‘publishing opportunities’ from what you are saying.

  3. Many of these caused me to laugh out loud, especially the “road trippin” one and the one about salad being funny. She’s quite funny and a brilliant satirist. And that’s just what it is, satire or parody or whatever. It’s just funny. I’d also like to point out that she has taken some risks putting herself out there like that — in underwear and bathing suits and looking clumsy and horrid in some cases (can you say lipstick horror?). I’ll have to go to her site and see what sorts of comments she gets.

  4. Ah ha ha ha! I love it. She is very funny. I think her commentary on the fakeness of all those ‘candid’ photos is spot on. I don’t think they’re really pretty young things enjoying their youth and documenting it, I think they’re pretty young things who know how to play it up and make a buck (or two) from it and it’s because of that her parodies hit the spot so well.

    Now I have a question for you – do you think that public nudity (in digital or real form) is empowering for women? Or is it just fluff?

    1. I take it like you just defined these girls. There’s a sincere artistic version which I have no problem with and then there’s more of the ‘Look at meeeeeee! I invented sex!’ version.

      Is the arty one empowering? Can be. Can also be exploitative. I think the ‘Look at meeeeeee!’ version is empowering because the girl has taken it out of the hands of men and is conducting herself. Other than that …..yawn.

      What say you?
      (Plus I just wrote a post in that sort of area? have you been reading my unpublished posts again!) đŸ™‚

      1. Are we psychically linked? Or do you just click on the same side-bar links that I do? I agree with you. I think if a women does it as an expression of herself then that can be empowering to her but I don’t think it’s a strike for woman-kind.

      2. Yes but it’s nice to hear them say that that’s why they are doing it – some actually convince themselves, bless! đŸ™‚

        Strange how the stuff that takes time, effort, thought, humility and intelligence is never empowering enough to bother with.

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