38 thoughts on “101 Writing Ideas

  1. Now…what I reaallly need is something which will read my mind and pen it down!! I mean…I rarely have paucity of ideas…I just suck at posting them on time! ๐Ÿ˜› But, since that seems unlikely in my lifetime…I guess I will have to keep trudging along ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

      1. Sigh…do you realise how difficult it is to remain “young”? To maintain my Peter Pan image??? I gotta read, i gotta earn a living, i gotta socialise, i gotta take photographs…and then edit them and write a proper story to go with it…AND then post it!!! Not to forget one also needs to keep oneself updated and read what other bloggers are posting…Takes a lot of time, Aunt Ed! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

      2. You’re right. I do apologise. How hard I have been on you. You poor, poor thing. I am starting a GoFundMe page for you by way of apology and to help you out in your hour of need. The address is ww w.xxxxxxxx.com ๐Ÿ˜€

      3. hahaha…have you tried the URL??? I am soooo pooor…i actually typed it out..it redirects to a site which brings together hunters!!! yes…hunters…who kill animals…i think it will give you an interesting blue pill/red pill topic ๐Ÿ˜› The instagram is not for faint-hearted people like me, though!

  2. What are your thoughts on SEO? I have read some blogs on techniques for improving SEO, but don’t see how they could ever–and they are not currently–help grow a start up blog. Most of my subscriber growth has been driven by redirecting traffic from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+

    1. How much time do you have? It’s a biiiig topic. I have written a short course for beginners on this topic so they can get a grasp on it, but a general answer would be, it’s good to know about it but don’t get obsessed. Too many bloggers can become consumed by it they forget to blog for humans.
      Also I always believe in controlling what you CAN control. For example, you can SEO up to the hilt for months (organically) and get great SERPS then Google wakes up and yawns and says ‘Oooogh I’m bored, I fancy a change,’ then they do an algorithm update and you tumble back to nowheresville to start all over again. So don’t put all your eggs in Google’s basket basically.

      Your subscriber growth source is good but you must keep up the foraging for new friends and contacts or it will dry up eventually. I’m kinda assuming you know that though?

      1. Thank you. It was good to hear this as a sounding board. I had a sense it was important, but don’t want to get lost in the weeds. My first big step in this direction is to migrate to WordPress.org–makes a little nervous, but I think there are lots of advantages, not the least of which is SEO. As usual, thanks for your time and the gold nugget of insight and experience. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. I don’t mind you asking at all. In fact, I am quite delighted that you did. Today it serves as a creative outlet for me, and I hope it provide useful information and entertainment. I have a more expansive vision for the sight–somehow monetizing the site. I’d like to attract sponsors and advertisers, and ultimately generate revenue from my content.

        The .org migration has not been without headaches, and I am still working out some kinks before I take the .com down and replace it with the new site. I hope to have that done this weekend. I understand that having a self-hosted domain improves the site’s standing in terms of SEO, at least says Google. The capabilities of the plugins and editing code allow for dramatically increased functionality and coolness–and dramatically increased headaches as well. I have to re-download all of my galleries–almost 1000 images total. I made the novice mistake of saving the images as .jpg files, which are quite sizeable, at least for purposes of a website. I’ll need to republish them in a format specific for the web, a capability readily available with Photoshop. Specifically, the mobile plugins have really improved the mobile appearance and functionality. And as most folks access the site that way, that one benefit is probably worth the aggravation and nominal expense of paying Bluehost a couple hundred bucks. Well, those are my thoughts, though harried as make my way back to Houston from Borger, TX. I’ll let you know how the finally pieces of the migration work out. Would love your view on the before/after. B would be invaluable. One notable improvement is the mailchimp plugin. The simple form generated from it is much better than the functionality afforded by the mailchimp widget in .com world. I am a huge fan of the mailchimp email and campaign management service!

        Have a good one. And, thanks again for the question.


      3. Oh excellent! it’s great when one has a focused plan. Many simply don’t.
        You are right about the self hosted domain being a much more effective SEO tool. You might want to hang onto your .com just for the hell of it because it’s free and does have it’s benefits too, although those benefits are diminishing somewhat. For example meeting people might be easier to get started within community than out on your own, Your .com can help your .org with that.

        You can get some great plug-ins as you have found and I wasn’t aware that Mail Chimp even had a .com plug in.

        Good on you. Yes let me know how it’s all going.

      4. Well, the migration to a self-hosted platform has not been without some challenges. Along with the migration, I did a sweeping overhaul of my images–saving them in a more optimized format through Photoshop and a WordPress plugin. I had to changes themes because my existing theme did not have the same functionality and appearance in the .org world. My images are so large and many that I had to up my game and enhance my server capabilities, including the use of a CDN. It costs more, of course, but better that than having a clunky website. And all of that has really taken a bite from my traffic. Hope to make further inroads on that direction in the very near future. Let’s see–what else–oh, I had to figure out FTP file sharing. That was not as easy as perhaps I would have thought, but I got it together eventually. So, that’s what I know so far. Still have some galleries to update, but should be up and normal within 24 to 48 hours. Jason. ๐Ÿ™‚

      5. Going through something similar and it’s a bore. I’m far too impatient waiting for sites to propagate and such.

        It’s also good that you are doing these things for yourself. I know quite a few creative heads and they often try to offload these tedious admin tasks and it leaves them dependent on others.

        You do it yourself, you learn.

        I say it’s boring but I actually love tinkering underneath the bonnet and seeing how it all works – particularly when it all goes right of course, not so much when it doesn’t!

      6. It is has been quite an ordeal, but I have the site where I want it for now. I have learned more about content delivery networks, optimization, and self-hosting platforms than I ever thought I would. It’s paying dividends already, though. My site traffic is not quite where I want it–and is down, due in large part to the substantial maintenance over the last three weeks. But, for many of the topics I am writing about, I am on the first page of google searches. Hopefully that helps over time. You probably get a million of these requests, but if you have some time to spare for a blogging novice, I’d love your thoughts on my site: content, design, user experience. And any informed tips on increasing traffic and readership would be most welcome. You’ve developed quite a successful model, and I am sure have a wealth of valuable information. Speaking of, I do t know that I have received notice of a new post for a while. I think I need to check my subscription settings after the migration and all this maintenance! Take care. Jason.

      7. The other day I was feeling sick as a parrot and as I couldn’t work at full throttle thought, ‘Aha! I can spend some time poring over your site’ – which is what I do when I’m ill, I refuse to go to bed (waste of life) but instead switch to the more pleasurable, easy things.

        As soon as I said that I was called to fix some emergency. ‘Spare’ time gone. This is how it’s been of late I’m afraid. All I can say is when I find a minute I’ll do it as I like to give the proper time required. Or indeed you can book my services via the Bloggers Caucus to jump the queue and get a thorough appraisal.
        So apologies but you ARE in a queue of things to do, both paid and unpaid and it’s quite hectic at the moment. But well done in sorting it all out! *Applause!* And feel free to update me as often as you like.

      8. Thank you for the thoughtful note. I am quite delighted when I see your name pop up in my comments. As I thought you would have invaluable insight, and I wanted to support your endeavors, I was more than happy to jump the queue, but couldn’t find where I would access your paid services. If you point me in the right direction, I’d be happy to go that route. Hope you get to feeling better! Jason.

      9. Tell you what I’ll do. I’ve just come off a few all night benders (work ones!) so let me recover and see what I can do this week. I’ll take a quick overview of your new .org site (is that correct? ‘Cos brain is fuzzy at the moment…send me the new link!) and come back and ask you some questions and see where your head is at in terms of what you might need help with…if anything.
        I’ll assess whether it’s going to take a ‘long’ time (by that I mean hours) to help you with what you want or I can just give you quickie answers.

        A quick overview is nice and cheap = zero. A full blown assessment or ongoing hand-holding with marketing ideas, SEO, traffic ideas, earning ideas, will certainly not break the bank, but is not zero. ๐Ÿ™‚

      10. That sounds like a great way to proceed! The site is http://navigationjason.com. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Jason. Get some much needed sleep. We’re going to try and dry out in Houston today. Violent and fierce storms today.

      11. First comment ‘ Oooogh!’

        Now I may be biased because I have been waiting to have a peek but yeah, top story – great first impact. I am liking the follow bar at top too! You notice it but it’s not intrusive.

        Actually the Publication theme is kinda fabulous. The chronological posts are wonderfully spaced on the left – clean design, easy to see, easy to read – astonishing imagesโ€ฆwhat’s not to love?
        Then all the other stuff on the right within easy each – nice responsive designโ€ฆ and then the drop down menu at the top, bio repeated at the bottom of every post. Very nicely done. Very nice choice.

        Right, enough with the good bits, let’s be mean and find problems!

        Ha! Found one! (Bear in mind I can afford to take the mickey a bit because the rest IS so good!)

        Your links are going nowhere so far e.g. ‘ Would Kala Patthar Break Me?’ The reference links are not linked up. I went back to your old site to see what they were meant to be and that’s gone! Fair enough, because Google is not a friend to duplication, but some folks have struggled when they cut all ties to the WP community too soon.

        โ€ฆAlthough when I bounced back to ’12 Things To Know About Climbing Kiliโ€ฆ’ there were some links working, mostly the ones linked to other posts. (Great post content-wise by the way.)

        I really enjoyed driving with you in Guatamala – because that is what it felt like because of the camera positioning. This could be a cool ‘NavJas’ thing you do i.e filming stuff from a certain perspective as if your audience was traveling right with you as a cohort or colleague. ‘Alright Motherfuckers!’ Lol.

        The Yellowstone footage – I’m sure you know this in retrospect, but I’ll mention it – don’t forget us the viewers! – We can’t hear you or work out what you’re saying in a sound compromised location with your head turned away from us.

        I think on your Facebook link (on navjas photography) you are using a defunct Facebook style as the page is weird looking. You might want to look into that: https://m.facebook.com/jason.pepe.16

        Those are my first impressions.

        So what do you hope to do with it all? Is my overview enough or would you need help in another area?

      12. What a terrific beginning. Thank you so much for your insights and guidance. I’ll get on these things ASAP. I think I’d like to engage you for a little consulting on SEO and how to increase traffic and how to grow the site and how to go about monetizing it.

      1. No you don’t understand – when this happens with nearly EVERYthing, names, everyday objects etc you give up.
        I happen to know that she was featured in another part of our company – I didn’t need a search engine, but if I looked up everything I couldn’t remember – including a few years of constantly and randomly forgetting what a tin opener was in English – could only remember it in French bizarrely enough and French is not my first language – I would get nothing done.
        I know when I’m beaten. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. I just use the word “thingy” for everything I can’t remember – noun, verb, whatever – and hope my husband knows what I mean ๐Ÿ™‚
        You’ve piqued my curiosity now – what is the French for tin opener?

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