Blue Pill? Red Pill?

the cunning conundrum 3bprp herb2

 You can only choose one. What Say You And Why??!!



54 thoughts on “Blue Pill? Red Pill?

      1. It would be so boring to be looking the same over years…is it not more exciting to experience different ages and their pros and cons…but then again…I guess I will change my statement when I hit 60…your take?

      2. You know you’re right about experiencing different ages on the face. But isn’t that the way we are going? Once they manage to tweak plastic surgery (and they will) and get rid of the wind tunnel and exploding tumour face look, it will be normal for 80 year olds to look in their 30’s.

        I am already finding a normal aged face a novelty when I see one.

      3. I am reminded of that movie starring Bruce Willis, Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn…Death becomes Her….scary!
        Thank god for my normal, cheerful, peter pan face, always brings a smile on Aunt Ed’s face!!! 😛 😀

      4. LOLzzzz… I can’t believe you said that!!! Because, I would have said that…
        1) Peter Pan can be cited as an example of someone who never grew up!!! 😀
        2) Did I also not mention that I was being politically incorrect too often??? 😛 😛
        You are not paying attention, Lady Ed…hehe 😛

      5. 1. Yes he could indeed be cited as an example of someone who never grew up AS WELL as being cited as an example of a certain Indian gentlemen suggesting that he is the bees knees and an endlessly young one at that! 😛

        2. Did I also mention that I am The Ed…Mrs Ed…Auntie Ed and will pull you up on every single point whether said in jest or seriousness for the purposes of my own amusement? 😛

        (Disclaimer: the fact that your doting mother and Auntie Ed think you are indeed the bees knees has no bearing on my point.)

  1. I’m gonna take this in another direction. Do you think the herb would compromise people’s freedom to choose? There is no guarantee this cannot be used for evil. For people to control others for their own benefit. Then again, many good things can be used for evil. I’ll probably take all the blue pills to guarantee no one uses them 😛 (like I can be trusted lol)

    1. Ah, you have answered what I would have said! If you were to buy up all the blue pills would you then buy up all the guns, bomb making equipment, knives, cars? You’d be broke! No, just buy from me and stay looking refreshed and young. Simple!

      Um…so that’ll be $900 please…

      1. I wonder what the age of your responders are. We might all be either so young we don’t think about aging yet or so mature that we’re finally comfortable with ourselves. What do you think? I tend to think we’re just all very nice people.

      2. Good point. I think you’re right. Responders are a sprinkling of old experience and just-left-collage younger (on the whole), the middle is missing. Lol, you’ve identified my market should I have these pills to sell!

  2. Does the person you give it to actually age, or just take on the appearance of age? If it is only cosmetic, then I can think of a few guys who only get more and more distinguished with age. They could carry my years and probably still attract positive attention. But if it actually ages a person, no I would remain as I am. What are a few laugh lines anyway?

  3. Red pill. Who wants all that pressure? Surely that’s the upside of ageing…not having to stay on the treadmill of trying to look young…

  4. If I were to take the herb, do I get a lifelong prescription if I keep finding herb partners or what? How long does it last/when do I, if ever, start aging again??

    Nonetheless, my choice is the red pill. Just say no to gmo!

  5. Red Pill… As much as I complain… I don’t mind my laugh lines (wrinkles) and grey hair… I’ve earned each one 😉 Then again, I’m told I don’t look as old as I am so it’s obviously not a problem. And I don’t think I could pass it off to someone else either… It really wouldn’t be fair, no matter how much I don’t like them 😉

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