The Weekly Crazy

weekly crazy goodI love my bat-shit crazy with a cup of camomile and warm cockles in the morning. Octagenarian brothers from Texas Eugene and Corky provide it this week.


The lovely pair take in abandoned dogs. They found that grossoes (my word, feel free to use it) would dump dogs and leave them to starve, so the brothers started feeding them, taking them to the vet for their injections and generally looking after them.

Naturally that developed into the doggy train. But of course! The dogs are taken on a 90 minute tour of the neighbourhood yapping and barking in delight. They go twice a week and have all become quite the local celebrities. Imagine your dog with their head out the car window…yeah that x10!

So School Me

Would you love them as neighours with their furry street gang or hate them as neighbours?!

66 thoughts on “The Weekly Crazy

    1. Obviously a man of intelligence. You are welcome around these here parts any time! – Actually it would be nice to be able to attach my own larger size carriage on to the end of the tail when I bump into them and be driven along too! πŸ˜€

  1. Trade routes
    Peed your pants..?…sorry prefer my women in skirts or dresses….too butchy for me.!😈

    Even better without “underpants” …..

    Pervert !πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‡πŸ”¨

    1. LOL, now you see De Castro, you have it all wrong. You like your women in dresses, but then you refer to their undergarments as ‘underpants’. VERY butchy. Men wear underpants. Women wear panties….ooops

      1. but……………………..but………….but………..I love ice cream! Not my fault that some people can’t speak grammatically correct! However, I forgive, forgive I do. Just kidding. De Castro, I’m sorry, I was nasty, didn’t mean to be. Sorry, truly!

  2. My son and wife have no children.
    As both work from home …they “dog sit” @Β£300 per week…Β£50 a day.
    It’s an upmarket town in UK….if they baby sitted it would be Β£20 per day.

    Choose the breeds they sit… puppies no giants.

    Welcome to wealthy Surrey England.

      1. LOL LOL, you called it ‘bat shit crazy’! or was it ‘dog shit crazy’. The tears are rolling! Sorry, the devil made me do it!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahha

      2. LOL! I mean HOW do you keep a straight face?? I know….THAT;S why you are my mentor, you are too professional. I almost pee’d my pants to that unbelievably moronic ‘made no sense’ reply! x x

  3. As long as the dogs are well-behaved (and the owners, too!), no problem. My worry is neighbours who don’t mind their animals – dogs running loose around the neighbourhood, or even harming other critters. We once saved a neighbour’s dog from being trampled by a llama – apparently they didn’t know that llamas become quite good at defending when they have babies. πŸ˜‰ But it is the neighbours that should have been trampled… I hold a grudge, what can I say?

  4. Haha…the Doggy train is awesome!!! we have too many stray dogs in our city…and they get sufficient nourishment too…what with open garbage vats all around…so…difficult to imagine here…would I mind? Well…I am a dog person! πŸ™‚

    1. Ha ha….maybe you need a upmarket Chinese restaurant in your neck of woods….
      No more strays ….dogs or cats !chuckle chuckle !😈

  5. Amusing and amazing !πŸ˜πŸ—½

    As am no dog lover… spin.

    Why not try the same with “unwanted” children……or “underprivileged” ones in your neighbourhoods ?. Probably get arrested by “Gestapo”….only in USA πŸ—½πŸ˜€

  6. Assuming there wasn’t a noise issue I’d love to have them as neighbors. Kind people with a sense of humor are always welcome in my neighborhood. My cats wish to go on record as disagreeing with me.

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