Blue Pill? Red Pill?

the cunning conundrum 3blue pill red pill et 1

 You can only choose one. What Say You And Why??!!



51 thoughts on “Blue Pill? Red Pill?

  1. Blue pill all the way. For better or for worse friends and family is what life is about. What is experience without someone to share it with? What is life without love? How do we know what is true, without other people to challenge our truth, or validate it? Hell may be other people, but life is other people too.

      1. Meaning that if you wouldn’t take candy from a stranger (as little kiddies these days are taught not to), why would you even consider taking a red pill from an alien? “Hey, step into my spaceship, kid, I’ll give you endless peace and harmony!” I don’t think so.

  2. Red pill all the way down. If I’m going to live forever, friends and family won’t be with me and the separation has to come some time. I was born alone, I walk alone, and I will die alone without that red pill. Yes, it’s the red pill for me – truth, travel, knowledge, experience. This is all we have and yes, I want more than I am told I can have now. Give me two of the d*mn things. I’m all in.

  3. Not enough information about that RED pill to make an informed decision. What if Planet Zargon is like the twighlight zone and you are the meal, or you are the captured animal in their zoo. I will take no pill and take what fate has in store for me.

      1. haha… yep, I think so 🙂 Although, I will confess, I love E.T. If he really did show up and maybe offered Reese’s Pieces instead of red or blue pills… I’d probably go 🙂 hahaha
        PS.. new pictures up as of yesterday 🙂

  4. blue pill; not any different from being something like a vampire. It will get hold eventually living for so long, plus I would miss my friends and family. Even if I can make new friends in the new planet, I can’t just be so cold and turn back from my friends and family.

      1. Are you sure? By your original wording I think you DID mean the blue pill and MY response confused you. By ‘extra ticket’ I meant the one you won’t be using is now available.

        You should stay with your family as you said. I will sell your ticket on Ebay! 🙂

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