Babies Who Look Like Their Dolls!

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This is more Smile Therapy than Laughter Therapy and these cuties and their dolls are at once both cute and scarey!3

Baby chub! πŸ™‚4 5

This lady was just strolling through supermarket when she found her daughter’s doppelganger on a shelf!


The hair! The cheeks! Cute.7 8 9 10 11 12

Wait…which one is the doll?!13

Winston Churchill.14 15


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32 thoughts on “Babies Who Look Like Their Dolls!

    1. Hello you! And woah! The site looks slamming! You look like you totally mean business. I so hope this get to where you want it to. Loving the new header. Loving the wallpaper background as well (can’t remember if that was there before!)

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