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Help! They literally are EVERYWHERE! I don’t catch their show but of course as a user of the internet and the receiver of an unexpected new TV at xmas they are hard to miss!

Imagine the scene! (Cue danger music!) It was Kim and I (her mother had clearly negotiated this arrangement and no other family members were present!) and we were running, (glamorously obviously) from something veeery scarey! – I’ve forgotten who or what it was – all I know is that whilst running the heck for our lives she kept changing her clothes! Can you believe this woman! She was wardrobe changing on the run!

Then something fell in the room and I woke up.

Clearly it was dream night and the second dream offering was the pooch stretching the old legs whilst purposely peeing generously all over the room, repeatedly!

Can you remember one of your weirdest or most unexpected dreams and do you have any explanation for them? Let us know, down below! <– Hey! I have new catchphrase! (But please cuss me from north to south if I EVER use it again.)

What say you??!!




  1. Editor
    Yes just put in the food chain …..or use OAP as Guinea pigs for drug cartels experiments.
    Or worse on embryonic babies…..sick world!๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  2. KA to answer your question…..yes in UK we receive an “old age pension” at 65.
    If we live to 75 we break even on our NIS contributions.
    Now that has been increase to 68 for both women and men. B4 women received it at 60.
    Because I also receive a company pension it is added to my state pension and am taxed
    at 22% above my personal allowance.

    Two things are certain in life.
    Tax and death.๐Ÿ˜€

    Not complaining as long as its not squandered on some failed project….by our political cl asses !๐Ÿ’ฒ

  3. No just “love” …or action of affection !
    Sorry to intrude……jealousy ?
    Payment is not only monetary its takes all forms…..kindness affection love et al

    Love addict

    1. Well now here’s the weird thing. The other day on that brand new TV I watched their show for the first time. I discovered that whilst I understand the reasons for the out-spewing of bile directed at them, they were not the satanists that people like to make out. It reminded me to once again always follow my own mind…(as if I don’t usually ๐Ÿ™‚ )

      1. You used the word “weird” twice…that’s weird! ๐Ÿ˜› And the point about following your own mind…I swear….I am a firm believer in that too! Too many times I have seen people form their opinion, on the basis of others’ comments…i try to avoid that ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Hehe..come on Lady E…dont you know by now…that acknowledgement(from someone i consider worthy) is my greatest weakness!! ๐Ÿ˜€ You guys still get pension in the UK? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Here, no more…

      3. Oh don’t worry, we are fast catching you up. We’ll be lucky if they don’t start ‘bumping off’ older people in the near future here…It just works out so much cheaper! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. thank goodness i have never had the Kardashian privilege!!

    My most recurrent dream is being at Uni or in a Hotel and not being able to find my class room or hotel room!! Please don’t judge me…. hehe

      1. Showing symptoms of premature senile dementia in your dreams……increase your protein intake or have a twiddle before going to sleep ! Seriously !๐Ÿ˜‡

  5. So if you don’t believe in SATAN …..who do you believe in ….yourself ?

    I believe in you as I trust/love you.
    Do you trust me ?….or just love to hate me ?

    Sorry too many questions…..you are only a “woman”….depicted as a “serpent” until
    GOD created eve.


      1. Yes….have had a “twiddle”…it was after God created eve from adams rib that the serpent
        appeared on the scene…..not much of a biblical person….
        Help ? Did the serpent give eve the apple who made Adam bite it !? Then they were both kicked out of EDEN.?
        where what was the temptation !

        Am as confused now….think I will “twiddle” again !๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Lol. Have you been at the sherry? No, I was in front running through thick jungle and every time I looked back to wait for her she had changed into a new outfit.
      In fact I have no idea why I just didn’t leave her there along with her fashion to get eaten!

  6. I have a lot of running from something dreams. It is usually people or the cops, for some reason. One time I had stolen some cocaine from Pablo Escobar or someone and a friend and I were running through all these obstacles, keys of coke under our arms. Maybe it’s a parallel life or something. Maybe one of me, somewhere out there, is stealing coke from Pablo Escobar.

    Now, as far as the Kardashians go, that is totally the Matrix trying to lure us in. I can feel my brain cells start to melt anytime I see one of those chicks. But part of me, the part still plugged into the Matrix, can’t help but stop and look at it anyway. We have to stop now! I hate the idea of giving so much of my time up on this kind of stuff when I could be filling my head up with something worthwhile.

    1. Go easy phychic …..cococacola triggers “big brother” watching you…..
      Junkie squads may “rap on your door”…. However if you are a dealer in your afterlife
      SATAN welcomes junkies. Take care my friend

  7. Its “what say yeeeawe” east.๐Ÿด

    My dreams at pubity was of “heaven with 100virgins”…..later followed by dreams on the ” run”

    Deh cuming to tek me away” ….men in white coats…..woke up with same result.
    Wet pajamas.๐Ÿ˜ด

    Always woke up just before they grabbed me…..”fear” the motivating factor.
    Nuero surgeons have grown a brain from nothing….in their research.
    Was going to donate mine but will now keep it for the “afterlife” just in case there is one.
    Too many wonderful boyhood memories !…..don’t wish to share with some “shrink”

    what will you do with your .001 % that you use in your lifespan ?

    Leave behind or take with you ?

    1. Good question. I like clean starts so I’d be inclined to leave it, given the choice…but then I do have some lovely memories that it would be nice to watch later on Brain TV – so I don’t know.

      1. Thats why i love you….honest sincere answers…..now will have to have “nightmares” in your loving caring arms/dreams.dream on its free “freedom”..

  8. I dream about being in high school a lot – in fact since having children 90% of my dreams are of me being back in high school and I’m in this weird situation where I’m both a teacher (my first teaching job was in my old high school) and a student. Often my own children are lost somewhere in the school and I can’t find them. And I’m late or failing an exam. And I can’t get the boy I like to notice me. Dreams like this are not conducive to a restful nights sleep.

    On the up side, my bedroom is not bathed in dog pee upon waking. And my dreams are still a sacred place where the Kardashian-power-tank cannot enter.

    1. Lool! Don’t be so sure! Those Kardashians have POWERS I tell you! POWERS!

      I would love to find a dream interpreter to interpret some of these dreams! Why school as opposed to say 50 other meaningful places you may have spent time in? Why are the children lost? In fact all your examples are in the negative: failing exam, you are late, boy is ignoring you etc. Sounds very anxious?

      1. Bit of both! I was dreaming about my actual dog known for the occasional leak on the floor. But in the dream it had become an Olympic sport!

        The dream site said that my mind thought Kim K was my friend because I interact with her in real life and my mind couldn’t tell the difference. Which apart from the odd story here and there couldn’t really be further from the truth. The dream made me laugh because my minds choice of Kim K was so random! Still a fun site though.

  9. Add that to the fact weird dreams seem to be a common occurrence. You very likely could have had a dream about anything else that’s “pop culture” these days. As weird as it seems, I think that a dream about the Kardashians is probably one of the most tame yet weird dreams you could have had

  10. when I was little, I dreamed I could fly a little, like swimming. I could dogpaddle like mad and climb to the level of the telephone wires and as long as I could keep up a brisk pace, I could paddle around up there, 20′ off the ground.
    Then for a few years, I confused the dream with a memory of real life and spent some childhood time thinking that when I was a toddler, I could fly. I remember being pretty old – close to 10? – when I realized I had been remembering a dream, or that I must have been . . .

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