WP complain challenge 2

Literally ONE idea each time. That’s all! Not much to ask! Could be as simple as ‘stop hanging out with that miserable so and so’ to something bigger or something that you would really enjoy.




    1. But isn’t it funny how an old event can just pop in the head and it’s a trigger that sets you off! I think we are both happy to have dissected the people discussed from our lives so…why bring them up again? I often wonder why. My own at least are not shudder worthy as yours apparently is but again why invite them to my head? Perhaps it’s really more a grateful celebration disguised as a whinge or complaint?

      1. I wonder about these things myself, and often. I allowed the ex too much latitude when we were together (very long and head-spinning story I won’t bore you with), and still tend to do so a year after the divorce. At this point, I’m more upset with myself when he takes up my mind space than I am with him.

        Last night I remembered what my friend said: “Moving on is the easy part. Moving FORWARD is where the true work is.” Good thing I enjoy working!

      2. Ha! Nice one. Good quote. And that’s it isn’t it? Allowing them the head space, especially when you are totally happy with where you are now. Bloody humans! We’re all mad! 😉

  1. Sorry, I missed this post… I’m currently being destroyed by a chest infection! Still, I will do my best not to complain about it 😉 One idea that will improve my life… start making notes about my coffee shop! 🙂 Happy Tuesday!

    1. Right after I pressed submit I had a right ‘barney’ with myself about something.
      10 minutes in still muttering away I realized what I’d done! (Don’t tell anyone though or they’ll agree it’s inconceivable!)

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