Did You Know?

boffin moment

It’s likely you have not seen giraffes like this because you won’t often catch giraffes sleeping. (Aside from me! πŸ™‚ ) giraffes have the shortest sleep requirements of any mammal, needing around 30 minutes a day. Until about the 1950’s researchers thought that they never slept at all.

Because of it’s slowness in lying down and getting up the giraffe as a prey animal has evolved to protect itself by reducing it’s need for catching zzzz’s. Beautiful, exotic and amazing huh?

Do we have any other ‘giraffes’ amongst us, or are you the full-bodied 8 hours type?

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60 thoughts on “Did You Know?

  1. Oh to be a giraffe! I would just get so much done, needing lots of sleep is one of the design faults of humanity I would like to take God to task on! Beautiful post thanks

    1. Today as it happens I stretched it all too far and literally keeled over! I had none of the normal warning signs like constant yawning and just blacked out and came to some time later wondering who I was, where I was and whose fault it all was! I blame you!

  2. I’m so not a giraffe, bit I’m no 8hour sleeper either. Although it’s getting closer to 8 hours as it gets hotter here in Hawaii. Hot weather just makes me want to roll back over and go right back to sleep!

      1. I feel like most of it is just what you get to see. It is beautiful and all, but for the island of Oahu, Honolulu being “the must go to” destination for the Islands, you don’t see all the traffic and other parts of the island where it’s no different from other states, you have not so clean communities, you have some homeless, etc.

  3. Growing up in Africa you’d think I’d know this. But noooo. Klutz! ok, one thing I do know, is that in the animal kingdom if there are ‘dem beeeitches’, they are super jealous of the giraffes super long sleek neck and those eyelashes! who needs wonderlash/bra/whatever you call it LOL…ooooh, they are to die for, and they are 100% natural. Love it!

  4. I had no idea! What beautiful pictures. I have always said that I wish I didn’t need to sleep…there is so much that I would do…I suppose I’ve been wishing to be a giraffe all along!

      1. Indeed lol. I remember that I was appreciating the day and the warmth and wondered if you were experiencing the same season. I wish you a good and peaceful week. πŸ™‚

      2. Well not quite lol as we seem to be having 4 seasons in one day as they say. But autumn crispness with the brown leaves and your nose slightly cold with the just slightly warm autumnal sun glowing can be lovely on a walk in the park with the dog. πŸ™‚

  5. So cute!!! A long Long time ago, I used to be able to live on an hour or so of sleep… especially in college when I had papers to write and stuff! Now? forget it! I need as much as I can get, whenever I can get it! I’m so old! hahaha

  6. I might be an 8 hour sleeper or more… But I hate to sleep, there are things dark and dangerous there. Creatures that consume you from the inside out, that chase you and can see you gaze at them through the cracks in a fence. Giant earwigs that fly on bird’s wings and make chitinous sound while they consume what they catch. … No, bad place to be. They await…

  7. Just last week, I took my granddaughter to a zoo where she had the wonderful experience of hand-feeding a piece of lettuce to a giraffe–and the curator mentioned that giraffes need much less sleep (and hence, are much more entertaining) than other exotic animals. These are amazing photos

    1. Ah, lucky kid! I haven’t been to a zoo in years and the last time I went I was driver and had to keep checking the meter (car was parked 600 miles away) and missed all the biggies like the lions and giraffes.
      Much as I don’t entirely agree with zoos per se, I would love to feed a beautiful giraffe!

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