News Just In!

Lenny Kravitz...Oh my! 😯


If you haven’t heard, (or seen!)  Lenny Kravitz’ audience got a little more than it said on the ticket when his leather pants split in Stockholm.


Quick-Fire Quizz:

If this happened to you and pics of your vitals were being passed around like prohibition oxygen pellets on the moon, how would you recover with style and panache – or would you just run and hide for the rest of the year?

Can’t help thinking Lenny should have let us source 4 him! #penisgate

15 thoughts on “News Just In!

  1. LOL… i remember a similar incident happened to me in school…i was in my pre-teens…and though the gates opened…emergency plugging procedures were successful! 😛

    1. Lol. That’s all it takes isn’t it? Those old tried and tested emergency plugging procedures. 😀
      Oh don’t get me guffawing at that incident again – it’s taken me a week to get over it! I can only hope it was water off a duck’s back for the gentleman concerned.

  2. LOL like Janet Jacksons boob falling out a couple years ago, Lenny Kravitz probably is loving the attention, as long as , he hasn’t, like David Beckham seems to do, and that is stick a sock in there, for, you know, ‘my biiiiig penis’, boooya! hes all good. so he’s on display and as long as he has adequate goods, who cares? LOL

  3. Oh poor thing! The best thing to do hold his head up high and just keep going. I bet his fans loved it. I would love it happened to Jon Bon Jovi and I were in the audience (or even better, if I was the audience of one….).

    Do you remember Janet Jacksons’s wardrobe malfunction? I think I was in my late teens, early twenties at the time and my dad said to me, “It was all done on purpose, that’s why she had a star on her nipple.” and I had to explain nipple piercing to him. :

    1. I know right! I’m going from feeling very sorry for him to guffawing a bit (it has to be said) to horror. He’s cool people so I’m sure he’s taking it in his stride.
      Visions of you gently explaining nipple piercing to a bemused dad. Lol.

  4. I wouldn’t give a damn. They’re just my bits. Nothing more, nothing less. I think our society can tend to make too much fuss over others’ bits. We all have them in some way, shape or form. What’s the big deal? 😛

    1. I agree, but it’s still not the norm to let it hang out! One minute I think I would be fine if it were me for the reasons you stated, the next I’m aghast at the thought. It’s the way the video has lit up the internet that adds to the aghast-ness and the whole being on stage in front of thousands thing! 😯 If the whole audience were doing it too, fine…I think!

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