Monday Morning Motivation

WP complain challenge 1


49 thoughts on “Monday Morning Motivation

      1. And you …..describe yourself in two words…..
        Prompt “wicked witch…..sorry which ?😇

        Now that I am getting to know you better…..fulfill my fantasies !😴😴😴
        Describe yourself physically … later please !😈

      1. Think your “gift of the gab” comes from your “time” as a chat line host ! Correct me ?😈

  1. Before is a lot more interesting/stimulating than “post mortems” “autopsy” ……hangovers !😀

    Try it you will like it ! Promise !😇😈😈😈😈

      1. Whatever..l😈…with my kind permission first !😇
        You have my number…..just call me maybe !😀baby !😈

      1. yeah… then something happened at the office here and I dropped a big complaining binge all at once!! Ugg… but I was doing well!

      2. Wah! So it’s been YOU all the time! 😀
        I have come up with an interesting theory about faces based on chatting with you. when I write it up I’d be interested on your take.

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