Rape Simplified

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I thought these illustrations from Everyday Feminism might be somewhat too simplified to make the point, but actually…no.

rape simplified

What say you??!!

Am I missing something here or are these really quite good.


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46 thoughts on “Rape Simplified

  1. Simple? Hardly. They may appear that way but there’s actually a lot bubbling beneath the surface… if one cares to look. Clever stuff that gets its point across loud and clear.

  2. Kind of reminds me of the “pizza conversation” on Seinfeld… not everyone got it…

    Sometimes subtle is the way to make people sit back and think… I like these…

      1. Lol I was saying in my head ‘and don’t make them tea if they are unconscious’ and then she said it at the end. Yay! I’m officially not a rapist! Isn’t it wild that one has to have these explanations in the first place?

      2. Always good to be certain you’re not a rapist! It is indeed wild that anyone would need to have these things pointed out to them! It’s also incredible that it has to be simplified to such a degree…!

  3. Those work really well. At the same time, I can’t help but feel those would be met with the stupidest reasoning to evade the point.

  4. They definitely portray ego’s in bucketfuls. In fact, looking at the way the ‘stronger’ sex treats his or her ‘weaker’ sex (as thought and portrayed, but not true), this hits it bang on the head. It would’ve been lovely to see the lady who made her old codger of a husband cereal, dump the bowl on his head! ungrateful little twerp.

  5. Mmm…I think they’re overly simple, they don’t really do it for me. But then, a format that doesn’t work for one person can be spot on for another, it’s worth putting the message out there in a number of different ways.

      1. You know, I think it’s that some worked really well for me but others irritated me, which cancelled out the ones that I liked. Does that make sense? The last two (the poker one and the gym one) and the music one weren’t as good as the others, the parallel between those situations and an excuse for rape were a bit tenuous, in my mind.

        I’d be interested to know which one made you rethink your view? A wonder if we liked the same ones? I did really like the car one. Just because you’ve done it once doesn’t mean your free to take it whenever you’re up for it.

      2. Yeah the car one is good. I know exactly what you mean though! Although….I quite like the gym one, maybe not initially, but when I considered it more and stopped poo pooing it I thought actually it’s a point well made. That was in fact the one that made me rethink.
        I’m one of those people that make a disclaimer and then say ‘but….’ when some of these rape cases come to light.

        e.g Of course rape is never justified…but…she was ‘2 sheets to the wind’ down an alleyway with her knickers around her ankles screaming ‘take me!’

        I’d say I know the guy who raped her wasn’t justified…but, her behaviour , her drunkenness, her state of dress.

        The weights made me think of someone piling a bunch of weights on to a snoozing drunk guy nearly crushing him to death because he was wearing gym clothes and was ‘dressed for it’ and ‘asking for it with those muscles.’ I’m still considering it but I think the comparison holds up.

      3. Do you remember a few years ago when a high level policeman said that parents should talk to their daughters about not dressing provocatively etc. when going out. I can’t remember his exact phrasing but he got hauled over the coals for it. I felt sorry for him, in my opinion what he was saying was, ‘consider your own safety and behave accordingly.’ not, ‘you deserve to get raped if you dress provocatively.’

        Sorry, went off topic a bit.

      4. No. This is a continuous convo for me. I do remember it. All the fems came out to skewer him and I believe as you said missed the point.

        I always say ‘I’d love to be able to go into town and lay all my money on the ground and count it slowly. Pop off for tea and come back to find it untouched. It’s mine and nobody should take it. The legal and moral law is on my side. However, the reality is that I can’t. At least not if I want to keep hold of it.’ And all the talking to men is not going to change that salient fact regarding rape either. chatting and cartoons may lower the numbers of attacks but it will never completely stop an attitude towards women that has been there from the beginning of time.

        So you can either dress as you wish but with some common sense or not. Your choice.

      5. That’s right. Someone once said to, ‘yes, you should be able to walk down the street alone and 2 in the morning and be safe. But we don’t live in should-world, we live in the real world.’

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