Blue Pill? Red Pill?

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Β You can only choose one. What Say You And Why??!!



83 thoughts on “Blue Pill? Red Pill?

  1. This one is not so tough really…though i am agnostic…but…I humanity is my religion! πŸ™‚ So, I will follow the rituals and works…to save the child…no one said anything about believing it…right? It will be kind of like Orwell’s 1984!

      1. It came spontaneously, actually! πŸ™‚ Though, what is really tough is to do …is to take care of a special needs person…year after year…I get to hear about some parents who make incredible sacrifices to take care of their special needs children( my mom teaches part-time at an institute for special needs kids) and I dont know..if I have it in me…to do something similar!

  2. Ha ha! You’ve actually stumped me! It’s the for good bit. I could go to church for a little while again I suppose, but for good? Listening to all that guff? I really don’t know. maybe the child has to cop it this time.

  3. Red pill. I’m am a believer, though not a Christian believer. I am Muslim and we believe that everyone’s life is destined to end at his/her prescribed time, regardless of age, etc. So, I would not compromise my beliefs by joining a church simply to “save” the life of a child, who is destined to die anyway. I’m sorry. No one gets out alive. That’s part of the circle of life. It would be a different situation entirely would the choice be my jumping in front of a car that is out of control and heading directly toward a child. In this case, I would definitely choose to risk my own life to save that of a child. But the blue pill you presented is asking me to risk eternity as prescribed by my religion, and since according to my religion, all children go to Heaven, then I will take the red pill.

    1. Very interesting. Love it when my daft questions give me and other readers insight to stuff we don’t know.

      Stupid question no.1: with faith at those levels one might assume that you would throw parties if a child dies no?
      Also if the child (in this conundrum) is going to this presumably amazing place, why even risk your life to save it?

      1. Answer to Stupid question no.1: No one throws parties if a child dies. We mourn the death of a child as we mourn anyone’s death, for 3 days and then move on. As to the why risk it question, why not? No one knows exactly when their number is up, correct? Who’s to say that it’s not your turn to die? Or that child’s? Whatever. If you can prevent that child from experiencing horrible amounts of pain by throwing yourself in front of a moving vehicle or oncoming bullet, etc, shouldn’t you protect an innocent? I don’t know what the end result will be but I can try. This is a direct “live-saving” attempt. Joining a church or social club or praying for someone is indirect. Different colored pill option perhaps?

      2. How weird I was thinking of you a few hours ago! Lol – not in weird way… I was looking for something else and came across our discussion and thought ‘ah, where’s my answer to this?’ So on top of all of this spiritual stuff I am now psychic! πŸ™‚

  4. Easy. Blue pill. No consequence whatsoever. Although, if I take the red pill there is no consequence as my religion is a relationship with The Living God and His Son, Jesus Christ. So, the point here is mute to me. Either pill, I can’t lose.

    1. I was going to suggest that you had found the loop hole, πŸ™‚ but as I read the rest of your answer I was not so sure. Clarify RB. How does your relationship (with God) therefore impact the child if you take the red pill?

  5. wow,what a question. I’d go with the heave-ho to my beliefs. I have a colleague who is a Jehovahs witness and while he is devout to the point of being anal, I do wonder how he would react if faced with this for one of his 4 little children

  6. Well, I think it is a no-brainer. As written, I save the child, whatever the consequences/costs. Where it gets confusing to me is the question of religion. I can give up my religion – it will hurt but if it saves a child’s life… What I can’t give up is my relationship with the higher power/creator. As long as that is off the table. Is this a choice being offered by some evil super-villain? By the Inquisition? It is no choice offered by a person (or deity) of good will…

    1. You make a good point Mel and I’m going to give it to you. They can indeed be separate entities, religion and your relationship with your spiritual leader. Many acknowledge this separation and I was only talking to someone today about the drop in church attendance and religious rituals for many who still believe in God.

  7. Coincidence that verse of the day is this,

    Matthew 19:14

    My friend, Yeshua, said, β€œLet the little children come to me, (Christianity) and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Barack Obama was born to muslim parent/s, but wisely chose Christ the son of God, as he’s the only way to come unto the father.

      1. When you read the koran chapter ‘The Spoils’ (On Line) you will agree the answer is ‘No’.
        It says a muslim must emigrate and his nation must send the money to help him buy property Etc. Any who don’t emigrate are to be considered a curse and recieve nothing from their nation. Or even from those who emigrate. A lot of children die as a result of their atempts to cover the world. Or we feed them. I don’t think you should be asking this question. You are not qualified. Leave it to us.

  8. For an atheist the Blue Pill would be pretty hard to swallow.Considering that they would have to spend their life acting out a lie they dont believe in. I would love to say that i would choose the Child’s life, I am not sure though that I could ever make a convincing religious devout.

  9. Aah, no question, save a child’s life. Why? because a child is way more important than any religion. More deaths and wars have been fought in the name of religion than for any other reason, and religion has taken away many a child’s life.

    It’s fine to love God, and of course most of us do, but to be part of a religion is dangerous, and makes one judgemental and often quite mean. So rather pray, but leave the religion bit out.

    Save the little child, no question, and then teach him/her about God.

  10. how can you be religious if you don’t put some one else before your own benefits or feelings. I would take the blue pill just because of that. I think it comes down to that people forget what religion is really about…sacrifice. Like you said above my experience is most people use religion as an excuse for anything they do not want to do…”I can’t. I have to go to church” or “I can’t because I’m ‘insert religion’ “. It’s all about the person and what kind of person they actually are. It really has nothing to do with “religion” per say but more along the lines of their belief and personality. I think we all sometimes confuse belief with religion and they don’t always coincide.

  11. What child? My child? Your child? A nameless, faceless child somewhere in the world? I like to think God would forgive me for renouncing my faith to save a child but there are examples in the Bible of Him asking the unthinkable of people and expecting them to obey as proof of their faith.

    So…To really give up my faith in God…

    I take the blue pill. I take the risk that the God I believe in would understand this choice and save the child, whomever this child may be. BUT I should be honest, if the child were my child I would renounce my faith without hesitation. If it were another child…I would hesitate, if only briefly.

    I’m afraid I’m not as virtuous as the other commentators.

    1. Ah see these are good points. I have to say i don’t think for me it would make a difference whose child it is, but it’s a great point. What if it was a class A pest next door who kept lobbing rotten eggs at my front door? Perhaps I would indeed hesitate if only to watch the little tyke squirm before rescuing him/her.

      1. I can think of some kids I used to teach that I’d like to see squirm…but not die.

        I think the thing with a question like this is…it does seem easy but that’s if you don’t really, truly, deep down believe. But if you do (and I don’t know how deep my faith runs all the time to be honest) then the question becomes really, really, difficult.

        As always, you have made me think!

  12. I would argue that the biggest religion in the west is consumerism (we have erected great halls in honor of buying things [malls], we devote holidays to it (extravagant gift giving has replaced family time), and it kills children everyday.

    1. Oh now look at you going all out of the box and such! πŸ™‚ The question is are you an (over) consumerist then? I guess not, or you wouldn’t be making the point? So I can’t ask if you would give it up to spare the child.

      1. But of course! I am trying to get hold of the Duchess of Cambridge who I have lined up to hand the prize over. So just sit tight. The minute I hear back…I mean literally, the minute I hear back, I’ll get in touch! πŸ˜€

    1. In compliance with clause 79 of the subject aforementioned forthwith and hitherto supplied, notwithstanding the aforementioned clause and subject to the changes therein announced before they were written. And by the power invested in me for the purposes of the clauses hitherto stated, the rules have been further clarified and adjusted to meet the conditions mentioned in paragraphs 4a, 5b and 17f which underline the paramount importance of considering the aforementioned clause.
      In other words. No. πŸ˜€

  13. bit of a no-brainer, I guess . . . I always wanted to be the dash a wish foundation and grow some faith, which i would define as Mark Twain is said to have . . .

  14. sure you want ot frame this this way? Choose to let the child die and gain religion to be forgiven/ choose to let the child die and be free of your religion VS save a child and keep your beliefs?

  15. Good twist.

    Blue pill of course. No regrets.

    The red pill is very tricky. When say drop or join a religion. Rather generic, think about it. Christian, Muslim, Hindu etc. No matter ends up a philosophy of the person. Would equal the same. How would it be defined?

    How about ‘red pill’? No food, starve yourself to death to save the life of two children. With no judgment by anyone. Yet knowing if chose not to.

    1. To answer you I’ll repeat what I said to someone else… do you know how many people I have come across who ‘religiously’ attend church and yet when an opportunity has arisen to help someone they make excuses? Particularly on a Sunday. I have heard ‘I can’t! I’ve got to go to church.’

      This is what inspired this conundrum. Of course people will opt for the child on paper – it’s the right thing to say. But in real life I have witnessed different – multiple times. EVEN when it came to the life or death safety of another although it wasn’t a child).
      Suddenly they didn’t see anything wrong with putting their religion before the supposed purpose of their belief. That is why I chose religion. It is not quite so obvious as you think.

  16. Um – wouldn’t everyone choose to save the child’s life? Even if common humanity didn’t dictate it, the threat of having to abandon your beliefs if you didn’t save the child seems like enough to push anyone into it.
    If it is possible to force yourself to not believe something. Which I doubt.

    1. See you say that D…but do you know how many people I have come across who ‘religiously’ attend church and yet when an opportunity has arisen to help someone they make excuses? Particularly on a Sunday. I have heard ‘I can’t! I’ve got to go to church.’

      This is what inspired this conundrum. Of course people will opt for the child on paper – it’s the right thing to say. But in real life I have witnessed different – multiple times. EVEN when it came to the life or death safety of another (although it wasn’t a child).
      Suddenly they didn’t see anything wrong with putting their religion before the supposed purpose of their belief.

      1. Ah. In that case, you’ve got someone who’s more interested in ticking the “I’m a good boy” box than in the actual development of good character.
        Or, of course, you’ve got someone who’s faced with an endless parade of people who need help, and realises that if they don’t get some spiritual refill time they’re going to burn out.
        But I have to say, from your description, it sounds more like the former, at least in the cases you’ve met.

      2. I would be inclined to agree and I wonder if these types ever think of themselves as equivalent to the old pharisees in the bible who did everything for show. What is the point if they know that their God sees what is in the heart anyway?
        However, I don’t actually think it’s that calculating. I believe they simply just don’t think and are not awake to their actions until it’s pointed out to them. As are we all at some point in our lives I guess. I (personally) meet very few questioners and mindful thinkers, religious or otherwise.

      1. I looked it up as well and see they are synonymous. But I do not consider myself faithless or godless, a heathen or barbarian [some of the other choice synonyms.

        I see myself as god. I have faith in myself. The strength and guidance that people ask god for is in me as well as in each individual.

        I feel like I’m getting a little heavy for such a simple question! ..or is it?

  17. Is there something wrong with saving a child’s life? Why would anyone choose the red pill? Most people who have a religion don’t desire to give it up, and most atheists would rather not join a religion. So again, is this an anti-child question?

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