Monday Morning Wisdom

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23 thoughts on “Monday Morning Wisdom

      1. Hello, yes I’ve been missing on the old blogs for a while. I wish I could say I was off being Jane Bond, but sadly it’s all been down to a lack of time. Hope you are well.

  1. Reblogged this on dandahan and commented:
    “No” must be so sophisticated and appreciated.
    The other unspoken negatives ensure original thought and creativity.
    PC is a spoken negative denying all alternatives and sparks creative intellectual revolt.

  2. I also learned that maybe everything I “wanted” wasn’t something I “needed”…. If that makes any sense at all…. Hahaha… Have a Super Duper week!!!

  3. This is one of my favourite quotes! I love Einstein, as he was genius AND funny. Strange combination. Ed, I’ve lost my password to enter the competition on why men cheat. Please help? I did send in a formal request but have heard nothing back yet. Thanks so much x x

      1. oh yeah, brain kicked in, and I sorted it. LOL, thanks for you help, always I’m ever so grateful, after scratching my head like a twit. 🙂 I’ve now written, and am sitting on eggshells. When do you announce the winner??

      2. oh how crap! I didn’t win!! please do another competition, I like winning little things. x x

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