Fashion Meets Art Meets Food! :)


Artist Gretchen Röehrs completes her beautiful fashion sketches with food items. She plays with colours and shapes and different food types to create the flow and curves of the body shape and dresses. Beyond cool. What do you think? Favourites?Fashion1

Fashion2 Fashion4 Fashion5 Fashion3 Fashion6 Fashion7 Fashion8 Fashion9


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Gretchen Röehrs



62 thoughts on “Fashion Meets Art Meets Food! :)

  1. Sooooooo love this post! That’s probably in part because that’s because I’m a No Diet, Weight-Loss Coach and this weekYEAH just launched my site It’s been 20 years in the making and now I can share my intention of helping fed-up dieters make peace with food. So happy!

  2. Edible clothes … seems like a good trend as long as they don’t go bad while you’re wearing them. Probably not recommended for the dance club! Love the pea pants — made me laugh out loud. Also the broccoli and artichoke dresses — tres chic! Thanks for posting. I’m inspired now.

  3. oh WOW! This is incredible!! how extraordinarily clever and artistic!

    Personally, I just love them all, but if I HAD to choose, it would be the last one. Peas in a pod. Just superb. I love talent like this, it’s just such a pleasure to see. Thanks for this Ed. x x

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