38 thoughts on “Hallo! Is Anybody There?!

  1. Short answer; if one has time to write a blog and view comments, they have time to answer some. I understand if there are overwhelming questions because after all, we’re human and not a robot. Interacting with the “fans” is just as important I think.

  2. One day I hope to be “too busy” to reply… (but I will always do my best even then) but for now, I don’t have any excuses… so I try to reply as soon as I can… even if i just say “Hi, got that, I’ll get back to you!” just so they know I “heard” them πŸ™‚ It’s only right to acknowledge that they took the time to stop by, read and then comment… that’s huge, no matter how busy you are πŸ™‚ Again, I’m never too busy to reply, I’m not that popular yet! hahaha… YET! I also find it a little disheartening when a favorite blog of mine suddenly stops posting when they used to post on a regular basis. It forces me to become a blog stalker!! hahaha….now I’m off to write a post for the first time in a couple of weeks πŸ™‚ Ciao!

  3. Oh dear, guilty as charged! It’s not so much not answering comments as not even visiting my own blog! I spend more time reading other peoples! However I will vow to buck up my ideas! πŸ™‚

  4. I say fuck ’em. Silence and lack of response is just too boring to deal with.
    Besides, large numbers are no recommendation. EL James has large numbers.

  5. If success makes one obnoxious, I don’t want any of that!! (And no, it ain’t a case of sour grapes)…My mom (I just had to bring her into this πŸ˜‰ ) taught me one thing( amongst many)..if someone speaks to you, it’s rude not to answer back…as simple as that…and so, if someone writes a letter to you( she is from the pre-internet era, so…), if you don’t write back, it’s rude.
    So, the people who don’t respond to comments, to my mind, are rude.
    And I will tell you how much it matters! The very first post i put up on WordPress, attracted a “like” from a very successful photographer blogger! I was super-elated! I was not aware of WordPress works, so could not fathom, how this super-successful lady photographer found out my obscure blog! In my excitement, I sent her a proper email thanking her! Plus I commented on many of her posts!!! But, alas…no reply! I was SO dejected! And, I mental note, that I will never make the same mistake…and I have tried to follow that principle.

    PS: The lady did respond after a few months…and I noticed this happened one fine day, when she started responding to the comments on her blog. I must say, a change of heart, I thoroughly appreciate!.

    1. First of all, a quick *curtsy* when Moms is mentioned. (Excuse my Brooklyn-ese there).

      Secondly yes, some may be rude, but some equally may be new to blogging and don’t know the etiquette. Some people to this day truly believe that you start a blog, write a post and half a million people descend on it to read it. The other is that people (say they) are busy. Although that to me is like building a house and leaving the roof off because you are busy. If you are not going to do something properly, why do it at at all?

      I did laugh at you sending an email, but equally this unintentional out of the box thinking can be a game changer.

      1. Hehe…no…not really! Its just that when you had sent all the links, I received a mail asking to approve the comment…and it had the email id with which your blog is linked…that’s how! πŸ™‚

  6. I always try to answer every comment or at least thank them for stopping in. I might miss a couple by accident but I try. I also value each person that comments because they took time out of their day to read and comment on my blog.

    The best thing is I’ve even met people I’ve carried on a relationship with via a blog. That’s a super cool experience.

    Great topic!

  7. I keep forgetting to check my spam file – I recently found a bunch of positive feedback and questions in there and I figure out how to find which blogs they were in once I restored them . . . I guess I can relax my spam defs?

      1. I can’t find anything for it. SPAM definitions. I thought there might be a way to relax my security level, let those people comment. Maybe they’re not members? Do we allow some of the public to comment, or allow them to comment, but then mark them as spam on some criteria?

      2. I don’t know but I expect by retrieving them from the spam folder and making them legit that the next time or few next times they come the system will relearn that they are not spam.
        Just drop a note and say ‘hi thanks for commenting a while back, just found you in the spam folder’ either on your own page or their’s and they’ll get it – providing YOU don’t end up in THEIR spam! πŸ˜€

      3. I just looked at it again. There’s a lot of actual spam – people selling web services and search engine optimization – but a weird thing: all the comments are positive, people loving my blog! Is that a spam rule?


  8. This is an example of revisiting a very good message too. Aspiring bloggers take note. You don’t have to spawn a new idea for each post…and bravo to “The Editor’s Journal”!

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