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Life is becoming cheaper and we can watch people getting slaughtered over breakfast these days if that was our compulsion. For people of the west who were previously sheltered from such things with efficientΒ  burial companies and censored TV, dying is now much more of an in-your-face reality, particularly and unfortunately for kids too.

So this death thing. I’m curious. What do you think happens when we die? Is that it? A long ass silence and darkness? Will we meet Elvis? Do we get to keep the same clothes? Will we get to spy on the living like some 24 hour reality show? Do we get food? And what role does religion play in your expectation?

What say you??!!



  1. I don’t know really. I think it is best to stay grounded and live now, and hopefully these thoughts isn’t anything to worry about untill we get old.

  2. If or when we are enlightened Beings, we return to consciousness. If not, we come back until we find out WHO we are, and become that.

  3. i believe that when we die we can start a new life as anyone or anything we chose anywhere in any universe. this can be earth again or even a universe thats been created by being thought up such as for an example the game of thrones universe. the idea is kind of like heaven with more choices and an enjoyable life with the characters or people you like most i myself have chosen the universe of rwby. i know this theory is flimsy and unbelievable but what theory isn’t. its just a nice thought that we might be able to do that.

  4. Dream on babes its free…..and so is internet…..cyber space.
    The internet is the ultimate platform of “public” expression…..feared by Chinese thought controllers…..envy of those without free access.
    Social media is in control …..we are finally free.
    Pink Floyd songs come to mind.
    We don’t need no education……..
    Just Google it and decide if the explanation is believable……
    Try GOD for starters….πŸ˜€ holding back the chuckle !πŸ˜‡
    Kamtan your public admirerer….fan…..cool !

  5. Sorry beg to differ…..the God thesis eventuality as “the ultimate” explanation…..of life after.
    Take the point of ” cease to exist” …….but not the “god” solution.
    Who is this GOD ? Have you ever seen smell taste touch heard him/he or neither.
    I smell roses
    See sights
    Taste food
    Hear noises
    Touch others
    In nature the good bad and ugly GOD.
    Isn’t god a naturalist that we are destroying with greed and averice.
    Its simple
    Unless you first believe in yourself and everything after you are speculating on the “god thesis”
    Whether there is or isn’t becomes secondary. When the heart stops you are dead….
    the brain follows. Thinking process stops ? Where are your memories past thoughts ?
    Cyber space……you reincarnate as an alien God.
    No IEEE….my jury is out on the GOD thesis/thing.
    Beg to differ.
    Kamtan lord of the universe master of nothing.😈

    Que sera

  6. Nothing we know of ceases to exist. Things only change form. Our speculations about eternity/heaven/the afterlife are tantamount to those of an ant “explaining” what skyscrapers are (i.e. utterly clueless). If, however, God were to take the form of an ant and visit us, well, then he might be able to impart some glimmer of understanding to us. I believe he did just that. Jesus’ revelation? “Eternal life” (what happens after we die, and in a broader sense, before we die, as well) is about “knowing God” (John 17:3), so start now!

  7. Woman
    Am occasional social drinker…..do not smoke indulge or abstain from the pleasures in life.
    Hey at 71 who gives a shit….
    My only addictions “love” “music”…..love food so I cook…..love sex so I flirt….love you so I indulge.
    Hey be careful we may end up as celebrities in HOLA gossip pages.
    Norwegians Danes and swedes….not in that order are a bit too permissive/promiscuous for
    this old fart….but try never to underperform.
    Depends on the woman……they are in control….act of dominance.πŸ˜‡

    My comments”awaiting moderation” !😈

  8. Ha ha hilarious laughter…..can now guess the age of ed.
    Nationality. Sex. Need descriptive/distinguishing features.
    Like tall blonde and beautiful…..vuluptious sexy definitely fliracious but exceptionally pleasant/cheerful. My everything.
    Kamtan is Guyanese for compton
    DC will do.

    1. Lol. You wished! …And what of Beethoven? Because I know of him that doesn’t mean that I was around in the 18th century…or does it??!!! 😯

      Now for distinguishing features: short, hairy, skeletal and fat, angry, smelly with dandruff.

      Horatio is Jupiterean for The Ed.

      1. Ha ha πŸ˜€ chuckle chuckle….sorry not loud just “wicked”

        hunter gatherer non domesticated rational animal instinctively polite.

        And you ?
        Flirt on it “reaches the parts other beers don’t”
        Tonto verano for me with ice and lemon and a “cocktail” for my lady please…😈

      1. What about “tulips” from Amsterdam and we hook up in “Venice” on a gondola.
        Much prefer delivering the roses personally….to see “bright eye” burning like fire…..
        Euro pop song.πŸ˜€
        Tulips in post…ed
        E mail address please…in UK for summer Spain in October Latin america winter….
        Denmark not scheduled yet.
        Hugs xxx

      2. Could we hook up in Uganda on the gondola, just for variety?

        Now it’s Kamtan. Do you change your name every week?
        ‘…how can the light that burns so brightly suddenly burn so pale…bright eyes.’
        American pop song. πŸ˜›

  9. Farting in bed is disgusting….farting in love making “tolerated”
    As for trying to be funny……why not ! Life is too short to take seriously.

    Yes macho egoistically so…….you offended……if so sorry. Kisses. Or Roses ?
    Which you prefer !

  10. I love the question and thank you (and apologize) in advance for giving me a reason to rant.

    Agnostic, that’s me. I am not a fan of organized religion. I am not an atheist. To me they are just the other side of the same coin. So many see not knowing as an unacceptable notion. That really perplexes me. I mean do we know? Do we even know what is next, in the next minute? Point in fact, we do not. We can estimate, quote the odds, and make educated informed guesses. I suggest everyone play a game at the end of the day and recount all the things that took place that you did not know would. Recount all the things you expected. Then look at the disparity of known versus unknown. I mean look at it all, what people did, said, yada yada yada. Then expand it to the rest of this planet, you see where I am going?

    Our natural state is not knowing. I am OK with it, I see no alternative. I imagine a creative force that has created this manifestation we call β€œliving.” I see its work, I know not if it is intelligent or in control, I just see its work. I am curious, are you?

    So I hear all I hear about after death experiences and I smile and hope it’s not painful, that it is an OK thing to go through.

    For those who jump to the purpose thing. I recently heard physicist, Sarah Walker on an episode of Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman titled β€œAre We Here for a Reason?”. She stated her research has caused her to think that living systems might exist to understand, to understand the environment around them. That is life exists to understand the universe.

    I concur.

    PS I love reading the comments of the post. πŸ™‚

    1. I have to agree Vernon (well, technically I don’t have to but I will!) I do wonder about people who ‘know’ fantastical ethereal things. I’m always intrigued about how they ‘know.’ The thing is, I don’t know that THEY don’t know! Who am I to tell them that they don’t know? I just come to the conclusion when I ask them to expand on their ‘knowledge’ and I get trite, cliched bullshit back. Then I’m more convinced that I’m probably not talking to a messenger of a higher being. I’m guessing that the higher being would equip them better.

      I have to agree with your 2 side same coin point too and that not knowing is not only acceptable but honest.

      And living systems exist to understand their environment?
      Sounds a bit deflating to me. It feels somehow a bit disappointing like someone bursting your balloon – a vibe of ‘oh? Is that all?’ Sure I’m interested in understanding the universe…but I want more for all this existence stuff!
      Did she say anything else that I can pump my fists in the air to?

      1. No she’s actually going in the direction of information processing systems. I share some of your disappointment but years ago I adopted the idea, when all else fails lower your standards. It doesn’t always work but it’ll do for me. I love the mystery and beauty of this existence with all my heart. it seems so very incredible the day doesn’t go by that I don’t seem to experience some kind of a miracle. So much to love so much to admire and damned entertaining. Even thinking about it emotion rolls over me. I have not always been observing enough to focus enough to see it. As I’ve gotten older I have learned to slow my mind so I might have a moment to wallow in all this beauty and love. The morning light coming through my window, my sweet handsome dog laying in the Morning Sun light snoring and farting in rhythm LOL.

      1. Hallo Mario ‘The Ed’ or ‘Ed’ is fine. It appears that you read someone’s comment on that post and answered them specifically but used the general reply button instead of directing it to THEIR reply button, so it was an answer hanging by it’s lonesome in the wilderness. But no matter, not a big deal. πŸ™‚

  11. I just finished reading the part in Heidegger’s “being and time” where he discusses death. He defines it existentially as one’s ownmost, non-relational, insuperable, indefinite, certainty. Which is a bit of a mouthful but decoded it means:

    One’s ownmost: that is only you can die your death. Unlike a lot of other things you can’t have someone take your place for you.

    Non-relational: That is you can’t die with someone you can only die alone. I mean sure you can be in the same room dying as someone else dying but when you die you die alone.

    insuperable: that is you can’t evade it. There’s nothing you can do to stop it eventual happening.

    Indefinite: You don’t know when you are going to die it could happen at any time. “as soon as you’re born you’re old enough to die”

    Certainty: Because I am certain of existing I am also certain of the possibility of not existing. but this possibility never manifests like other possibilities rather it’s a kind of pure possibility.

    One of the good things that H points out about death is that it throws oneself upon oneself. Most of the time we exist in a state of inauthenticity, just following the crowd, not thinking about my own possibilities of being, the activities that I could engage – rather we constantly think about what we can do in terms of what other people do.

    This is a state that perpetuated by an inauthentic being-towards-death. Instead of being in a relation to our own demise we think of cases of other people’s death and this covers over the indefiniteness of our own death.

    In this state most of our activities are kind of avoidance strategies. We place dramas and obstacles that we have to overcome before we have to face the indefiniteness of death which is so terrifying and anxiety laden because it means death could come from anywhere at any time.

    But when we face death authentically it drags us out of the They – the caring about what other people think about what I do – because it individualizes. This radically alters how we view our possibilities for activity. We see that because I am me and not they I can do what makes me happy.

    The contemplation of death, the anticipation of death is the ultimate revealer of the self to the self.

    1. Woah! Okay I had to put my boots on for that one ‘cos that was some deep shit! But quite brilliant. Never heard of Heidegger, so that’s some homework for me…any pointers before I Google? Plus was the end summation yours or his (hers?) – I’m guessing it’s a ‘he’.

      1. It is a he πŸ™‚

        Pointers… His ideas have permeated our culture so deeply that they will be familiar to you once you get past the jargon. He is cited by many to be the originator of existentialism and post-modernism.

        Also don’t let his politics colour your views of his philosophy. He was a Nazi and quite a nasty man by all accounts but his insight and philosophy is a-political and is quite life affirming.

        The wikipedia page on him is quite good – but I’m no authority on him; i haven’t even been to university.

        But i would say reading – or rather struggling – with his texts is life enhancing.

        The questions he is tackling are “What is being? (or rather what does it mean to exist?) and “what are we?” and “who are we?”

        He claims that we are what he calls “Dasein” which means being-in-the-world… anyway I’ll let wikipedia do all the leg-work as my dinners just been cooked

  12. I sincerely haven’t thought of what life after death will be like. Oh pause! I have read what I bible says about it. But I would definitely prefer my fantasy…

    I think death should be like a vacation – away from all the fears and worries if this place. Somewhere we are not reminded that we lived before but all we know is that we live now. And live there until there another life somewhere else we can go to.

  13. Personally, I do not know. My Relion says, people who die after believing will go to a place called heaven. But, how do we know for sure? I am just thinking like a normal human being. Once Again, I do not know the answer. One may quote all the verses in the Bible, yet, how sure are we?

  14. Well Ed, when the lights go out on Broadway, we return to consciousness from where we came. After all, the religious nutters believe there’s a man, an old man, who is sitting in some suspended throne with a large black book (made by humans no doubt, as it’s an earthly looking book, all Hobbitified) and he’s taking names!!! and you better watch out, cuz if your name’s not in that their book, you’s goin’ ta burn baby burn.

    but that’s the dogma that’s ruled the world since time began, kept the people in check, and even had control over the monarchy! It’s all rubbish. A good story though. The Bible is a wonderful book of history.

    We are consciousness. Beings experiencing life on this Earth as humans. consciousness can never be born and can never die. So that’s my belief and many Christian folk will baulk at this. Sorry guys, it’s how it is in my hobbitfied book. hmmmm, actually, I want a hobbitified book. Imagine how cute it’d look! πŸ™‚

      1. Sorry beg to differ.in nature they become “extinct” houdii !
        Now the reason for that the question….
        Some say the work of God…..isn’t nature god? Good bad and ugly !πŸ˜‡

        When we “exit” our DNA lives on in our children/grandchildren.
        Guess that makes me procreative..pro active.

        The choice is ours……viv la Vida que sera

      2. To become ‘extinct’ an organism has to die. When it or we die we decompose or are eaten and take on another form.

        I don’t know if nature is God, as the song goes, ‘I don’t know much…’

  15. If I am welcome here? –Anyway, when I was small (4-ish?) I died. So I don’t have questions about what happens after I die, just what happens if/when I get to stay dead. I liked being dead, it was lovely. There was light and beautiful music. Nothing hurt. I didn’t want to come back, but, I was revived (I think that’s the right word) and I felt myself being tugged back into my body. So I don’t know if I would have gone on to another place, or simply ceased to exist when all brain activity finally stopped or what. For me (and I am a religious person), religion has nothing to do with it. Religion helps me to be a good person while I am alive. Faith tells me that I have a purpose, that it isn’t all just random b.s. When I die, I expect/hope to find myself back in that wonderful place, and then I will find out what happens next.

    1. Why not? Plus, if only…I do sometimes wish we knew that this wonderful place that you and others have described really is there waiting. Come to think of it I have never heard anyone yet say that they died in whatever circumstance and there was just absolutely nothing. Some people say it’s brain activity, some people think it’s the doorway to heaven…who knows? I’ve always secretly wished that someone could sneak back from the long dead and spill the beans Edward Snowden style!

    2. Nice one…but positive fantasy. Guess that’s what dreams are made of.
      If dreams be the food of love……play on.
      Enjoyed the spin.😈

  16. Reblogged this on want to share and commented:
    It is nothingness again. Like the one we had before we were born. Do we feel or realise it? No. The same thing again. Feel sorry, that β€˜I’ cannot feel that. Oh…’I’ did not feel that even when I was not born.
    β€œA long ass silence and darkness!” The long does not have a meaning here.

  17. It is nothingness again. Like the one we had before we were born. Do we feel or realise it? No. The same thing again. Feel sorry, that ‘I’ cannot feel that. Oh…’I’ did not feel that even when I was not born.
    “A long ass silence and darkness!” The long does not have a meaning here.

  18. I believe there Is a heaven and a hell, and where we go depends on how we lived our lives. And if you read the Bible you know what life in either place will be like, and just thinking about spending eternity in the fiery pit of Hell is one of the reasons enough for me to get my acts together. To say there is no God is painfully tragic; what would be the whole point to this life if we die one day only to have no memory of it at all, and just disappear into eternal oblivion. No there IS life after death, there is God and He will judge us according to our deeds and assign us to our place in the next life, either an eternity of bliss or eternity of torment. I would much prefer the first.

    1. But equally, to say there IS God according to you could still result in your being assigned into the fiery pit of hell for eternity – is that therefore considered better than ‘only to have no memory of it at all, and just disappear into eternal oblivion?’

  19. Death was always one of the subjects I’ve been interested in. I watched many videos with people talking about out of body experiences. These are people who actually died and then come back. They say that they felt unconditionally loved and most of them didn’t want to come back. For me, death shouldn’t be something to be afraid of. Just an experience like any other. I think it’s an interesting one and I don’t believe that our lives end there. Certainly, just our human experience. I don’t think the soul can die. You see that even when you look at dead people, something’s missing.

    1. I’m absolutely loving some of the images your comment conjures up, the idea of the unconditional love and not wanting to come back to earthly, greedy, agenda-ridden, conditional, so called love.

      Plus you saying ‘I don’t think the soul can die. You see that even when you look at dead people, something’s missing.’ It’s so true. I’ve looked intensely at a loved one passed and it’s all there. They look serene and quite beautiful…yet something is missing. The unquantifiable thing that probably made me love them most isn’t there…so where is it?

      We know that things don’t just disappear, they take other forms. Even when the flesh rots and is eaten by bugs it takes on other forms and is recycled…so what about that intangible bit of us we sometimes call the soul or spirit or life force or energy – where does it go??!!!

      1. I completely agree with what you said. Well, my theory is that we are born again in another dimension, in another way…because everything is energy and energy can’t die. Also, if we think about another theory that says there’s no ending, just another beginning I think it makes sense…but of course, this is just my opinion πŸ™‚

  20. Not wishing to speculate on an unknown quantity here is my “swing”

    We get to meet all our previous friends and family who may have exited before us.
    Subject to their being an “afterlife”…..if there isn’t one that’s it…..kaput the end.πŸ˜‡

    As for the “heaven and hell” scaremongering by the religious class…..my interest would be more
    in the lifestyle in hell…not forgetting God and Satan were mates/buddies.😈

    Heaven too gracious for a sinner like me…hell much more real/entertaining.πŸ˜€

    Its a case of if you believe or not….as per Thomas the disbelieving disciple.
    Judas the traitorer….whistle blower I today’s language.

    Open minded on subject…..just wish to die in peaceful slumber dreaming my life away…of old age.

    Que Sera
    Sir kamtan lord of cherin master of the universe

      1. FLIRT !😈 πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
        my pleasure 😈😈😈😈

  21. I love that you brought this topic up!

    I had an experience in a meditation once where I had died and I was buzzing around as a beautiful ball of light. I was in a circle with other different coloured balls of light and we were all ‘talking’ although not verbally. We were actually laughing about how seriously we all took our lives. We were taking it in turns to recount some experiences and we were all lovingly laughing at each other and ourselves. After some time we then each were discussing who we would be in our next life – we were picking out the big details like where we would be born and what our parents would be like, along with one ball of light was even saying they were going to be born in a poor neighbourhood and only have one leg. They even said “Ha I’d like to see myself get out of that one”.

    Ever since this experience I can’t shake the feeling that that’s what it’s really like. That while we’re down here we’re all thinking everything is so hard and serious, yet once we die all of that hardness falls away, quite literally and then we lift off as a mobile ball of loving light.

    I think it’s hard for us to comprehend while we are still living and many years ago I was of the opinion that when ya die ya die. But that is very different to how I feel these days.

    I’m curious as to what you think happens when we die?

    With love, Sharon

    1. I could definitely work with that scenario. I love this bit ‘We were actually laughing about how seriously we all took our lives…’ because I do that even today. I can hardly believe sometimes what people choose to focus their short (earthly!) life span on, arguing about nonsense things and assisting to make their own lives just about as awful as they can possibly make them.

      Lots of people who say they have had near death experience also use the ball of light imagery in their description so it makes you feel that there must be something to it – either that or we’ve all seen the same sci-fi films!
      For me I don’t even pretend to know. How could we know? All we have is what we would like to think happens. I like to think we get to meet folks who we know that died before us and they are all there to meet us, laughing at the daft unnecessary drama we caused in our earthly lives, similar to your balls of light discussions. I haven’t thought about what we would look like except to say it would probably be something like your balls of light because scientific and spiritual folks always talk about us being atoms and energies and the bodies we have are merely shells to use on earth.
      I often even talk to my friends that have died and ask if they are watching me and what a boring show that must be! πŸ™‚ Lol I don’t know Sharon it could all get very deep!

  22. This is a great question, such an important one, but one that is hard to keep in mind through everyday life. I believe in a heaven with the trinity, the promise to be reunited with Jesus. But it’s difficult to keep that perspective. As for the in-your-face reality of death on TV…that’s also a difficult question. Are we consuming too much death and desensitizing ourselves to unhealthy levels, or is it just the natural progression of our perspective?

    1. Even more great questions to ponder! I personally have consumed way too much death and made a decision to go on a serious diet where that was concerned. I can’t speak for others but for me there was no point in consuming it at the levels decided by others for their own agenda.

      It’s interesting that you say ‘reunited with Jesus’ as that suggests you have met him before?

      1. I think I’m on my way to a decision similar to that as well. I think I need to learn how to celebrate life better! And I say “reunited with Jesus” because I truly believe I have encountered his Spirit here on earth and I do believe I have a relationship with him even though I have never met him physically because that’s the invitation he extends through his word. I think my relationship with Christ is one of the biggest reasons I want to cut back on violence and death media consumption.

  23. How could you see Elvis? He’s not dead. If you go to heaven, you eat all you want and don’t get fat. In hell, even lettuce makes you fat and you have to watch game shows.

    1. Ha ha……guess that’s why “pearly gate” is narrow….only anoxerias allowed entry.
      Hell much happier and all dem fat SOB’s !
      Satan here I come !

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