Lingerie For men?

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There is a  company called Homme Mystere who make lingerie for men. There are indeed a few companies dotted about supplying silk, skimpy, frilly undies for a male market.

Soooo…if women can wear trousers, waistcoats and tattoos, i.e things that were previously considered mainly as menswear, is it fine for men to wear things normally associated with women?



Were you familiar with the male lingerie phenom?

Do you have a knee jerk reaction to seeing a man in frillies?

Do you find it unusual or are you in the live and let live camp?




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Source: Homme Mystere


49 thoughts on “Lingerie For men?

  1. Hehe. Why not…. Not to say I find it attractive. But I suppose I can ‘get’ how for him it’s interesting to have something so feminine to feel how it feels? I don’t know. Curiously perhaps? And why can I wear boyish panties and men not girlish ones?

    I really don’t get the bra though. I thought pretty bras were pretty to make a necessity more pleasant. If I had an AA cup I’d enjoy the freedom of not needing one!!!

  2. This is very interesting! I personally don’t find it attractive but hey, if that makes them happy then why not.

    I was more interested in another posters reaction. Having a desire to wear women’s clothing doesn’t make a man gay, nor does it make him transgender, intergender or anything else. Some gay men will cross dress, some won’t, some straight men will, some won’t.

      1. It is great to be appreciated. Who knew? I can say the same about your blog. How is that going? I love the fact that I can hear your strength and sense of humour.

      2. I always enjoy the blog Nomzi. Maybe it’s why I’m so passionate that people get stuck in and do what it takes to get to a point where it can be so very rewarding sharing stuff with a community as you have seen.

        You can be having the worse day and some little blogging angel says one thing and a little smile creeps on your fed up face. That’s priceless.

        Meeting folks like yourself and people from all walks – I was talking to a frigging female ships captain the other day!…The benefits are endless. I’m definitely an evangelist for blogging.

  3. The couple pictured makes me think it’s a joke! But it’s not? Right? And the bra? What is it covering/supporting here? But whatever tickles your pickle! It’s harmless but preferably not for any man I want to be romantically involved with.

    1. I too thought it was a joke when I first came across it, but having an enquiring mind I try to view things from a different perspective and read a bit more about it and realized that no, not a joke and there is a market for this.

      The thing is Kelley, a few women have said this but no man is going to necessarily come out with this proclivity when he meets you. It will be once you are emotionally invested in him that he tells you or you come home early one day and…bam!
      And I do think that many women faced with losing someone they have grown to love would accept it regardless.
      And this isn’t aimed at you particularly, you’ve already expressed that you are of the live and let live camp …I’m just writing while I’m pondering!

      1. I agree; I think I’d still accept him. Let’s just hope there’s no bam! in my future because it’s not sexy or cool to me at all!

  4. Sorry, if I found my hubby looking through my drawers for some comfy undies we’d be heading to marriage counseling! I don’t think I could handle that. However, if that’s what some people are about I don’t need to know… same as a post from above.. could have gone all day (and for the rest of my life) not knowing this or seeing it… hahaha… yikes! You can’t UnSee that!! hahaha..still shaking my head…

  5. LOL, hilarious! if my man had to dress up in frillies I’d pee myself laughing! I mean, everything masculine about a man instantly gets taken away if he’s cross dressing. Men are supposed to be the ‘Alpha males’, so then the ones who steal from their girlfriends undies, cannot be all that can they? I’d die laughing if my man donned my frillies. It would make my day. At least when women wear pants they look sexy, especially in jeans, if they haven’t squeezed into them, producing a sausage bum!

    But men acting as women? noooo….hilarious! but hey, whatever floats your boat. sooo funny. I think it’s called ‘identity crisis’, unless the guy is openly gay and a cross dresser, then it’s cool, but a straight guy? um, seriously? come out the closet already you numpty!

  6. They can do as they please as adults and all but my knee jerky reaction is ” I could have lived my entire life without seeing that and would have been happy.” I also do not ever want to see my man in anything of the sort and I know what his reaction would be and not even as close to as nice as mine.

      1. It is their choice and I never said it wasn’t what I stated was my man’s reaction. If other men have the choice to wear them then mine has a right not to and his opinion about. That opinion thing goes two ways.

  7. I am in the live and let live camp. If you wanna wear frillies…go for it. I will say though that I would not be turned on by a guy in girlier panties than mine. I want a manly man… But I had no knee-jerk reaction to the photos, there’s a market for just about everything!

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