Blue Pill? Red Pill?

the cunning conundrum 3

blue pill red pill hitler You can only choose one. What Say You And Why??!!

An idea originally suggested by ‘One Among Many’ at blog.


44 thoughts on “Blue Pill? Red Pill?

  1. It’s hard enough not knowing how they’ll turn out. I don’t know how you’d bring up a child knowing one way or the other. This question just proves that ignorance is bliss, really. That having kids who are blank slates is probably the best way. I think parents may wish they could influence their kids’ personalities but I think it’s out of our hands, really.

  2. Yeah I did get into it. A week ago me and some buds talking about this. Then your post was made. Our talk was fresh in mind, with them.

    I have another not as near as morbid. And heard lots of times perhaps. Not much to it. 🙂

  3. I find fascinating how many great thoughts there are. For me it was a either/or view. I suppose, Which was is doing something against our nature. To kill an infant we hare murder, guilt and tormented by that rest of your life by that.. Or let him grow into his evil and live possibly for years and years with torment knowing, And witnessing all events happening by his hands. which would be greater? I still struggle in one sense.

    Then there is star trek phrase!!

    “The needs of the many are greater than the needs of the few or the one?”

    “Think of perspectives that would apply here?”

    The one? Hitler? You and close nit family going through it or doctors think your nuts and therapy? Maybe?”?. Or the millions. The whole trek phrase really is the kicker. With can lead into another set of comments. I can hear it now. 🙂

    No matter how it is put. The question of knowing is the exercise. .Either/or and facing it.

    1. I think you sealed the dilemma with your first comment. If one were really faced with it it would be difficult, especially if you had to look the child in the eyes and do it yourself, in spite of what we know about his future!

  4. Red pill. Hitler was an evil man who read the mood of a nation and manipulated it to bring about his own twisted agenda. If not him, then some other vile human being.

    There are so many things the angel could change to prevent a terrible future. Killing baby Adolf won’t prevent WW1 after all. Maybe Angel could work on preventing that – that could change the futures of so many, Adolf included.

  5. Red pill, we know enough about how hitler got the way he did, to perhaps help him make a different choice and cool the anger inside. If we of course we can see we are going to fail, it will be easier to kill him later on lol

  6. a) I don’t believe in angels
    b) I don’t believe in astrology 😛
    c) I don’t believe in murder!
    d) and, if it still happens…I will adopt the kid…few years with me will anyway drive him nuts! 😛 😀 World Peace ensured! 😀

  7. Blue Pill. One child’s life snuffed to save millions who he’ll slaughter in the most hideous ways is nothing. Children die everyday, mostly at the hand of kids who grow up to be Hitlers! I say rid the world of them, evil shouldn’t be allowed to exist.

  8. I must add as probably brought up. Say the angel came to adolfs mother and say the same. Again a conflict. But if parent knew adolf would do it. Now ask if this mother had another child say 15 years younger. Adolf was into his evil.

    The younger brother admitted he , like with many examples. Like Not this up for another long debate but we know how the Nazi’s hated jews and and homosexuals. Adolfs evil. Mother told exactly what adolf world do. And What would his mother do? to her second child a tougher moral conflict.

  9. This is getting really deep. It would be a sacrifice. Would a parent sacrifice their life so one of their children would live? Six Million, and not a as a savior to all but as I said would parent give their life?

  10. Reblogged this on The Blogging Path and commented:
    I just flipped a coin, head for the blue pill and tail for the red pill. The result came up for the former. There seems to be this a 50/50 chance survival in this game of life.

  11. A terrible choice, just thinking about it brings a conflicting moral decision. The reworking of and writing of the decision here couldn’t been any better. Expressing this dilemma.

    A horrible, horrible thing to consider. Again I give my answer. Take two blue pills, first one for that son-of… And second one for me. Was a struggle with myself for sure. One tried to forget having to decide. And not proud of my decision. I still struggle with it.

    Perhaps I shouldn’t have replied here. Being I brought subject up, now I am so so curious. Of what others think.

      1. I understand what you are saying.

        So . . . you’re asking if I would commit infanticide after a psychotic break and an elaborate schizo vision?

        There are two frames of mind, and both valid. How would one be sure is it was a psychotic break. Doctors again would have several outlooks on it. An emotion one on both counts. Would they be diagnosed the same way. Two pills or one.

  12. we can’t just circumcise him, eh?


    So . . . you’re asking if I would commit infanticide after a psychotic break and an elaborate schizo vision?

    Sure, why not?

    1. Loooool! Of course! *Face palm!* This dilemma is right up your street!

      Which reminds me, have you got one of those links you sent me before? Be easier than trying to find where I put it. Otherwise I was going to mosey on down generally to see what you’ve been up to.

      1. really?

        – OK, I found it, maybe 40 or 50 comments back:

        my two posts about where this thing came from, my internal biography (along with some juicy external bio stuff)? Never mind, here they are:

        thanks for reading, ej, seriously.


        a little frustrated lately – I mean, of course that’s going to be way it is. But every day, although my ideas keep seeming to explain more and more about the world, while what may be more the norm at my age is we stick to ideas formed long ago and grow increasingly bitter and confused about the number of things we don’t understand, still, at the same time I’m learning more every day about exactly why no meaningful number of people will ever want to even look at it and evaluate it for themselves.

        But you know, keep rolling that rock.

        – and next time, another joke! We’ll alternate, not to say wildly oscillate or anything.


        nice to see ya!

      2. oh! There’s a search tab on my blog. I love ‘Equality Bias’ and the whole ‘Irony of Deterrents’ series. None of these are the child-rearing stuff though. I’ll pick a few of those too, save you sorting through the stuff I should rewrite:

        (they’re pretty short)

        that’ll learn ya to ask . . .


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