Tell Us Your New Years Resolution! We’ll Check On You Later This Year.

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Didn’t I tell you that ‘I’LL BE BACK?’

Take a look at what you wrote below folks…was I right? Have you dumped your hopes and dreams already?!

There were ‘find time for me’ hopes, ‘write a book’ hopes, ‘get published’ hopes, ‘get more followers’ hopes, ‘stop procrastinating’ hopes… Have y’all let life get in the way yet?

I have to admit that I have not entirely achieved my own resolution, but with good reason. However, with this reminder I shall personally kick my own butt and drag myself through a slightly tired patch.

It’s May. It’s not too late to regroup, edit, take stock and start climbing again. Let’s promise ourselves we will not get to the end of the year and say, ‘what happened?’

Don’t allow me to laugh at you! 😛

Let us know if you are on track or have fallen off the track in the comments below. Ask the community to help you reach and offer to help them, it’s a good way of making followers friends. Add a resolution if you didn’t before, who cares what time of year it is.

If need be, I’ll check up on y’all again later still this year.


Here’s the thing. Your New Year Resolution / project / secret plans for world domination / diet dreams for 2015? I don’t think you’re gonna stick to it!…There I said it! 🙂

So here’s the deal. If you tell me/us what it is, (you can be frank and revealing or mask your Bond-like world takeover), I will be back later this year to laugh at you or laugh with you!

Put It Out There!

Make it tangible so you can keep seeing it and put it in the comments. Let The Universe, Visualization and this Community support you/us!

Jim Carrey

Y’all know the story of Jim Carrey right? In the 1980’s he was a flat broke, out of work actor. For comfort and to visualise his dreams he wrote himself a check for $10 mil for ‘acting services rendered.’ He later received $10 mil for his role in Dumb and Dumber.

Gerry Halliwell of The Spice Girls did this also and we know she was in the biggest band in the world at one point, even with her less than stellar singing talent, (a friend of mine did her auto-tune once, I believe he grew a full beard doing it!) And I’ve done it…perhaps I’ll bore you with my story at some point.

So here’s MY resolution…

I would like to grow my audience substantially and make a real difference to at least one person’s prospects this year through the tips and tools I am developing both free and paid.

…and you?



120 thoughts on “Tell Us Your New Years Resolution! We’ll Check On You Later This Year.

  1. That’s an easy one!!! Let’s see if you remember them end of year though( the pressure’s on you now!…hehe):
    1) Be able to swim 1 km in 30 minutes( am doing 750 mtrs now)
    2) Follow up on the advice someone recently gave to me ( 😉 ) and get some concrete results
    3) Get a job which is intellectually more challenging and satisfying( tough one)
    4) Find some more time for my numerous hobbies!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. ROFL!!!!! 😀 😀 Now that’s a line I am gonna use someday!!!! I still am trying to visualise an alligator painted with chicken fat!!! 😀

  2. I don’t do classic “New Years’ Resolutions” at all. But every now and then, I jump on a weight loss train before losing my way somewhere in the vicinity of a nice restaurant. However, even admission to the diet train is a little iffy at the minute, since the medicine I am on has caused stomach problems and a recurrence of my old friend “the ulcer” so I cannot have an empty stomach at the minute without feeling the pain. 😦 BOO. My 30th anniversary is in less than a month, and my dreams of looking like Kate Moss have gone up in smoke. Ah well. Maybe I’ll have some cheesecake then. That will make it all better… xx Mother Hen

  3. I don’t even remember what my resolution was or if I made one…but I have decided I’m moving to a new city and changing jobs. Normally so much change would scare me but I’m ready…ready to be challenged at work, ready to make a difference, ready to get un-stuck, because stuck is exactly how I feel now. I’ve got applications in and I’m making plans. The ball is rolling and there is no stopping it now!!

  4. I wrote a post about how I don’t really believe in resolutions, but that’s becoming the thing to say and believe nowadays? isn’t it?
    If I were to have any they would be to keep writing with my blog, to continue to develop my travel website and learn ways to not let being visually impaired stop me from my dreams of becoming a travel writer/blogger, and to work at being less envious and jealous about what others have and to be happy with myself.

  5. I’m not into resolutions because my puppy mind is one of those that rebels against commands- I need to be careful with how I speak to it so it shuts up and does as its told!! 🙂 So, I have a ‘goal’ of finishing my album and doing at least four gigs of it during 2015. Wow, even writing this, my heart got all jumpy and I felt the pressure- AH! But I’m going to post this comment and feel the fear of my goal and do it anyway!! 🙂

  6. So many goals and I will accomplish them all, i want to write/ blog more and have a few blogs with different topics ( keeps me organized lol), i know without a doubt I want to grow my business on etsy and locally ( selling at craft fairs), and losing weight to feel great and have energy I know its needed. I also spiritual goals. It will be a great adventure this year I am sure of it

  7. I wasn’t thinking about making a resolution per se, but next year I intend to 1. quit my soul-destroying part time tech job (they should be moving onto new technology so I will be redundant anyway – yaay) 2.make more, larger artwork, and market that work to designers, art dealers and galleries 3. win more public art commissions whether as a team or solo. 4. make waay more money as an artist. 5. have more time for friends.

  8. My goals for 2015?
    Be happy and make my family happy!
    (OK, also start the new job i got, etc. etc…)

    If my posts or my comments look too nasty or angry or mean…please remind me that I shall be happy and peaceful! 🙂

    I wish you a great 2015!!

  9. I have a few things I’d like to accomplish– but one thing I learned in 2014 was to take those ultimate “resolutions” and break them into smaller, more realistic chunks. IMHO, part of the reason so many resolutions fail is because they aren’t realistic to accomplish. I actually posted about this very thing the other day.

    Btw, one of mine is similar to yours…grow my following…I felt great about it, until I realized that you already have a massive following! Lol! Your version of growing your audience and mine are clearly at different stages! Congrats on your success thus far!!! That’s great.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks David! You made me chuckle, but remember round the corner is someone with triple my following – all this shows both you and I is what is attainable, or indeed realistic, to come full circle with your comment.

      It’s not done in one day as you rightly say it is done chunk by chunk and only if you are methodical and don’t give up.
      Happy New Year to you!

    1. Good point. I became better at that when I stopped overloading and having way too much going on at once. I still have to check myself every now and then and turf things out yet again, but for me keeping it simple and finishing things go well together.

  10. Usually am not the kinds to make a New Year resolution. However, given that I’ve set my mind to something this year, that am unusually resolute on, am going to quit my job and focus on my areas of interests. To begin with, let’s see how that goes.

      1. It took me almost a year to make this decision. Now that I’ve made it, am more than willing to give it a try. Don’t want to be in a position someday when I look back, and answer to a ‘What If’. 🙂

  11. I Pledge to be silent, and much more. I do not know if what I pledge is a new years resolution or not. It is what I have put forth as sort of my long winded mantra for me. It is after all my soul searching over the years what I want to become. You some you will see the work of others whom I gladly stand on their shoulders to hopefully find my way before ….

    So to the brave come see what I have laid out for myself. In futher blogs I will go through them one by one.

  12. What a great post and idea! It’s evident you really care for your readers. My Resolution is to get a book deal. Not sure if that is different than a “New Years Resolution” but Im counting it!

    1. I could have guessed this might be at least some part of yours B! You already know I wish you well with it. I know you’re a busy man too but just keep chipping away at it, both the creative side and the marketing side. Try not to neglect one for the other. It should be exciting!

  13. I’m not a resolution person, but would like to make it a point to live my life better than last year, to live and be such a person as to leave a positive impression on those I meet along this path of life.

  14. I have many. The biggest being STOP PROCRASTINATING. I intend to improve my skills. Start my novel. And most of all I want to be a better version of me in 2015 than 2014. That’s the real struggle for me. Plus to exercise and be fit and fine. These are mine. I hope there is no laughter at this later in 2015 😉 I intend to fulfill all of these.

  15. I have chosen a few things I would like to improve, most of it being within myself and my own personal needs in life. I wrote a post on it here ( if you’d like to take a peek. I am really trying to focus on my own personal needs in life in an effort to emulate happiness & fulfillment outward towards others and help them in their own journeys. It really is a big execution in personal fulfillment when you are able to help others out but you’ve got to really get an understanding for yourself (in my opinion) before this is done successfully.

    Cheers 🙂

    1. Oh I agree. I hear about folk wanting to help others a lot but you can’t be treading water yourself in order to do so, or you may both go under. Apart from emergency help scenarios ideally get yourself on solid land first.

  16. I decided last month that I would NOT make a resolution for 2015. But just recently I decided that would be ridiculous since I always have some kind of short-term goal in mind. Why not just make one of them official?
    I am pretty sure I want to finally illustrate and self-publish a children’s book I wrote in 2013. The publishing part might be too extreme so I am just going with illustrating it before my kids are too old to enjoy it like it should be enjoyed… Plus I have one empty sketchbook left over from last year’s resolution. Ha!

    1. Why extreme? Maybe achieve the first and leave the next bit for the following year, but it shouldn’t be looked at as ‘extreme’ because that sounds a little bit like a dream that’s been shoved back into a dusty drawer…don’t make me come find you in 2017! 🙂

  17. This is the year that I am finally going to remove the manuscript from the top drawer of my desk, polish it up and submit it – come what may. I might face an angry mob, I might change the church – if not the world, or it might fall on deaf ears. Either way, I’m doing it. So, yes, please hold me accountable. And thank you for asking.

  18. At age 77 (well I’ll be that in Feb.) I feel compelled to write every day, or at least six days a week. I have and blog and a FB fan/business page. If I don’t tell my stories, they will never be told and shared. I hope they will be entertaining and informative and provide another glimpse of a snippet of life. I realize that some of my stories may never be read by anyone, but I have to write them for myself. And for the record, my name is gene luptak. On wordpress I’m genelup. Why? I don’t know.

    1. Sometimes there isn’t an obvious why, but we all have stories in us at whatever age and it’s great that yours are being recorded. Did not Angelina Jolie just direct a Hollywood film of a man 20 years your senior featuring his life story?…Anything is possible.
      Thanks Gene.

  19. This is such a great post topic idea! Whether or not you are a resolution type person, it certainly strikes a chord.
    Mine is not new, it is to just continue what I started last year and that is to lose weight. I have had some success but I am not at my final goal yet. So I suppose this years resolution will be to excercise more. I wish it were something much more creative…

  20. I never make New Years resolutions but I do occasionally set my mind to things. Currently I am attempting to eliminate negativity from not only my conversation but my thoughts as well. I am curious to see what impact it will have on those with whom I spend the most time. I will be replacing all “I should have done this or that’ statements with “I will do this or that next time.” I think even substituting “I could” in place of ‘I can’t” is a start. And of course I will be avoiding the trap of commiserating with complainers by voicing my own complaints. Misery can do without my company from now on.

    1. Sounds excellent. Words are possibly even more powerful than actions because their reach is limitless and one minor change like ‘should’ to ‘will’ can be life changing.

      Are you a fan of NLP by any chance?

      1. Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is a self development discipline that allows you to decide your present and your future by the actions you choose to take.
        Much of what you mentioned falls in line with it’s practices.

  21. I’m not really a resolutions person because I’m ghastly at following through with personal promises. After all, I’m the only one affected by them!

    But I’ll play along.
    –Finish The Pauper Prince (main story)
    –Finish The Pauper Princess saga (fanfic story)
    –Finish the series of sculptures that I started
    –Finally get my stuff on Ebay. 2014 was supposed to be the Year of Ebay, but things came up to prevent it.

    I’d add “lose more weight,” but I’m at the point now where I have to add regular exercise to make progress, and… that’s where I KNOW my promise will fall apart.

    1. Yeah, but it’s out there now HT! Makes it more potent. You might consider simply walking more instead of taking transport or doing formal exercise for example, but now the desire is out there hopefully it might get done more than if it was just in your head.

      Another thing, I don’t know you or your tenacity but you freely admit that you are ghastly at keeping personal promises…I wonder if that is because you make so many? I’m almost exhausted looking at your list and that can be a real de-motivator when the mountain looks too high to climb.

      I changed that about myself and now pretty much get things done that need doing all in good time. Worth a thought.

  22. Hmm….there are so many to chose from. One thing (that I’ll share in my blog later this month) is to take care of me…like the previous person, I have not done this well by putting my family first. I need to get my head space right…could take a while 🙂 I also want to get back into my workout routine (typical resolution I know, but it will help me get me head on straight!) 🙂 Happy New Year!! I look forward to checking in with you later!

    1. I know right? Simple but true, don’t forget yourself! Especially mothers who people only tend to notice when things are NOT done.

      And yeah working out is so helpful in so, so many ways re getting the head straight. I know you’ll do it, you’re a fiery little fox!

      1. Ok, so I have found ways for me time…I’ve been reading more and crocheting when the kids go to bed…and not feeling bad about it! Working out? Slowing getting there… Lost 11 lbs so far and will hopefully be down more this week. I also started a budget which I didn’t put on here but it’s there now. Time to start saving for some much needed renovations… Anyone got 40,000 they don’t need?? I’ll take it off your hands!! 😉 it’s been slow but I’m getting it together! 🙂 how are YOU doing Miss Ed :D. Thanks for checking in… The reminder is great! Have a Super Duper week!

      2. Do you know…darn it…I had 40K just sitting there, right at the edge of the table ….and doggone it… it’s been removed…hang on…Nope, not in the fridge. Look, if I find it, it’s yours…

        Very impressed with your tally of resolutions!
        And doing fine Lady Jenn! Thanks for asking! 🙂

  23. I would like to finish writing at least 2 books, release those little monkeys into the world and watch them fly, helping others while doing so, and helping me create the life I would like to live with my daughter and honey.

    1. Niiiiiice! THIS would be a great achievement if you can make it happen. Let’s do this! I’m very serious. There’s too many reasons provided by people we know and all the other daily messages to do the opposite. Come visit here if you need reminding.

  24. Truth..I’m not a big one for new year resolutions. I kind of think that if u want to make change in your life you should just do it. Why put it off for a specific day?

    1. Tell YOU the truth – I NEVER make them! This is probably the first I can remember. I have never needed a New Year to get started on my intentions, but I’m writing not just for myself but for others who I know DO like that New Years kick up the bottom to get things moving.

      It is therefore an opportunity to milk the occasion positively, recharge and visibly support each other.
      Thanks for visiting asmukti.

    2. I agree.

      I as well don’t believe in these little kicks in the butt. But here is the thing.

      If you are already on the move, if you have set long term goals, and if you have broken them down into yearly nuggets then whatever nugget you have going on that year, you can call it a resolution.

      That’s how I roll with mine.

      So in my view, you don’t actually set anything aside for a specific day or something, but you just keep moving.

      And here is one thing I’ve discovered, even if you were going to do it, and then decided to call it a resolution or something like that, then something magical happens – as long as you are motivated from within.

  25. my new year’s resolution is to supplement my fixed income using my talent as a writer and as a long time bead artist on I have little money to enter contests or shows. Remember the old ways? When an artist had a patron to support him/her while creating happened??? much like Michangelo and the Pope. Maybe just someone’s advice about the market I live in and who might be interested in my words and work. Help me keep this resolution.

    Connie Coulton

    1. I certainly do remember those good old ways Connie! 🙂 Thing is Michelangelo didn’t have the internet, that’s OUR advantage and today we have to be wily, informed and push ourselves to get things moving.

      Here’s a quick tip to get started, you mentioned your Etsy shop, promote it at the same time with a link so folks can have a look-see. Bead artistry sounds intriguing.
      Creativity, blogging, writing and entrepreneurialism are all things I love, don’t be stranger and see if you can’t pick up more helpful stuff next year.

  26. My resolution would be to, keep blogging, writing more trying to improve my blog. Maybe even sorting through some of my old writing and putting together a book maybe.

  27. This is such a good post.

    I like the fact that it talks about the power of visualization, and the fact that there is power out there…

    The power that the moment we set our goals, the moment we decide what we want, it somehow takes care of it.

    That’s why I like Jim’s story… the story that is one of the highlights of Oprah’s show.

    Maybe I should as well add one visualization tool, the tool that primes us to stay progressive and as a result, it adds an expectation deep inside us.

    And we all know that even if we visualize it but if we don’t expect it to happen… well, we might as well ‘forgetaboutit’.

    I have shared my 2015 on a my blog… here is the link… if you have a bit of time to read it… but if you don’t here is what I’m going to achieve in 2015.

    I’m going contribute more through my writing – books, articles, posts and speeches. And my contribution must add richer thoughts, thoughts that add to the common good.

    I wish you all a happy new year.

    May 2015 bring to life your dearest dreams and goals.

  28. Personally, I would love to have a work of writing traditionally published. If not, self-published, with at least one person positively affected by the things I’ve chosen to reveal.

      1. Thank you so much. I chose to self-host the blog and it is now back up.

        Let me know if it works. It’s been kind of tricky juggling everything around, especially since I’m not really good at this website setup thing.

        Best of luck to you too!

      2. Thanks. I’m just glad most of it is over. I really wanted to include a plug-in on my site but discovered that doesn’t permit that, so I went to a host and moved my material over there. Additionally I’m a really picky person when it comes to themes and I can see myself using custom ones I wouldn’t otherwise be able to use on a standard site.

        It’s not too bad. You do lose all your likes but your followers should stay the same if you take the necessary steps. I’ve read so many tutorials today. 😀

      3. Thanks for that Crumple(!) I’m always interested in why people do this or that.
        .org is awash with so many great plug-ins that .com does not have so I understand that and I get the picky theme issue too having been there.

    1. Maaaaan! How exciting would that be! That would be mind blowing. Let’s make all the right moves next year Lady Lion!

      How coincidental that a million years ago I wrote a post using those exact words ‘Don’t squeak …roar!’

      1. I definitely intend to thank you!

        I know I remember you saying and you were the first person I came across on wordpress. Must have been for a reason as coincidences aren’t accidental! Merry Christmas x

  29. My New Years resolution is to be more selfish. I want to focus on my needs and what I really want in life. I think I’ve gotten into the habit of making other people happy, and it’s time I focus on my own happiness.

    1. I don’t know if you are a mother but you sound like one! And if you are not (yet?) it’s quite good to get a hold on this trait now when you are nice and young! I know quite a few moms tend to forget their own existence whilst doing for others, less so with pops in my own experience.
      Anyhoo cool, thanks Rebecca! I love anyone whose dreams are ‘vibrant and numerous!’ I look forward to hopefully witnessing your creativity develop from your ‘selfishness.’

    2. I admire your honesty, Rebecca! I wrote a post recently about this and really happen to feel the same way. Of course I feel like it’s just a societal definition of being “selfish” because it really is just more about caring about your own personal needs and what you want out of life. It’s hard to go from caring about everyone else to caring about ourselves and learning to say ‘no’ even when we feel inclined to say ‘yes’ for whatever reason. Do what is in your best interests and fulfill your dreams dear! 🙂


  30. My New Year’s Resolution? Stress less about the little stuff and the things that happen that you have no control over. I’m not saying the upcoming year will be stress free, I just stress over the little things at times, and I really don’t want that for 2015…or beyond.

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