You Won’t Believe This People!

Too many things these days leave me with my mouth hanging open.
This…is one of them.

A man is on his way to work.
Just click video and watch the rest…





47 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe This People!

  1. I wish I could say that I am shocked to see this…sadly here in India, often we read of mothers abandoning their babies in garbage dumps or by roadsides…because of reasons ranging from poverty to social stigma attached with single parenthood! And, though it is very wrong…I somehow cant really get angry at the mothers…I am angry at society for putting them in such a situation…where they are forced to take such an extreme step!

  2. I hate to say this, but I’m sort of sorry I watched that. I am now profoundly sad despite the happy ending. Bless the man who found her and will hopefully adopt her and fill her life with joy and love. There that helped a little.

  3. I’m not sure what my reaction is. My first thought was…there’s good in the world. I hope he can adopt the sweet baby. My second was…I cannot imagine who would do that. (leave bubba)
    Then again, to be prompted to leave a newborn just…there…you never know the situation. As silly as this sound…it’s likely to be something like someone holding a gun to her head or something. Leave her on the steps of a hospital, by all means, but left here she was certain to die if it were not for this guy. I don’t think anyone could do that, honestly, if they weren’t being threatened there and then.

    It still breaks my heart, that so many people ache for children and cannot have them and then we have people dumping them. I have no children, yet, but I don’t think I could do that ever no matter if it were my child or not. I just want to hug that baby forever. (Ugh I’m turning all maternal and mushy, I can’t help it)

  4. Wow…that adorable babies fight for life goes to show the strength of the human spirit. Screw the Mother that dumped her child, and I hope that that adorable little girl goes from Strength to strength to strength.

    It’s my belief that we are thrown together to meet certain people, do certain things, rescue people and animals when we are brave and strong enough, and this man obviously has what it takes.

    Bless him and LIFE for putting him in the precious little babies path. I know this little kid is a survivor who will continue to astound the world. I love the human’s fight for survival against all odds. WAY TO GO little angel.!! you are a warrior, and your new Daddy is in for a great ride with you! Bless you both, all the way and forever.

  5. I hate to be a cynic, but it occurs to me that it’s a bit strange for someone to just walk along and think, ‘I want to see what’s under that piece of trash, but first I want to turn my camera on and record it just in case there’s an amazing discovery there.’ If this wasn’t a set up, then I think it implies that he had already checked under there, realized that he had something worth recording, and left the baby in place until he could preserve the drama. I could be wrong, but it seems a bit fishy to me.

    Recording aside, what about this is unbelievable? Again, I hate to sound cynical, but this is nothing new. The words “these days” don’t belong in the following sentence, “Too many things THESE DAYS leave my mouth hanging open.” These days? People have been finding abandoned babies through out human history. I’m not that jaded. That anyone would abandon a baby disgusts me. I can’t pretend to be shocked though. Bothered and sickened, but not shocked. The only thing that sets this apart is that it was recorded. That doesn’t make it any more real to my mind than any of the other stories of foundlings I’ve heard.

      1. I’d like to put in a vote for the mother too though – as a mother of two beautiful children I can only imagine the circumstances that would make her give the child up in such a way. As visceral as my initial reaction was, I hope she too can find safety and peace.

      2. It’s true. Once you stop fuming on behalf of the child, you step back and think, who does this? And what kind of difficulty could drive someone to do this abomination?

  6. Bittersweet. This child is going to be loved and protected. But the woman who has just given birth is vulnerable and invisible. She will know her child is okay, the publicity guarantees it. My heart goes out to someone who abandons a newborn like that, whatever the reason. Tragic and sad if they feel the pain of it, even more so if they don’t. I find it hard not to imagine her mother sobbing somewhere nearby while this baby was picked up and taken in. Kudos to the man who found her. What a star. But my prayer is that the baby’s mother will also put herself in a position to be found and cared for.

    1. You are right of course Andi…but damn it ! I want to be angry at her for just another day!

      We forget how buck wild crazy someone has to be to think that leaving a beautiful newborn on the cold ground for animals to get at would be so much better than seeking out a hospital corridor or even ladies room.

      You’d have to be in SOME kind of horrendous turmoil?…Surely? Who knows. There are of course equally just absurd people out there.

      1. There are absurd people out there – though absurd is a word I would associate more with people wearing chicken suits in the street or building mansions for their dogs – but speaking as the mother of 4 I can vouch for being in a slightly altered state immediately after childbirth each time…not to do this kind of thing, of course, but the hormone surge on top of whatever else is going on in a woman’s mental landscape might lead to extremely weird actions. Still hoping she gets some help.

      2. By absurd I mean people for whom there is no explanation or understanding by the majority of us as to why they do the things they do, for example a woman who voluntarily hands her child to a pedophile.

        I have no idea if this woman falls into that company. One has to allow for the emotions that you allude to which one could at least begin to understand.

  7. I know a family who’s fourteen-year-old was too scared to tell anyone she was pregnant. Incredibly she hid her baby bump and continued her charade. Her baby was found by a dumpster and miraculously survived. It was covered extensively in the media and she claimed her days later. The child is being raised together by her parents and herself, and now ten years down the track they are happy. Sadly the girl will always find the traumatic account of her first few days on the internet. My heart goes her, and the little one in the video.

    1. Girls need that extra special something growing up I believe. Everything happens more profoundly to them, emotionally and physically. She should have known that she could talk to someone about her problem, however bad it may be. Thanks BTPF.

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