Bad Ass Woman!

ba women 2
So this lady was a ‘victim’ of the Boston Marathon bombing 2 years ago. She lost a leg. Guess who’s running (or ran already) this year?

This bad ass.

boston-bombing-rebekah-gregory-survivor-runs-marathon-1Her name is Rebekah Gregory and on April 15th 2013 a bomb was set off at the Boston Marathon that killed 3 and wounded 260. Ms Gregory was one of them. She has undergone 35 operations and lost a leg, but as you know, Kick Ass Women just say….‘AND?’

Heather Mills

We do have Paul McCartneys ex-wife, Heather Mills to thank for this outlook to some degree. When she lost her leg in a police motor cycle accident she showed people, women especially who are mostly judged by their looks, that beauty and strength starts from within. Now y’all know I don’t do drippy sentimental cr*p, but it’s true, if you don’t insist you are everything you wish to be, (including beautiful) it doesn’t radiate outwards. No one is going to believe what you say, (including you) if your body language is saying something completely different.

Miss Heather said, ‘I was strong and beautiful with two legs and guess what – even with one leg I still am!’ (I’m paraphrasing), then started negotiating from her hospital bed to sell her police accident story to the highest bidder – without an agent! Total bad-ass.


As I tried to tell a youngΒ adversary in a conversation the other day – everything we do is a choice. You can choose to be an eternal victim or an eternal survivor. Ms Gregory and Ms Mills chose not to make their missing limbs something that ruins their lives, but something that enhances them. Sure they might have some off days – but who doesn’t?

Rebekah Gregory was nearly killed 2 years ago. Look at that smile and tell me who won.


    • Is there something you are doing or holding on to that if you CHOSE to see it another way, your hunched shoulders might relax a little and your teeth unclench a little and a little sigh of relief might just be able to whistle through your teeth a little? Eg regarding your job? Regarding a hang up about your looks? Your life? Some ‘he said, she said’ nonsense that really should be let go already?


      • Could you use this example and triumph over a negative situation BY CHOICE?




37 thoughts on “Bad Ass Woman!

  1. Oh Madam E, I so love this story for so many reasons. The fact that it’s true makes me shiver, as in life these stories are what fairie tales are made of. I like. To grab life by the balls so to speak uh hum, and I cannot stand the victim mode, but I try do the best I can with what I have. It’s pointless lying in bed wallowing, heck I throw back the smarties and get on with it, but many people have been conditioned to be afraid, and there’s not a lot you can do about that. They often need intense therapy or love. Xxxx

  2. SO encouraging…I hope to run my first half-marathon in October… I am having trouble getting the training down with all of my limbs… I don’t have any excuses! I can do this….because she DID it! Thanks for the kick in the butt… very much needed!

      1. Okay, thanks DRS, again. I got there eventually!. I cannot help thinking Miss Heather is so key to this body confidence as as he was the first that I know at least to carry on regardless having lost her leg.

        I believe America was first introduced to her some time after the UK via her own dancing on DWTS also.

      1. Oh geez, sorry about that. I think I didn’t copy the entire link. Here it is:

        And yes, it is great. I volunteer with Eagle Mount here in Bozeman, Montana — an organization that provides recreational activities for people who might not otherwise have them. The organization helps redefine disability. Their motto is “Everyone has challenges. We have adventures.”

        Another inspiring video is on their website:

        And if you can’t tell, this topic is a passion of mine. I write about it whenever I can and support groups (like Special Olympics too) that helps people reach their true potential.

        As a journalist, my own mission is to give a voice to the voiceless.

        Keep up the great work!

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