Sh*t Parents!

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Botox Baby

This mother had attention drawn to her a little while back because she would regularly inject her 8 year old with botox. She believed that she was helping her daughter to become a superstar and that later in life with her wrinkle free face she would become a famous singer or actress or celebrity.

The little girl had told the media that she had been crying from the pain at the beginning, but that the pain subsides after a while.

Dangling Baby

In another of our stories, I brought you the woman who tattooed gang insignia on her screaming baby and just a few days ago some parents were in hot water for dangling their baby, (Michael Jackson style) over a cheetah enclosure in Cleveland USA.Β  Unlike Michael Jackson, they dropped the child!

The cheetahs, having exhibited more class and intelligence than the ‘parents’ (and likely a just-filled stomach), ignored both the toddler and the attempts to climb in and retrieve him.

Boiled Baby

Or maybe I could tell you about the ‘mother’ who boiled her child on the cooker to get back at the father? Or the one who beheaded her toddler for similar reasons? Or how about the one who smothered her baby and put the baby’s corpse picture up on Facebook because her boyfriend had moved on to pastures new? Or how about the hundreds of ‘if I can’t have the kids, you certainly won’t have them’ murdering ‘father’ stories?

It’s not the first time I have thought this and I would like your take on it.


Should there be some kind of IQ / ability / psychological test for parents before they are allowed to breed?

I know! I know! It sounds rude and they have human rights yadda yadda…but…should we care?

Isn’t it time we put the onus of concern back on to the poor kids?


83 thoughts on “Sh*t Parents!

  1. Shocking, all those stories. I have thought about a “fit for parenting test” too a couple of times but you know what? I think most of those people would probably pass it… For whatever reason. A couple of years ago a Dad threw one of his kids (I believe it was the youngest daughter) from the highest point of one of the highest bridges in the area. I mean: How can you possibly do that? And the other kids sit in the car and have to watch and then drive away with him??? What the hell! Kill your partner, not the child, if you can keep it together… I wonder when and how things stop working in their brains…
    What I think is necessary is very harsh penalty for those who commit a crime like this. And this includes botox injections for little kids too. Speechless. I can actually feel my anger grow while I type this and my head is spinning and going back to the “fit for parenting test”…

    1. Isn’t it weird how ANYone can have command over a life regardless of whether they should? I don’t have an answer. I could see a parenting test opening up all sorts of secondary arguments about freedom. If I ruled the world I wouldn’t care. The no.1 priority would be the child, not what the adult wants or feels entitled to.

  2. How messed up are these so called ‘parents’? I get how everyone has their issues, but seriously harming their children, that’s totally unjust. In other thoughts, though a test would be awesome, sad reality is that it won’t stop all these craziness.

  3. As much as I would like something to be done about bad parents having kids, realistically there is no way around it. These things will always happen. It’s a sad part of life. We do have to look out for signs that there is something wrong in a household but then you get more people being to cautious and reporting the good parents too. Social services can’t always be counted on because they have a hard time helping the kids that need it and help kids that don’t need the help. The wrong people get accused for abuse and these days, simple punishment is looked at as abuse. Everything really is messed up

    1. It IS a big mess isn’t it? Once a certain amount of decency goes out of the window things get very hard to police as there will always be fake accusations and child abuse is going nowhere fast.

  4. I’m guessing the nightmare of living in a totalitarian state–one that decides who is and isn’t allowed to reproduce–would outweigh the risks of “sh*t parenting.” The woman who beheaded her baby lives in Cincinnati, where I live, by the way, (oy!). Local authorities did consider taking the child away from her, then decided she was a suitable parent after all! Hello??? So, sadly, even when there are authorities who have the tolerance to override bad parenting, sometimes they turn out to be “sh*t authorities.”

  5. Seriously? There should be background checks done on the families, so if cross breeding pa and baby girl EVER happened, or Ma with Son Sissie with Bro blah blah (you know them by the way they cut their hair) then that line should be sterilised and castrated immediately.

    Mental illness comes in many forms, but some are so extreme, The one afflicted with psychopathic tendencies, should be sterilised.

    As for. The examples you’ve given here, I’m sickened. Did the witch who injected her little girl just get away with it? Insane and the others are just so cruel it’s too evil to articulate.

    The problem seems to be a sort of feeling sorry for the dangerous deranged evil parent, whose attorney concocts some crap about the mother “not being well at the time” and the lazy arsed judge giving her a second chance.

    I say, take everything she has, and make her start serving time doing physical hard labour till she pops her cork. Problem solved, and free workers. We all win!

    1. The child was removed from the botox injector. I agree there maybe a million reasons from mental illness to just plain cruelty for harming children, who cares? Protect the child as the absolute priority.

  6. It’s very difficult. Some people simply should not be around children. But some people are better parents than may have been predicted based on testing. And many with sociopathic tendencies would test well & be horrible parents. So, sadly, no test would work well enough to implement fairly. But, the bigger problem, is that there are often people – family, friends, teachers – who see the early warning signs and fail to act

    1. Carol that area REALLY needs to be addressed! Something freezes in people who know something is not right but the brain doesn’t get into gear and turn into useful action quickly enough, if at all.

      Someone told me a story of a little boy (4 to 6) at a bus stop who was with his guardian or father. The little boy kept pointing at his genitals in a disturbing, adult way. The person with him did not react the way a parent would if a child say wanted to relieve themself. It was as if he was trying to stop the child doing something that he was permitted to do at home but not in public.
      It was extremely odd and highly suspect.

      The child did not stop exhibiting this behaviour and the man kept trying to cover up the child’s actions in a conspiratorial manner rather than admonish him calmly and clearly for trying to expose himself in public as any normal parent would.

      Everyone at the bus stop apparently was deeply engrossed at staring at the sky or the ground. The person relating the story to me did not know what to do. They were at a bus stop. What do you do? Do you follow them? Do you call the police? Will the police even respond based on a sickening hunch?

      So guess what they did?

      There were / are no clear guidelines of what to do for example like the ones you get if you smell gas, so they just froze and the moment to help this child passed. As you said, family, friends, teachers, they / we need a phone number specifically for this kind of thing. They need to know what to look for and have ‘a child’s welfare at all cost’ drummed into their heads.
      They also need to know that they don’t have to worry about having the wrong hunch and we have to be prepared to not be shocked that some disgusting humans will abuse this service and report innocent people as revenge for some pathetic squalid disagreement.
      Innocent parents will have to understand that this is the cost of protecting ALL children.

      They need to trust that the child will be prioritised but at the same time someone in the CPS has enough intelligence and sensitivity to return a child as quickly and as painlessly as possible if they / we are wrong with continuing check ups to absolutely guarantee they / we are wrong. Personally, I would have little faith in that happening.

  7. It’s appalling to hear such stories, and scary to think that these – (I do not want to use the word people and can’t think of a better word that would not insult monstrous creatures) exist among us! It seems so unfair that there are good, loving and deserving couples who are rendered childless and pining for children while the undeserving lot continues to have children, only to abuse them!
    I totally agree and have always believed that there should be some kind of an evaluation/criteria that people have to pass before they are allowed to become parents. This may cause some inconvenience to normal deserving parents, but it’s the only way to weed out the undeserving lot.

  8. I had this same conversation with a friend the other day…the world is so messed up! I don’t know what the solution is but it boggles my mind how people think… or don’t think. Sorry, that’s all I’ve got…. I want to go hug my kids now…

  9. What I would like to see is stiffer penalties for crimes against children. If one adult hits another adult and causes a bruise, that adult would be charged with assault. If an adult hits a child and causes a bruise, authorities step in and remove the child from the home and put them into a foster home with the result that the child loses his family, his friends, his school, his toys, his books, all of his possessions for an indefinite period of time – and usually without any warning. What does the perpetrator get? counselling, community service, a few days in jail maybe – but he/she gets to stay at home in a familiar environment, keep all their family and friend supports and all their possessions still around them.

    And if there is sexual harassment in the work place, there are dire consequences for the perpetrator. But if it is sexual abuse towards a child, the above scene gets played out. The child loses everything. The perpetrator gets a slap on the wrist.

    And I’ve noticed too the length of jail time is disproportionate for adults vs kids in murder cases. Here in Canada there were bodies of six babies discovered in a storage locker. People were initially shocked and all eyes were on the mother who had killed these babies, but then it was discovered that perhaps some of the remains might not be babies but “fetuses” and then everything grew quiet again. It makes me wonder if our lack of concern for children’s welfare might be linked with our lack of concern for the unborn?

    What will prevent the heinous scenarios that you described in your blog post? Maybe if the parents knew there would be severe consequences to their actions. Maybe if the offending parent was removed from the home instead of the child being removed from the home when that first bruise is discovered… Maybe if we could have the empathy to see the world through the eyes of a baby/child and feel what they must be feeling…

    1. I agree Dorene. I’ve only just read a case where a baby was flung so hard against a wall because some reprobate couldn’t find his lottery ticket that the child was basically shattered to death. He got 4 years. That’s just a long bloody holiday!

      I wonder what planet I’m living on sometimes and who are these crap people inhabiting it on both sides – the law makers and the criminals.

      You make some good points about the poor child being removed from familiarity which should only happen if the child was in (more) imminent danger.

      But then again the punishments. Are the severity of punishments in the US (death) stopping heinous crimes? I’m not against capital punishment especially, but I am beginning to reconsider the effect, if any, it has in preventing crimes. Even the worse prisons in parts of Africa or Mexico are jam packed for a reason. Even with knowledge of the terrible conditions, people still commit the crime. So it’s a big hmmmm?…from over here.

  10. I guess that would control population increase pretty quickly!
    I think it would be great for a while, and then…well corruption. A YA dystopian novel, maybe, but I can’t see it happening.

    I think social services need tightening up. However, I know of a friend who was closely investigated by social services when her child had bumped her head (as a result of normal two-year-old adventures). She was so shaken, but agreed that it was good that they were on top of things. And yet- we get cases where files have been dismissed and so on that make me so confused.
    Anyone remember that poor little boy who was killed by his mother/stepfather? In Britain, about four years old, of Polish background? He had been starved for weeks, and he was eating out of the bins at school or something like that.
    The teachers picked up on it but nothing was done.
    Now that is failure. Poor sweet child. Denied life because of our incompetence and some peoples’ crazy inner evil.

    I do not have any children yet but I would one day very much like to. I believe myself to not be a crazy psycho (much…!) and I am scared that people abusing reproductive rights/stuff like this will influence natalist policies that could stop me from having them etc. Not sure that made sense but I can’t quite articulate what I mean.

    1. No, I understand you and yes I referred to that little boy in an earlier comment. And yes you are right. There is nothing that passes through man’s hands that won’t be distorted and abused for personal gain….so…it’s going to have to be the old nuke button I think. Hell, I’m nearly at the end of watching old Boston Legal repeats so it’s time. πŸ™‚

  11. Funny you should mention this now as I was saying that very same thing at a christening over the weekend, and I’m sorry but YES, YES INDEED if we have to pass a test to drive a car, to gain qualifications on an exam in order to get a job, and to show ourselves fit for purpose to adopt children then why not do a test on people who wish to breed?? – the state of some of the offspring roaming around these days speaks for itself: Horrendo. Some people just should not breed, end of.

    1. Have to agree silklafox. We get tested for less important things and really, what is the difference from the child’s perspective in giving birth to a child or adopting a child? All they want is love and direction. Why test for one and not the other?

  12. And to think I’d seen it all through the female infanticide stories of India! But no, the world has more to offer! I wish the world ended soon. Oh wait. Or has it already?

      1. May be the reporting of such events has increased now. Or may be people have become more money minded now. Male children are considered as money bags because when their wife comes, she often is accompanied by dowry. But then there are parents like mine who’re perfectly happy with daughters too. πŸ™‚ The glimmer of hope.

  13. I have been saying the same things for years!!! I am sure I sound like a jerk but come on! Really? I can’t have children so I see women who can as being extremely blessed. To see these disgusting human being do these things I take it personally in a way. It’s not your right to be a parent it’s a privilege!! Goodness gracious!

    1. Yep, I hear you. It always strikes a more poignant chord with folk who want and can’t have children. It is disgraceful that we seem to operate a system that supports these things happening.

      Mind you, it might be interesting to know how many kids are actually saved by child care services and various other bodies to get a more realistic idea of just how bad things are.

  14. I think what needs to happen is that child services needs to visit the homes of new (and newish) parents to run a quick psych test to see if everyone’s mentally stable enough for the kid to have a relatively decent life.
    Maybe even do it for expecting parents, just to make sure they can handle everything.
    I mean, they recommend doing special counselling before getting married, so why not before you have kids, right?

    1. I agree. Why not? Having a kid is not a joke thing as clearly some people take it to be. I’m sure that lack of staff or money will be cited as a reason this wouldn’t get off the ground though. But it’s got my vote.

  15. This just makes me feel sick. And I worry that I’m a bad mum because my kids watch too much TV. What can you do? Unfortunately it’s also a vicious circle, one hurt child growing up and hurting their own children. I don’t have any answers.

  16. I think they should have some kind of licence…or anything! That cheetah story, I’m not sure what scared me more…The parents who put the child in that situation or the people saying we should feel sorry for them because they clearly made a “mistake” and maybe the Zoo should have had more warning signs!

    1. Did I miss part that story?! – How do you mistake dangling your child anywhere NEAR a cage of cheetah’s. If little Bubba can’t see them properly, well that’s tough, we’ll video it and he can watch it later.

      And it would be exactly that kind of lack of judgement I would come down heavy on if I were in charge! – I’d also check up on the people blaming the ZOO for lack of signs as they sound deeply unfit to be parents also. Oh dear, I can feel my Hitler moustache growing as I write this, but the poor kinds don’t deserve this idiocy.

  17. Reblogged this on The Blogging Path and commented:
    Yes, there must be some sort of capability test to determine if certain persons are fit to be parents. That may/might be through DNA/genetic testing and background checks on family historical tendencies.

  18. How would you enforce such a ban? In China women who get pregnant after having the state-mandated number of children are forced to have abortions – regardless of how close to term they are. That’s child abuse AND parent abuse.
    Perhaps it would be more helpful to make sure that education included more life skills like parenting, budgeting, basic cooking & cleaning, relationship skills, conflict resolution, getting your emotional sh*t together – even if that had to come at the expense of more academic skills (3Rs excepted).
    Better to help someone become fit to be a parent than to outlaw them for becoming one. Besides, better education leads to lower birthrates πŸ˜‰

    1. Yep, better education would help indeed. And we know the most educated tend to have fewer children which is arguably the wrong way round?
      I’d still want a solution for the totally unreasonable son of a guns who use their children as battering rams against their partners by killing them. Think of something The Ed!…Think! πŸ™‚

      1. A little snippy-snippy would seem to fit the bill. Rather extreme, but if you’ve killed a child, the argument that your parental rights are being infringed sounds a little thin…

      2. Excellent! I shall take that to the powers that be…and be summarily ignored!

        But that’s one start to weeding them out. You lose the right to parenting if you’ve acted like a jerk already. Like it.

  19. I think someone needs to arrest this parent! Report her to DCYF or Social Services! Not only is she crazy and abusing this child, but she is performing a procedure at home which is illegal if she is not licensed.

    1. The list of this one’s transgressions are endless. Her reasons for doing the botox, she is doing it right by the child’s eye, she is not a doctor and does not know how much to administer, she probably buys it off the internet, not only is she not a qualified doctor her intelligence and ability on any level is clearly questionable. Lol and I’ve just noticed that she is not wearing gloves on the hand that is arguably more relevant.

  20. I think it is more a case of taking more action when it’s clear kids are not being looked after properly. We can’t stop people having sex and forcing them to abort a child is not humane at all. Taking the child away instantly is just as cruel because care has proved time and time again to be horrific for so many. I think it is our duty as humans to notice each other more and speak up when we see something wrong. It’s so easy to ignore what is under our noses and it can put someone in danger doing so. We need a better childcare system and more action taken by social services. We need to be quicker to speak up about concerns too.

    That’s a real tough one though because unfortunately you can’t know who will be a bad parent and who will need saving.

    1. It IS a toughie isn’t it? And the system you talk about I think we already have and in too many cases it’s failing the children.

      Time after time after time children are let down by services and adults that failed to notice huge welts and bruises on their bodies until it’s too late. Teachers who witnessed a pale, slim, under nourished child eating from dustbin but went along their merry way as if this was normal.

  21. I totally agree there should be some sort of test before a person is allowed to procreate–but how, by whom? I don’t know the logistics of said idea, but it would sure save a lot of pain for a whole lot of kids. Babies having babies, selfish, uncaring people having babies to make a statement, to hold their marriage together–give me a break!!! Ugh.

    1. Yep, basically using them as tools for some other agenda. Yesterday there was an article where a judge or some ‘child protection’ service in the UK allowed a pedophile back in the family home and gave the young daughters an alarm that they could use should he visit them. The insanity of this decision aside, what about the mother? How could she even contemplate this?
      This is a prime example of what you have just said. Ugh indeed.

  22. I often think that there should be a better parenting test than evolution-in-action. We need to get to these parents before they remove their offspring from the gene pool. Those children need better parents, and those ‘parents’ need to be isolated until they learn to be civilized.

    1. Well yes, how one puts it into action without too many people being uncomfortable with it is the question. This is plain and simple child abuse – so how can one legislate BEFORE it’s happened though and be fair/ accurate at the same time?

      1. This is the horns of the dilemma: How do you protect the children who need protecting without becoming the vengeful and heartless bureaucracy that treats decent parents with heartless suspicion. But I prefer to err on the side of the abused child.

      2. Yes, know it well. Terrible how the public themselves turned into a pack of wolves when they were not present to know the facts.
        In these cases I always reserve judgement simply because I was not there and the proof is not 100%. What could be worse than first losing a child and having the world turn against you for killing your own beloved baby? That’s a living nightmare.

      3. It is the ‘Bad Mother’ syndrome. You see it again and again in the media … when a child dies, blame is heaped on the mother even when she is just as much a victim as her child. Look at how shabbily the family of JonBenΓ©t Patricia Ramsey was treated in the news media, because of the child’s association with the pageant industry. Trial by media is a terrible thing; your wolf analogy is accurate.

  23. Wow!?!?
    In the US we often joke that you have to have a license to fish, but any idiot can have children. You may have just shown me that it isn’t as much of a joke as I thought.

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