Crap Ideas

what a crap idea
Joey Tempest had written a song. He played the demo to his Bandmates Europe (remember them?) and it was laughed out of the room. They thought it was ridiculous.

The song was The Final Countdown which went on to be number one across the globe in 25 countries and can still be heard today cropping up on adverts putting more residuals into Mr Tempest’s pockets.

The hair, however, I cannot find an excuse for.



Are you still working on that project that will prove some ol’ bighead wrong? Or have you given up?
Remind yourself and listen to this worldwide smash CRAP here:


49 thoughts on “Crap Ideas

  1. In journalistic terms one must not only use “diplomacy” but also observe “protocol”…
    However ” realism” can override all that….we learn more from disagreement….not for disagreements sake but because we become engaged.

    I love disagreement without the “confrontation” aspect….
    I befbto differ…
    Reasons keeps the dialogue fluent/free from misinterpretation….
    Just a thought
    Kamtan is back…..fighting fit !πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‡

  2. The excuse for the hair is that the eighties came straight out of the seventies, and damn, talking about lack of style, the eighties were an improvement.

    But I donΒ΄t know if grooming hasn’t gone too far by now. It seems to be ready to strecth into gene manipulation or some such thing.

    Never liked the song, never liked the band.

      1. I agree, and the video is interesting enough; I liked getting the ide of how the mood builds up, it’s almost grandiose, like a a western reply to a Soviet Union parade song.

        Problem is that IΒ΄ve heard it too many times and it came at a time when that kind of thing was much in vogue, so instead of seeing the positive, like you, calling it uplifting – which it is, I call it inflated – a necessary feature to lift up.

        But IΒ΄m ok with the hair though.

  3. I cannot forgive that hair for existing. I. Just. Can. Not. The song is fine though. I’m well familiar with it anyway. Good on Mr Tempest for sticking with it! As for me, oh yeah, I’m still working on THAT project. I can’t see that it’s going to prove anything to anybody but that’s not why I’m doing it. I do it because comics. πŸ˜›

      1. Oh I hope not…haha..although the 80’s made an appearance with David Hasselhoff ‘ s new little number…hahaha…. I am a little traumatized to be honest!

      1. I’m curious as to know the story. The tone in which you ask your question is defensive so you should probably address that and try to be less rude in your future communications.

      2. Not meant to be, it’s a shame you chose to read it that way. The … signified that we should keep talking – I wanted to gauge where you were coming from before answering as I thought you might be seeking support for one of your own projects based on the article, as in: ‘Hi Ed, was there a particular method or way he managed to convince his band members to change their mind?’
        In that case I would have followed up the story to help you.
        If it was just a casual question I would have simply said, ‘I don’t know.’

        I was just gauging your temperature. How you get defensive / rude from ‘why do you ask..?’ baffles me. How you see any ‘tone’ from those 4 innocuous words has me mystified. But hey, I’ll live.

      3. Objectivity in debates/arguments is key so please try not to deflect with the ‘you chose to read it that way’ argument as it is weak and rarely holds up. We will both live indeed – no need to take it personally. The only possible reason as to why I would ask what happened to get the song released is because I want to know, so an abrupt response Does come across as rude and defensive. It’s the tone of language, and I wanted to let you know about it.
        It’s sweet that you were using the ellipses to signify wondering how you could help me specifically. Just wanted to let you know that nobody else would know that, and I take it you’re unsure of precisely how the band members changed their minds so I’ll take it to Google. Sorry if I seemed too critical of you; it wasn’t intended that way. Thanks for the story and your replies all the same.

      4. That’s quite arrogant/immature of you. All of my comments have been objective and I wish for you to do the same in future. Don’t be rude and order me to ‘move on’ – you are the person who made this a big deal, I have been trying to get you to let it go in the last comment. I hope you learn to be more polite and have a nice day.

    1. I think maybe a better question for you is how and why do you interpret theeditorsjournal’s reply of “why do you ask?” as having a tone at all, and even the accusation of it being defensive? And you interpret it as being rude and she should address that? Simple question – why do you ask? I think you read something into it that wasn’t there and perhaps a simple apology for your own rudeness in your assumption is due her?.

      1. Thanks Sonniq. I really don’t get some people.

        If I’m in a bad mood I make sure I avoid people so I don’t let it reflect accidentally upon them. It feels like she was projecting something clearly not there onto me.
        One look at my blog will see that I’m here to assist anyone on any level (who is relatively sane of course).

        It would not make sense to me to invite conversation and be rude to those who take part in it, unless they are trolls or eejits – then I enjoy being rude to them! That’s the added bonus! πŸ™‚

      2. I know. And thought about it before i sent it. She clearly had an agenda coming at you for no reason so I hope she didn’t come back at you for it. It just rubbed me the wrong way at the wrong moment. I have little tolerance for idiots.

      3. No no. I read her profile. She’s young and feels qualified to call people out on what she feels to be their transgressions and that allows her to put her foot in her mouth and be rude. Hopefully she’ll mature with life experience. I thought I was grown up when I was her age, too. Sometimes it takes some people longer than others. There’s still time for her.

      4. Ps She wrote me again! Lol! Aaaand she wrote something to you too Sonniq but THAT I’m not posting or reading. She’s funny though and I’m beginning to enjoy her. I hope she keeps returning! πŸ™‚

  4. I sang and played keyboard in this era of music. There was a hair stylist for the guys getting their hair all teased up and styled. It looked just like these guys clear down to the tight black leather pants. They must have all taken lessons at the same place – how to bounce your head up and down and whip that hair around!

      1. Seldom do I object…unless I totally disagree!!
        Then list my reasons for disagreement..
        We learn more from disagreement/discussions/debate.
        If I agree I remain silent…..unless request for “endorsement” …
        Try it !
        In my dreams ……

  5. I love this! I actually had the pleasure of proving one of my highschool teachers wrong by going to college. Despite her telling me my writing skills were bad and I’d never make it to college! Aaannndd I continue to write almost everyday! Neener neener! Lol

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