Blue Pill? Red Pill?

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46 thoughts on “Blue Pill? Red Pill?

  1. Not so easy….your question was put in a simplified form…where I am directly the decision maker…now let’s make it more interesting…what if …i am working for a company…and they are displacing people…somewhere far far away…but I am earning an honest salary..then? Would I resign my job? I am not so sure…and…I am a pretty honest person, and I do have some integrity! What do you think? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. The fact that we are using computers, fridges, TV’s, petrol, enjoying cheap clothing etc dear KA tells you what the majority of us would genuinely do in YOUR scenario and no doubt also my own.

  2. I can be a pretty selfish person, I won’t lie, but in this case I’d definitely take the red pill.
    There’s a line between being selfish and doing wrong. It’s not as if I was going to die without that money.
    Can the company not be doing that please? Because the money from a good source would be kinda nice.

  3. no contest. Red pill. When people make money off the back of the destitute, then that money is worth toilet paper. Life is more than money. We ARE life, therefor we need to work as best as we can, live in love, work with love and help others. Always there is someone who has it shittier. I’d rather join the homeless than not help them. Easy choice. We either are love or the opposite. I know what I’d like to be ๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. There are no pros and cons to be weighed here, the choice is obvious. Your attempt to pose a moral dilemma is amusing, but I would not have the slightest hesitation before making my decision.

    1. Do you know what Lorne? Between you and I, when I pressed the submit button I thought, hang on…everyone is just going to say the red pill…whether they would REALLY choose it in actual fact. So where is the dilemma? Well you’re right, for many there wouldn’t be one…on paper, or indeed, on blog.

      But what if I named some of the companies who DO in fact already behave this way that the majority of people use without the blinking of the eye? Would those same folks inconvenience themselves and stop using them? For example would you stop putting gas in your car if you knew how it got to the gas station?
      Would you bin your pc, tablet, refrigerator or TV if you really thought carefully about how the components got in there? What about your wedding ring? (If you have one), thought about the diamond and where it came from at all?

      I wrestled a little about introducing this point and then I left it, because as I’ve said a few times before, people always surprise you and some have been honest enough to state what they would REALLY do in actual FACT, even when it goes against the crowd, here on other conundrums, which I find fascinating and very much respect.

      I’m not suggesting that people are lying when they choose the red pill at all, but perhapsโ€ฆjust maybeโ€ฆ not REALLY thinking. So it’s worth it for that renegade gem of an answer, that stark truth that yes, I would put MY family first. It’s too easy to say that you wouldn’t on a silly little post…but actually faced with being able to put a child into a great school or helping that sick relative IN REALITYโ€ฆbearing in mind the number of things we already blithely use that do in fact contravene all sense of decencyโ€ฆ hmmmm.

      1. Gotcha! I love your impassioned response – but you made an assumption. I said the choice was obvious. I didn’t say what color that obvious choice was. I too was trying to make people think a little. And i understand the dilemma completely: my father worked for a tobacco company when my grandfather was dying of a smoker’s disease.

      2. Ha ha! Funny thing is I DID notice that you hadn’t actually stated your colour and then wrote as though you had. Can’t actually remember why I chose to now. Maybe I just forgot. Ah well. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Interesting. How did your father come to terms with that – if indeed he did. Older generations always seem more stoical about things than we are.

  5. Reblogged this on The Blogging Path and commented:
    The blue pill is a trap. Beware. I wanted that blue pill so badly that I paid a dear price! As a result, I’ve opted for the red pill and though never truly rejecting the notion in the Corner of my mind that the blue pill will somehow manifest in this reality/dimension, the payout as it was – priceless. Don’t be tempted and Reject the red pill, now!

  6. Red, would not have a second thought otherwise.

    That is almost like saying, you had the ability to look at a child and knew proof positive what he will grow up to do.

    This infant, his name is Adolf Hitler. Knowing the millions dying and so much evil he would bring. Would you kill him thus sparing the world of his evil? Or let him live and hold your emotions and guilt back? For the rest of your life. Life is so precious, everyone is a person with a right to live. But still. Thought long and hard. The conflict, To consider, troubled to face the decision. I would attend his funeral.Then would attend mine.

      1. Actually it was harsh one I posted, way too serious. Kind of when I hear of death scenerio that comes to mind.

        This one probably heard many times.

        For a whole year you can do anything you desire, money no object. Do anything for that year. Partying of whatever. But after it was over. You would have no memory of it. No reminders of it. Just never knew it happened. Would you do it?

        Makes me think of that song. Or line of it. “Memories, like the echos of my mind” which leads to a memory of something great. But not in this case.

      2. I think most people would do it! Bearing in mind some people drink and take so many drugs that they can’t remember what they did the next day anyway, so what would be the difference? ๐Ÿ™‚

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