Yikes! Lock Up Your Daughters!

lt logoYIIIIKES! Every time I watch this I laugh …and shudder simultaneously! Is this a mistake any one could have made, or are these folk plonkers? Loves it! 🙂


32 thoughts on “Yikes! Lock Up Your Daughters!

  1. Btw I don’t know where this is filmed, but in South Africa the general advice is to lock the doors when driving. Not only to keep out wild animals but also to keep out savage people.

  2. Oh my word!! Lions 1 Americans 0!! (Really, tourists, keep a respectable distance from wild animals and if she comes to your car like that Get Out. She’s also capable of smashing your window)

  3. HA! I almost spit out my coffee! I wasn’t expecting that at all! hahaha… still laughing and watching it again 🙂 (I’ll be honest, if it were me in that car I would have wet my pants and most likely laughed about it later… from a safe distance! hahaha)

      1. So I showed this to my friend yesterday and it was awesome watching her jump and scream when kitty opened the door… I’m so bad! I couldn’t stop laughing! hahaha… still funny!

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