I Saw This…I’m Speechless!

I had preconceived ideas …Then I saw it…

This lady is a proponent of attachment parenting, (i.e the baby’s real).

She is clearly a pole dancer too.

The Ed’s all a-flutter…for so many reasons.


Β Help me out here!

What’s your take? You tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine!


75 thoughts on “I Saw This…I’m Speechless!

  1. I feel that this lady moves slowly and gently and her baby is strapped on tightly. In Africa, all women carry their babies like this, and so she looks like she’s just a beautiful African woman doing what she loves, with her baby, as in Africa there are not really any babysitters. I think this is beautiful and not seductive at all, just a mother dancing in a different way with her baby. 😊

  2. I think what I find more baffling is the fact that it’s something to defend or debate because, this one time, someone decided to throw naked women on it and it took off. Chinese pole art is among the more breathtaking performance techniques out there. See, this is why we can’t have nice things πŸ™‚

    1. Nah, even if this was a video featuring Chinese pole art, it would still be up for discussion. What isn’t?…
      And look what has emerged, you have reminded us of the origins of pole dancing.

      1. The more you know! πŸ™‚ That’s what I was responding to more, rather than the kid’s safety – admittedly, it did look a little rickety but hey, her kid, do what you want. Would be cool to see a Mum and daughter routine when she’s a bit bigger.

        I remember when pole work classes were starting out in the UK, and in England they suggested introducing pole work into PE classes as a great form of exercise. Boom, instant knee-jerk reaction: schools would be turning children into strippers. It’s fine if it’s at the circus and predominately performed by men; elsewhere and by women, it’s titillation. Cam aaan.

  3. This has really confused me!
    I mean, she’s evidently very talented and I fully appreciate that pole dancing is a great form of exercise. I am also all for babywearing, though I am not sure I would choose that myself, but after about 30 seconds I stopped watching the lady and could only watch the baby/toddler’s head. I felt uncomfortable at how…unstable and shaky it was! To me, it didn’t look like the best/safest method of baby exercise. Personally, if it was my baby I wouldn’t be taking chances like that.

    I also felt just the slightest bit motion sick…is that even possible?! Sympathy sickness, I’ll call it, for the child.

  4. I think pole dancers like this are really talented. I just don’t know about the baby thing. I am sure it was secure but things happen and it might have been uncomfortable for it. I can’t really complain though because I wasn’t there and if something did happen, it would be on the mother.

  5. I love the video – she’s beautiful and looks amazing. The child is clearly able to hold her head up, and the woman is not spinning so quickly as to cause the child discomfort. I don’t see what the big deal is. I wore all of my babies. This ‘attachment parenting’ thing is just a new name for something so old it never needed one before. I did yoga with my babies, danced with them… took them to work with me, when I had work to take them to. How sad that there are people who think it is ‘odd’ or ‘unnatural’ for a mother to keep her baby with her.

  6. That was incredible! Maybe we should change our perceptions about pole dancing. She did it a lot like “malkham” acts are done in India. Core strength, classy moves, baby intact and flowing with the music! Stunning!

  7. Yes, I would agree she is a strong beautiful dancer but irresponsible no matter how high a degree of skill she may have. Spinning and shaking a child at that very tender age risks brain damage and to what purpose?. I’m sorry but as a mother that is my opinion.

    1. See, this is my issue I think. A baby’s head jiggling around unsupported, (the body is supported but Baby’s head falls out of the support some way through)…
      Look, we humans are a lot sturdier than we think, both mentally and physically, but a baby is still growing…it’s just not a risk I personally would take, even if it’s a gentle risk. Mom is not a doctor and does not know how much a baby’s growing neck muscles can withstand. Plus my other fear, which I can now articulate after a few days thought, is people with less strength, less wrap tying skill and less intelligence copying her.

      1. Okay, a few more words. I have nothing against pole dancing and, as others have pointed out, she is definitely in excellent condition but what kind of tangled ego does it take to make a video of it and put it out in cyberspace for everyone to see? That small child does appear to be securely contained in the pouch. Yes indeed, trussed up like being in a strait jacket! What would be wrong with having the child nearby in a stroller where it would be free to move its arms and legs and see its mother performing. Why put the child through all that discomfort just so the mother can show off? I repeat, “disgusting!”

      2. Okay. AJ I hear you. My guess, for what it’s worth is that her thing is about attachment parenting, a form of having your baby bond with you by being ‘trussed up’ as you say for the greater part of the day. What long term affect that has I don’t know. A closer bond? A better child? I don’t know.
        Then being a performer she has put the two together and boom there you have it.
        Your view is interesting because I think this, (the pointless show off aspect) about a lot of things I see on the internet, but not this, but there you go.
        Thanks Jim.

        PS I’m going risk sounding patronising to make this next point i.e patting you on the head because you’re a man…so apologies just in case, but I’ll give it a shot. I know the baby may look uncomfortable but don’t forget just how supple and maleable babies are to even get born. When I visited Africa I use to worry about the same thing, particularly when I saw mothers running for buses and doing all sorts with baby on the back.
        Then I thought wait a minute, every person in this country was carried around like that as a baby and they are here today so it can’t be that much of a problem. Baby would certainly let the mothers know by now if that was the case. I think it looks for us rigid adults a lot more uncomfortable than it is for Baby.
        So there you have it. I’m not looking to change your view, just adding another perspective.

      3. Now, now Jim, this observation could be moved to any country. Africa is simply where this baby carrying thing originated and where I personally saw it in action first.

        It is not the location that makes the point but rather the supple-ness and hardiness of babies, which appeared to be the issue that YOU were originally concerned about.

  8. Ok, now you have me distracted! I have never seen this before! I think it’s very cool and I’m in awe at how amazing she is at this with a baby on her back! I can’t even walk with mine on my back let alone dance! Good on her! It’s a great work out and hopefully the little one will pick up on moms love for being active… I can only dream of being so in shape and active for my kids to have an example for. I don’t think it’s great if she is practicing a routine for work, mind you, but I don’t think that’s what’s going on. I think it’s beautiful and good for mom!

  9. It’s not exactly how I would exercise with my kids, but I suppose it is better than letting the TV babysit them at that age. As long as the kid is secure and the mom knows what she is doing (by those abs I suspect she does) then to each their own.

  10. I saw this too. Must be a blast for the baby. Every little kid I know likes swinging, a fun spin, the sensation of being airborne, but…………….

  11. whoa! Nice dancing, for sure! All of us have probably taken our kids to work..but not necessarily made them do the work :D. The baby does seem secure except some positions require a controlled head movement which only the dancer can do, not the baby, who’s head was rolling around a few times. i’d say let the baby pole dance on her own two feet when she’s ready.

  12. Wow… I too am speechless and a bit confused on this one – before watching the video I really thought “absolutely no way should she be getting on that pole with a baby” but now after watching it, I think it’s odd but in a good way albeit a bit strange. However, I really can’t imagine many mums doing this; 1. it’s hard to get your head around the idea and 2. it’s really hard to pole already so you must need a lot of upper body strength.

    Good for her though πŸ™‚

  13. I have no words……well I do….she is in great shape and her baby is cute. I can imagine it is a difficult workout. But pole dancing with child for theatre seems a bit odd.

  14. It wasn’t bad. She wasn’t doing anything stripper like just a simple sequence of some pretty classy pole dancing. (yup, I said classy) I see nothing wrong with this.


  15. My husband, “I wonder how many times she dropped the baby.” Me, “why do you think there are so many cuts?” Ha. Ok, so mama’s got talent, no denying that. But I don’t think pole dancing is the place for a baby.

    1. Lol! Were there cuts? I didn’t see them! – Jury’s still out.
      Update: There are cuts. I see them now. Particularly when Baby’s head falls out of the piece or wrap holding it in position.

  16. I’m really, really hoping that she does it only at a “fitness class” hence the number of poles in the background and not for economic reasons! I would be quite concerned about falling and hurting the child (I’m not very coordinated) but that isn’t an issue for her. I’m also amazed the child doesn’t make a peep. Who knew?!

  17. She is clearly very talented. I honestly don’t know what else to say. It seems so strange to me. I’ve seen mommy and me yoga, but never mommy and me pole dancing. I realize pole dancing is a legitimate form of exerciseβ€”I mean look at her, she is very tonedβ€”but I never thought of it as an activity you did with your kids. But hey, maybe it’s time to get rid of the stigma/stereotypes. This was amazing, but just imagine if she could pole dance while breastfeeding. That would be incredible.

  18. I think that’s fantastic! I used to do pole dancing (for fitness not as a profession) and it is incredibly hard work, I can only imagine the kind of core strength you’d need to do those moves with a baby on your back.

    As far as attachment parenting goes, I didn’t practise it with my children but if that’s what works for your family, go for it.

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