Blue Pill? Red Pill?

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ย You can only choose one. What Say You And Why??!!


40 thoughts on “Blue Pill? Red Pill?

    1. Now…you stop it! You bad Know-all! You’re always doing this! You know Aunty Ed is trying to stay neutral.
      It depends on the crime to be honest. I’m not shopping my bro’s for something paltry, although they would get a slap and I would get them to undo the crime where poss. Luckily all my bro’s are good peeps so it’s out of the question.

      At Jihadi John levels? It’s not really acceptable. But as I said to someone else, you can commit the most heinous crimes to humanity and if you are fighting for the West you are a freedom fighter, if you are not you are a terrorist.

      1. Hehe..can’t disappoint I? ๐Ÿ˜› I sometimes wonder if you spy on what i say all through the day!! Because, I always keep saying…one person’s freedom fighter is another person’s terrorist!

  1. A handful of blue pills for me. Not as difficult a decision for me as some others you have posted. On this one I am pretty resolute. (Love these Blue Pill? Red Pill posts?!)

  2. Yes. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. There are reasons for killing I can agree with. For instance someone I knew was raped by a cop and the cop got off Scott free. There is more to the story but –had she gone and found him and blown his head off, I don’t know that I could have argued with her. And I would still report her to the authorities. There have to be consequences or why have laws at all?

  3. Are we saying that the family member is ‘Jihadi John’? Because there are crimes for which I would not turn in a family member. If the family member were like ‘Jihadi John’ then I would turn him in in a moment. And like cogpunksteamscribe said, I would visit every week. But I will not be responsible for the lives that my family member would otherwise have harmed. It also depends – what if I have solid knowledge that the family member is not guilty of the crimes for which s/he is wanted – I don’t feel obligated to surrender such a family member to be ground up in the machinery of the law.

    1. Alright, what if I said that it were indeed JJ and he explained his reasons to you citing how western interference has decimated the culture he is fighting for and just basically gave you a whole other perspective on the matter…which you actually started to agree with to some extent…although you abhorred the violence – would you still shop him?

  4. Deep down I hope I would be able to choose blue, but if I was close to the family member, then it makes the decision more difficult. It is easy to choose blue for that distant relative, but if it is close family member, that is the struggle- regardless of their choices they have made to put them in that position. Good ethical dilemma! I hope I am never in that position!

    1. Now this is what this convo needed! What if, although you didn’t participate, you understood where your relative was coming from and knew he was killing for what HE thought were noble reasons? How many soldiers have been sent to kill innocent babies and children for dubious reasons? What if you WERE still amazingly close to your relative?

      1. I guess that is where the right/wrong comes into play- although my relative might think they are doing right for the right reasons, my perspective would say what they are doing is wrong regardless of the reasoning’s. That is what is difficult in making an ethical choice, right/wrong are outcomes of the choice, my choice is based on my experiences and perspective regardless of all the facts. Soldiers follow orders, right or wrong is not for them to decide, following orders is what they signed up for. Right or wrong is decided by those giving the orders, and maybe not even then, it seems more of a power/greed struggle vs. right/wrong. My 2 cents worth!

      2. Ah, but with my finest devils advocate hat on, the members of these groups like Isis also are handed down instructions from their superiors and were ostensibly recruited as soldiers fighting a war. You’re not suggesting that it is for the west to determine whether a group is a legitimate army or a terrorist group are you?

      3. Not at all, but there comes a point where a line is drawn, what if Nazi Germany was allowed to continue doing what they were doing- someone came to a decision that these were not nice things they were doing, it had to be confronted. As I suppose this may be the case with ISIS.
        The conversation has gone from choosing one pill or the other to something deeper- I guess there comes a time where one has to decide if there is right/wrong- how do I define it. Not everyone defines those the same- I get that, but since we live in a world where truth seems irrelevant, then really anything can go. Still hope I would choose blue, I guess that is how I am defining right/wrong in this scenario!

      4. Okey dokes. Got ya. Life is never black and white is it? And our multi-colur is what elicits some interesting opinion and a bit of learning every now and then!
        Good stuff! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Blue. And I hope the government will find this “family”, and charge them with aggravated complicity to terrorism and multiple premeditated murders, also strip them of the honour to hold a UK citizenship.
    And if Guantanamo would still be operational by then, another, WORSE facility should be found for them. They, and others alike, are a disgrace to mankind.

    1. We’ll see. There is a chunk of information missing as to whether they knew it was their family member and what they did about it, if anything. I try not to take ‘newspapers’ at their word, so we’ll see.

  6. I would report him or her. Although if circumstances allowed I would hope to try to persuade them that they should hand themselves in. It depends on the heinous crime. If the person is a psychopath it’s a bit different to being groomed if you know what I mean.

  7. Blue pill without a doubt BUT I’m much more on side with Cogpunk than Helene. Think of even the lesser (lesser than heinous crime I mean) wrong doings that family members do – from borrowing money and not paying it back all the way up to walking out on family – these things hurt because we care about those people and those feelings aren’t that easy to switch off.

  8. Even if Jihadi John is a family member, I would secretly hope that they find him quickly and kill him before he continues to kill some more innocent people. And I would feel no sadness, regret, remorse or guilt because the young John was never raised in this way. This executioner is not a member of the family anymore. He has repudiated his family and upbringing. He has joined his new family of terrorists and is now a stranger. Even if I were his mother, I would rejoice and celebrate his death.

  9. Blue Pill. They have committed a crime, and I would want to prevent more crimes from being committed. Assuming they are a responsible adult, they knew what they were doing. As our family policies are a/ be kind and tolerant and b/ be honest, this family member has broken the family’s trust – but I’m not turning them in for revenge, but for justice. If fact, because I love them, I will visit them every week while they are in Jail and I will be there for them when they are released.

      1. We decided to keep it simple. Those two rules cover just about every civilized behaviour you can think of. My girls know that kindness and honesty build respect and trust, and we work up from there.

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