Amazing Art

every-day-object-illustration-christopher-niemann-1Amazing artist Christoph Niemann does these clever little sketches using everyday objects. His day job is sketching for The Times Magazine and the New Yorker.

Art with heart. How much do you love this? Do you have a favourite?

every-day-object-illustration-christopher-niemann-2 every-day-object-illustration-christopher-niemann-4 every-day-object-illustration-christopher-niemann-12 every-day-object-illustration-christopher-niemann-5 every-day-object-illustration-christopher-niemann-7 every-day-object-illustration-christopher-niemann-8 every-day-object-illustration-christopher-niemann-6every-day-object-illustration-christopher-niemann-15 every-day-object-illustration-christopher-niemann-11 every-day-object-illustration-christopher-niemann-20 every-day-object-illustration-christopher-niemann-17 every-day-object-illustration-christopher-niemann-19 every-day-object-illustration-christopher-niemann-16 every-day-object-illustration-christopher-niemann-13




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Christophe Neimann



59 thoughts on “Amazing Art

      1. Unfortunately I had to remove the re-blog because it pulled in the whole post rather than a short link. I don’t know why this happened – this is not how my previous re-blogs have behaved. Anyway, a great post!

  1. I just can’t choose which one is the best!! But the pages forming the lips? So simple and imaginative! We all dog ear our pages. But I’ve never imagined them as lips! I’m so glad I came across this. Thanks!

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