Marilyn And Ella

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When Marilyn Monroe learned that the Mocambo, a popular Hollywood night club, would not book Ella Fitzgerald because of segregation, Marilyn phoned the manager and told him that she would reserve a front row table every night that Ella performed there, knowing that her presence would get a lot of press and publicity for the club.  As per usual the colour green shouted louder than any other colour issue and Ella became the first African-American to perform at the Mocambo.

As promised, Marilyn was seated right up front to enjoy her favorite singer.

Did you know that?



80 thoughts on “Marilyn And Ella

    1. I know lol. I noticed it a few days back, but for SEO reasons I have to leave it! 😯
      Update: After a well needed snooze I remembered that one can change the title without affecting SEO so done and dusted.

  1. I hope that she feigned innocence when calling, too.

    ie, pretending to not know that Ella was being excluded, and not even giving them a chance to explain that. Just “I’ll be there when she is, ‘kay, bye-bye!”

    But regardless of how it went down, it’s a cool story.

    There are stories about the Beatles refusing to play segregated shows in the South. Worth looking up.

  2. Yes, I remember reading about this from a fellow blogger. I can’t remember whether it was from “A Pondering Mind” or “The Kindness Blog”. Anyhow, what a bold, heartwarming and beautiful gesture. Marylin was more than a pin up. She had character. Thank you for the post. It reminds us all that we got to where we are because of such kind gestures. 🙂

  3. I didn’t know that but I love it. I also love that photo, two women who look genuinely engaged and enjoying each other’s company in a time when that was frowned upon.

  4. its a shame we are never told any truth until we grow up and look for it… then we usually just return back to the lies we live once we are slightly challenged. We are in the 21st century and each person has the power to make it great. I didn’t know Marilyn Monroe had a caring bone in her body and thank you for the insight. She really was special unfortunately Dr. Feelgood turned her into an addict.

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