21 thoughts on “Blogging – Get Noticed 4!

  1. I do both; Today I posted a longer piece because it was more personal and definitely needed to be explained in detail. It all depends on what is being posted and the purpose

  2. I try to vary my lengthy posts with snappier ones. Frankly, it’s more considerate of me not to post essay-like opinion pieces all the time because people have things to do. That means my readers want snippets of information that helps them in some way mixed in with whatever opinion I want to share.

    I also notice this post was short so thanks for that, The Journal!
    Your advice is much appreciated.

    1. You’re very welcome. I think that is a good thing to do. By varying you can A/B your posts and see which get the most return. Obviously the subject will have an impact on results too!
      I have definitely seen bloggers who post lengthy posts and are very popular but in nearly all cases I can think of they have built up their very loyal audience who will stick with them regardless.

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