Crap Ideas

what a crap idea
Marvin Gaye wanted to move away from sweet innocent love songs and provide commentary on the turmoil happening in the inner cities of the USA in the 1970’s. Marvin_Gaye_in_1973Highly successful record company supremo Berry Gordy wasn’t feeling it.

He refused to back Marvin Gaye’s creative growth and Gaye had to go on strike for creative freedom.

Some of the songs that emerged were ‘What’s Going On’ and ‘Mercy Mercy Me’ plus the album ‘What’s Going On.’

Gordy initially said ‘What’s Going On’ was the ‘Worst thing he had ever heard’, saying ‘Don’t be ridiculous Marvin, that’s taking things too far.’

Because the quality control team at Motown also gave the single the thumbs down the record had to be sneakily released where it became the fastest selling single at Motown at that time.

According to Wiki, the album ‘has been voted one of the landmark recordings in pop music history and is considered to be one of the greatest albums ever made.’

Jus’ saying.

Do your thing!



Have you ever been told you don’t quite cut the mustard and have proven (or are in the process of proving) some ol’ bighead wrong?

 Remind yourself and listen to this CRAP here:

29 thoughts on “Crap Ideas

  1. Back in high school when I had to sign up what classes I wanted to take in the 9th grade (at the time in my area there was no middle school and high school went from 8th to 12th), I signed up for drama. I had/have a fear of being in front of people and have social anxiety (at the time I just thought I was shy) but I did it anyways. I thought it wouldn’t be much different than when I was tap dancing when I was a kid.

    Just about everybody around me told me I wouldn’t make it.One of my “special ed” teachers said if I needed help, that this is the one class she wouldn’t be able to help me in better never said I couldn’t do it. The drama teacher told me she wouldn’t give me special privileges and the way she treated me, she was basically thinking I wasn’t good enough for her class. I wanted to prove not only to myself but to others that I could do it.

    Well I did it. I passed with a D. My acting wasn’t the best because I was terrified and the paper work we did was hard for me to understand (I’m a visual hand on learner) but I still got through it and passed. That’s all I really wanted. I know it isn’t exactly the same thing you were talking about but this did reminded me for that time. πŸ™‚

  2. LOVE this! The message, the content, the song, the man, the story of the a-wipe who, like so many wildly famous stars were turned down (think precious gorgeous Marilyn – ‘you’re too fat’ they told her) and so on….WOW, it’s it a sweet juicy lovely to prove some wise ass wrong?

    It reminds of when I first went to Bali some 30 years ago (yikes!) am I that old? and I told everyone, that I had NO idea why I was going, but that I KNEW something was there for me. I’d never been there before, had no idea, but I felt that there was a biz opportunity, didn’t know what, and was determined to go find it. Called ‘crazy’, ‘stupid’, ‘oh she wants to get away from her Husband wink wink’…and so on. On the 3rd day I was there (hadn’t even been to the beach, I went to the local supermarket, and on the wall, was a long card holding a whole lot of square shaped ‘things’ called ‘Bali Crystals’. I felt I had to purchase and find out what they were, so I did. I found the name of the owner etc…phoned him up, bought no less than 400! changed my flight for the next day home, (still never went to the beach) bought a rucksack, put them on my back, (in those days they didn’t weigh your online baggage), and flew home. The rest is history. I become the ONLY seller, of Bali crystal deo in South Africa. Every outlet, pharmacy and home body store ordered them.

    I made a mint! OH, I also procured the franchise for the entire territory of SA for these crystal deodorants.

    Such was this ‘crazy, just wanted to ‘go out and have some fun’ chick. HA HA HA…

    Suffice to say, they were, and are still gobsmacked. I then sold my Company. So I won on every front. Oh, I went on from there to create a range of pure essential body oils that was taken up by a national company, and then they swallowed their tongues.

    So I agree. When someone says ‘Crap idea’….know that it’s a ‘GREAT idea!

    x x x x

  3. Music executives aren’t interested in social justice as much as a $Β£$Β£! Stupid really, considering people want to hear something original besides another faceless love song.

    To answer your question, I’ve wanted to sing ever since I can remember. But people close to me have always doubted me and put me down, so I’m making myself successful to prove them and my childhood bullies wrong. I’m rad, y’know.

    1. Well done for ignoring them. Do your thing. You could be Whitney Houston or Madonna in the singing stakes, it matters not, your destiny is your destiny.
      (ps – not a diss to Madonna. She brings a different bunch of skill sets to her thing).

    1. When I was younger and less experienced and was offered so many choices and opportunities at one time, my head literally nearly popped being pulled from pillar to post to make the right decisions. I didn’t want to let anyone down.
      I soon discovered that even if you fail it’s better to do it on your own terms than someone else’s.
      It cuts so much deeper when you are miffed that you listened to someone else and it still all fails.

      Been happily failing ever since! Looool! πŸ˜€

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