Blue Pill? Red Pill?

the cunning conundrum 3baby o



You can only choose one. What Say You And Why??!!


68 thoughts on “Blue Pill? Red Pill?

  1. Heart… oh sorry, red pill 🙂 I’ve never been a hunter so I just don’t think I could do it. And he’s so stinking cute! And left alone long enough he’d make for a fun friend maybe…. if we survive that is. Hmm…now I want to watch Castaway…

    1. Good film isn’t it? I particularly hate / love the initial plan crash. It’s so real isn’t? You can just imagine it being like that what with the noises of the engine spinning out and all the other shenanigans. Scary! And Wilson…who couldn’t love Wilson? Lol.

      1. I actually have a friend who survived a plane crash in northern Canada in a bush plane… everyone on board survived actually…

      2. She has actually gone on several mission trips since…she said it wasn’t going to keep her out of the air 🙂 I’m with you though… I already have troubles enjoying plane rides…haha

  2. No brainer for me – red pill. Lots of thoughts on the subject, but I will say that if it is guaranteed that baby O is going to die anyway, I will kill and eat it. However, if there is a baby O., it sort of implies that there is some kind of food that Orangs (which means, me, too) can eat.

  3. Red pill, with a caveat. Leave the baby orangutan. You’ll have enough issues caring for yourself. Natural selection will out for the infant unfortunately. Speaking of which, you’re in the same soup; outside in nature unprepared, untrained. Such selection could see your elimination as a way to continue the species. definitely red pill.

  4. Maybe baby was left behind because Mama realized there’s something wrong with him and he’s not a viable Orangutan. I’m going be the one who points out that there’s a third side to this coin (the edge) – leave the baby and continue alone. (Yeah, baby or not, those things are Strong, don’t fancy my chances of being able to dine on it.)

  5. I would take the red pill. I don’t think I could kill and eat him even if I was starving. Maybe he could help get us food and reach things I couldn’t. After all, he has better hunting skills and climbing skills than me.

    1. Oh now that’s a good one! Might use it. Although I expect most people would say kill the old person…depending on how frail or useful they were, plus more meat. (I felt a bit of sick in my throat writing that).

      1. I was surprised at how quickly family members came up with answers. It was 50/50. The foodies of the family went for the baby but the more pragmatic went for the old person. One human or monkey is only going to last a few days anyway. I say all starve together. Babies are cute but old people have better stories.

  6. red pill. I’ll just starve to death. Besides, why should I be afraid of being dead? And what makes my life more important than the baby O? Ok I know…liberal thoughts you might think…no I’m not a vegetarian or vegan or a member of PETA. But Baby O is just too cute to kill. 🙂

  7. Red pill, you can find food in the jungle and the company from the baby O will help keep you sane. Besides how would you even be able to kill that baby? Would you be eating it raw? The thought horrifies me! I don’t eat baby animals and it would only give you a tiny bit of food!

  8. Pikachu, I choose YOU!

    Oh, sorry… wrong show, wrong context.

    The red pill every time. I know it’s hypocritical when I have plenty of meat in my diet, but I just couldn’t kill and consume the little tyke. I couldn’t! (I will totally tie him up and fashion a muzzle for him to wear though. I don’t want him getting ideas and nibbling on me during the night…)

  9. There’s probably not that much meat on an abandoned baby orangutan, so perhaps using it as a litmus test for what parts of the jungle are safe to eat would be more productive.
    As some old soldiers’ survival guide said: watch the monkeys. Whatever a monkey can eat, you can eat, and failing that, you can always eat the monkey. (OK, an orangutan isn’t a monkey, but hey, we’re all primates here, right?)

  10. Oh Ms. Ed, you got me with the picture of the little guy! Can’t do it, I would have to take it with me and keep going. (When I get hungrier down the road I might change my mind…)

  11. hmmm . . . so many questions . . .

    how do we know it’s alone? Is it playing with a bottle of hot sauce?

    hmmm . . . when would we ever get another chance to eat THAT?

    hmmm . . . OK, reality check. When you’re starving, everything looks like a bearclaw. Screw it, I’m eating the little bleater.



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