Mrs B

Victoria Beckham

For our American and worldwide friends there is a woman called Katie Hopkins who is positioning her career to be the most hated woman in Britain. I would say she missed the boat on that one. It appears we have someone already…

 Mrs Victoria Beckham.


Check out some of her ‘fan mail’ below:

Mrs B comments2
Click for a better view of the daily barrage.


Ms Victoria Beckham only has to be caught breathing to draw the most blistering venom from her anti-fans. Granted that a lot of these complainants are merely skulking keyboard warriors and one can imagine them twinkling around her orbit with big blushy-smiley faces if they were to happen upon her in person, not to mention the obligatory outstretched selfie arm ready for action the minute she nodded permission to take one.

But still yet the absolute bile for this woman behind said keyboard is still astonishing and reflects the continuing anti-female madness that is engrained into religions, cultures and society generally. In other words folks, men don’t get this sh*t!…At least, not at these levels.


As an example of the above statement, let me give you a reminder for those who don’t recall.
When her husband was said to have strayed into the arms of a shameless opportunist it was not he that was blamed by the majority, but her! She was attacked for having the nerve to want to bring up her then 3 boys and also have a career. With the blamers logic this was why he strayed. Apparently Mr Beckham was allowed to continue his career, but how dare she desire one also.

Then when pictured literally clinging to him like a limpet for the first time after the cheating scandal was printed, she was slated for…wait for it…hanging onto her husband and trying to make the marriage work despite their troubles, as this was seen as desperate rather than common sense.


Miserable B*itch!

She is a woman. How dare she not smile because some nobody behind a keyboard demands it of her! One of the popular arguments against Beckham is that she has every material thing in the world but she does not smile. Let those same people tap Mike Tyson on the shoulder and request a gold toothed grin from his scowling thunder. Or how about from a tatted-up, weed-eyed gangster rapper. Not so appealing?


Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I put it to you that there are pedophiles who are not on the receiving end of so much continuous, illogical hatred.

Question: How many equally successful male celebrities are there, (think famous singers) who have pointedly neglected ownership of children they have made and yet…where are their abusers?

If a male celebrity is caught out doing something very wrong he is sometimes bashed or mocked for that wrong doing and then it is pretty much forgotten. Remember a certain golfer? The gross detail of his philandering was on fire for a while, but who mentions it today? Mrs Beckham’s picture only has to appear in a blog or newspaper to constantly re-ignite deeply un-hinged disapprobation of the most irrational order. I am struggling to come up with a man in a similar position i.e Successful. Hated. Loathed.

I put it to you dear audience that this is merely a recognition of not only people who are deeply dissatisfied with their own lives and are looking for someone to take it out on – which is normal…kinda. But the interesting part is how successful or visible women are always the preferred target of their failure and not men, in other words #WomanHate.


Woman hating is fueled predominantly by women

By far the comments listed above are mainly from women, the same women who will decry female bashing, (stoning, covering up, impregnating pre-teens, domestic violence) in any other culture. This thing is so ingrained and normal now I would wager that people don’t even know they are doing it.

Of course there are people who just niggle us, sometimes for no explicable reason and we love to hate them, (come ahn! It’s fun sometimes no?) but this is sooo much more than that.

Woman-hate today is verging on psychotic. It’s wild-eyed rabid. Mrs. Beckham is just front of queue along with the usual suspects, e.g Kim Kardashian, Madonna and a growing collection of unusual suspects e.g 60 year old historian Mary Beard.

I’m looking for explanations why.

Mothers, what on earth are you teaching your sons?
Fathers, what on earth are you teaching your daughters?



Is it fair to blame the parents – at least in part?

Am I missing the point? Is Mrs Beckham so irritating that she is to blame for the venom she attracts?

What do you think drives this woman-hate which includes Mrs Beckham but is SO much bigger than her?

What can be done about it?

Can you see it escalating to offline behaviour or has that ship already sailed?


43 thoughts on “Mrs B

  1. Some answers to why particular women are hated: Madonna is offensive. It’s not that she lacks talent (some say she does), but she has offended many not by her overtly sexual behavior, but by sticking the Puerto Rican flag in her crotch, telling teenage girls it’s okay to have babies, saying that her daughter needed to know about BSDM as a young child…that sort of thing. The Kardashians? Tell me why they’re famous first. Victoria Beckham? There’s absolutely no reason to like or hate her – she’s milquetoast.

    It seems as if the woman who are admired usually lose out to the ones who are reviled. More attention is often paid to those who least deserve it. I don’t like much about Angelina Jolie but I admire her work for the United Nations. I think Oprah Winfrey might trumpet her own horn a bit much, but then again, she’s done everything her way and beyond succeeded.

    What we should be teaching our kids? To admire people, sans gender, for the qualities that make our lives smarter, safer, more civilized and fairer. In other words, look for good examples and the good in anyone.

    1. Agreed. However I know male sports stars who have behaved equally ‘offensively’ as Madonna in various ways and receive hardly any flak in comparison.
      I do think it has a lot to do with how much in the press they are (folks get tired of the same faces always in the press) and plainly the fact that they are women and women are treated differently.

      ‘I think Oprah Winfrey might trumpet her own horn a bit much,’ Lol.

  2. This article is sort of pointless in the sense that celebrity culture, along with idolisation, opens the door to critique from society. That’s just how it is lol. She’s not the only celebrity getting this treatment. Malicious as it is, it comes with the territory. And whilst people like us type away praising her/defending her/slandering her, she’s still getting paid

    1. She is not the only celeb getting this treatment but I found hers to be one of the most vicious. And as said I’ve yet to find a male receiving the same at such levels of viciousness.

      It is indeed just how it is but how comes that is not the case on MY blog? The wider issue therefore is also how these platforms allow people to behave in a way they would not behave in public. If everyone just accepts this as ‘the way it is’ whilst it is currently true it was not the case just a few decades ago and I can’t see how it’s great for society longterm.

      I’m all for free speech and people acquiring some backbone and thicker skin, but unchecked, un-queried and excessive rudeness and violence is not leading us to great place. It should not be the norm for a so called civilised society and getting paid does not make it any more acceptable.

  3. I was sceptical about Frozen, too.
    Visually it sucks as the characters are all aesthetically perfect.
    There’s some goodness in the story itself, though. And it’s great that the highlight moment is a woman singing about how great it is to finally be able to do whatever she feels like doing.

    It certainly broke the mould a little bit – nowhere near enough – but it’s a step in the right direction.

    “.. it is not conducive to drive with breasts…”
    I wonder what kind of decision making power that guy has.
    Probably the scary kind.

  4. Fantastic post.
    In my opinion this is not a coincidence, it stems from what we (parents) teach girls.

    Deconstruct stories like Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty and look at the conflicts that take place. Women versus women, every single time. Where are the men? Riding in to save and protect in an entirely benign and benevolent fashion.

    Look closely at the “wicked witch” type characters. Un-married, not bothered with motherhood, un-attractive, insanely jealous of younger females, and powerful.
    Is there a warning in there somewhere?
    “Success is bad for you, girls.”
    “Don’t dare to go it alone, girls”
    “Watch out for the other girls, girls – they’re out to get you.”

    I’ve seen this “successful female bashing” happen on a regular basis in the workplace: the most successful female employee always takes sideswipes from other female employees.

    … forgot to add that this final sentiment conveyed by those (bloody awful) fairy tales is:

    “Successful women are a risk to you, girls. But you can trust us Men.”

    I have two daughters so I’m this is a bit of a touchy subject for me.

    1. OMG! Guess what I watched last night Yomi? Disney’s Snow White!!! LOL! And I said the same thing to myself as I was watching it!

      What a coincidence! I sat there saying to myself ‘Jeez no wonder the problems! Women / girls have been sent this fowl message so subtly for years.’ I only read between the lines for the first time yesterday as an adult, – seeing as I don’t usually watch Disney cartoons!

      And that’s the thing right there isn’t it? You stick your child in front of a cartoon and go do some work because it is considered ‘safe.’ So the contemptible messages arrive unfiltered.

      1. Yes. We feed girls crap, and say that the crap is normal. We set a completely different standard of beauty for women than the one that we have for men, and we say that that is also normal. On a day to day basis we take a knife to female self-esteem in a way that often beggars belief.

        Meanwhiie women are still treated as chattel in many countries, and even the most developed of developed nations is barely a generation away from the days of women not being allowed to vote and barely being allowed to earn a living.

        I suppose “Frozen” was a step in the right direction.

        Bechdel and Adichie kick a**, too.

      2. Lol! Frozen was on the other day too and within seconds they started singing. I’m sure it’s nice I just wasn’t in the mood for those kind of ‘jazz hands’ numbers so I have take your word for that one! Maybe I’ll try again later. 🙂

        I am baffled by the inane stupidity metered out to women throughout the world. I mean it’s just so….childish! You can’t drive it is not conducive to drive with breasts. I kid you not some Arab leader said that (paraphrasing as I don’t keep idiocy on my brain). But then I remember in wide eyed wonder that not many decades ago in the west women couldn’t vote or obtain a mortgage or divorce or have a bank account I believe. It just all gets filed in my ‘Damn! Folks be cray cray!’ folder. 🙂

  5. I find it hard to cast such venomous comments about people I personally know, let alone celebrities than I only know through the skew of the media. Seems like it is just jealousy and insecurity that drives most of the negativity anyway.

  6. Keyboard warriors.

    VERY brave, twiggling their fingers on a keyboard, whilst their fury and jealousy emit smoke from their ears, as they type their vile comments about people, just people, that they do not know a thing about.

    What the tabloids show,is like a movie. The person in the movie is NOT the person, it’s a persona. The woman behind the mask showing a certain persona is not the actual woman.

    So, I’d say, when the very wimpy folk have sat down with the infamous Mrs. B, and enjoyed a cuppa with her, chatted, and gotten some insight into the woman, THEN twiggle your fingers, but this time, with the correct remarks. If that’s your style. (and check out the different comments!)

    People are inherently jealous. Victoria has it all, but who knows if she’s happy? is it any of our business? No. So, I say, we’ll always have keyboard warriors, VERY brave to throw awfully spiteful remarks about ‘faces’ (because they do NOT know the person), and then feel good about themselves.

    They’ll crap in their pants, if dear ‘ol Mrs B, called one of them up and invited them for tea! haha, bet the comments would desperately be hitting ‘delete, delete, delete’, and a very favourable, joyful, throwing tweets with pride, ‘Oh my, that would be wonderful, MRS Beckham’ would be the cowards answer.

  7. It’s the obvious truth of double standards with regards to people of different gender. Men are free to flaunt their autonomy but women have to be acquiescent or else we fetishise their individual self-expression (men ‘naturally’ do this) as them being a ‘bitch’. A ‘something else’ other than a normal, likable woman. Misogyny is so ingrained in our increasingly narcissistic society that a lot of people never see through it, so that’s where the internalised misogyny comes from.
    On a brighter note, we’re fortunate to be in the internet age, where more feminist and rational portrayals of women as normal human beings (including even the pouty Victoria Beckham). Hopefully people will rid themselves of these lazy judgements once labelling people goes out of fashion.

    1. Wow though! We are so increasingly lazy these days will easy labelling ever go out of fashion? I mean you are asking people to actually stop and think in our ADD society. Who would do that when they can just assign you to a ready made label and move on to the next topic?

      Thanks Madie_H.

    1. The mommy wars…what the… what is wrong with women lol?

      Good point about the hurt people. Often when you expose their vulnerability and pull it out from under all the anger, they crumble like biscuits because your statement is so true.

  8. Wow! I actually agree with you! I think men and boys get a pass here. Women have been taught to hate women. At least in the past maybe it was hidden by manners (not always). Modern feminism has created a culture where women hate men and other women more than they ever did. If a woman is attractive and successful all the more reason to hate–she’s not being successful in the right way (whatever that is). Remember the hate for Martha Stewart for taking homemaking seriously? As you know I like watching Kim K and the other most hated women. I may not want to be them but I have no reason to hate them.

    1. ‘At least in the past maybe it was hidden by manners’ now that’s interesting, never thought of that.

      The chicken and egg of it is who started this hate? If men get a pass here historically we’d have to say they played no role in women seeing other women as the eternal competition – which may be true, but I’m not sure it is as men were the main creators, establishers and leaders of what we know as society.
      I’m very uncomfortable with this agreeing stuff, it’s not right! 😉

      1. It will probably be a rare thing 😉 I think of the stories in genesis. The women were already competing like crazy. Usually it was over men and babies. The men in the stories always seem befuddled.

  9. The Spirit of Victory (SOV) attitude ensures that we are not murdering peoples’ thoughts actions or deeds! In fact when we destroy others we destroy ourselves, regardless how we do it. If we murder by the sword, or by our lips, or the pen or the key pad its all the same spirit: The spirit of DEVOL, destruction and hate.

    When we embrace SOV we are on our particular Life Purpose. The reason why we are actually present in physical form on earth. However when we choose to murder another we choose to live in that reality, and that reality is off purpose, a state of DEVOL (void).

    When we devol our every choice we eventually need to rise up and murder another because of frustrations in our existing life. Fortunately most centered people can spot off centered people, because clearly, off centered human beings demonstrate that they are not taking personally responsibility to make our earthly family integrated, our planets environment better and our individual gift of life meaningful and on-purpose. Evol (symbol) is Vitalistic-evolution and when we sustain EVOL we demonstrate an On Point Character.

    Evol-yourself-every-day and you will create a world that you want to live in, you will draw it in. I want to see this happen and so it happens for myself by making choices according to my Life Purpose… Life Purpose comes to a point and all else follows!

    The mind and our world we create starts with one choice at a time.

    SOV or DEVOL-minded: One choice at a time!

    Warmly, Dr. Joseph Zdanowski
    Colorado, united states of America

  10. Women using these vipers words are trying to be distracted from their own weaknesses…it s easier than to claim Victoria is a beautiful and successful woman BUT she is not taking care of her children….BUT she is not able to keep her husband…BUT….
    in French we say : it is easier to see the straw in your neighbor’s eye than a tree in your own eye….
    Women are jealous….very often…..

  11. I can’t imagine writing comments like that about someone, anyone actually. There are people in the world who’s behaviour is abhorrent but Victoria Beckham? Really? I mean, she’s not my cup of tea but that doesn’t justify this sort of vitriol.

    As far as parents educating their children…that’s tricky. There’s a big difference between what we say and what we model. I have two preschool age boys. I teach them to treat others with empathy, respect and acceptance, and to treat themselves with these things as well. However, I am certainly guilty of ‘bitching’ about other women in their presence and putting myself down (I’m fat. Why did I do that, I’m so stupid.). Mixed messages for sure.

    I choose to believe that there are more good people in the world than bad. I hope my belief is justified. And I hope my own parenting improves…give me time.

    1. Ah parenting was never meant to be easy! The gift you give your kids though is your willingness to notice and self correct because no one is perfect and we never really get to be ‘proper’ grown ups as we are learning on the job.

  12. I would hazard a guess that the comments do indeed reflect the internal battles of the people saying them (as KDKH so eloquently put it). It seems to me a fundamental human trait to tear down others in order to lift ourselves up. It’s as if we’re incapable of feeling good without being utter shits to someone who doesn’t deserve it.

    And this is where it feeds into the gender thing. Who are we going to pick on in our quest for being less miserable? That’s right. Those who we perceive on some level as being weak or “who ought to know their place”. I’ve seen people talk down to my wife because A) she’s a woman and B) she’s short. People will pick on anything like that. It’s crazy.

    How do we turn this around? I don’t wish to be defeatist but I genuinely don’t believe we can. None of us like to believe that we could ever be the bad guy when indeed we can, and as such we’ll defend our “honour” to the ends of the earth rather than admit our mistakes. How many times have we seen bad words and behaviour dressed up as just being “real” or “honest”? How many times have we seen that turned back on the victim so that even they begin to believe that they were just being “oversensitive” about nothing?

    We manipulate others. That’s what we do to get by in life, to feel better about ourselves. It’s normal but it’s also wrong, and it should stop but it probably won’t. Human nature is a slippery beast.

    1. Ah, so eloquent thyself Sir Tony. Human nature is indeed a slippery beast. I can’t decide if it is defeatist or just real talk because how many millennia has this gone on in various guises?

      I actually do think people (especially today) need some lessons in not being over sensitive or offended by everything, as taking offence has become something of a sport, however that’s not to say that spiteful people should be let off the hook.

      How can those same people even begin to train their children not to be that way when they are passing on their toxin via their own behaviour?

  13. I believe that the comments reflect the internal battles of the person saying them. It is similar. They pick on her in a way that makes them feel stronger and better. It doesn’t make sense and it barely has anything to do with the person gossiped about. It has everything to do with their own lives, self-judgments, and imbalances. Plus, they have to hate her because she reminds them of everything they are not. Poor dear.

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